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Analog Science Fiction and Fact - May 2016 - Vol. CXXXVI No. 05 by (Analog 28 March 2016 / ) - Analog Science Fiction and Fact – May 2016 – Vol. CXXXVI No. 05

Table of Contents:
Not Quite Taterona Kempi by Ryan W. Norris
Mountain by Andy P. Smith
The Infinite Manqué by Howard V. Hendrix
Short Stories:
The Language of Flowers by Ian Creasey
The Treaty Breaker by Brendan DuBois
Promised Land by Bethany Gilton
O What Freedom, This Great Steel Cage by Shane Halbach
Artifice of Eternity by Lettie Prell
Science Fact:
Here We Go Loopedy Loop: A Brief History of Time Travel, Part 1 by Edward M. Lerner
Postulate 2 by Timons Esaias
Reader's Departments:
Guest Editorial: The Dread Question by Edward M. Lerner
Biolog: Ian Creasey by Richard A. Lovett
In Times to Come
The Alternate View by John G. Cramer
The Reference Library by Don Sakers
Brass Tacks
Upcoming Events by Anthony Lewis
(see review)

Apex Magazine – Issue 82, March 2016 by (Apex Magazine 29 March 2016 / ) - Apex Magazine – Issue 82, March 2016

Table of Contents:
Words From the Editor-in-Chief by Jason Sizemore
Original: Agent of V.A.L.I.S. by Lavie Tidhar
Original: Screaming Without a Mouth by Travis Heermann
Original: Death Flowers of Never-Forgotten Love by Jason Sanford
Reprint: Dolly by Elizabeth Bear (Originally published in Asimov's Science Fiction, January, 2011)
Interview with Travis Heermann by Andrea Johnson
Interview with Vincent Sammy by Russell Dickerson
Naked by Annie Neugebauer
Allegory of the Woman from Earth by Rodney Gomez
BlackRiver by Caleb J. Oakes
The Sword Excalibur by David Barber
Chimney Witch by Matthew Chamberlin
Podcast Fiction:
Download Podcast #33 (Death Flowers of a Never-Forgotten Love by Jason Sanford) (see review)

Asimov’s Science Fiction – April/May 2016 – Vol. 40 Nos. 04 & 05– (Whole Numbers 483 & 484) by (Asimov's Science Fiction 27 March 2016 / ) - Asimov’s Science Fiction – April/May 2016 – Vol. 40 Nos. 04 & 05– (Whole Numbers 483 & 484)

Table of Contents:
Lazy Dog Out by Suzanne Palmer
Matilda by Kristine Kathryn Rusch
The Return of Black Murray by Alexander Jablokov
Project Synergy by Dominica Phetteplace
Flight from the Ages by Derek Künsken
Of the Beast in the Belly by C.W. Johnson
Short Stories:
Three Paintings by James Van Pelt
The Days of Hamelin by Robert Reed
Starless Night by Robert R. Chase
Flame Trees by T.R. Napper
Woman in the Reeds by Esther M. Friesner
Fish Boy by John Gosslee
Vulpecula et Anser by Alicia Cole
The Cut Worm Forgives the Plow by Aimee Ogden
Loss Like Empty Seeds by Leslie J. Anderson
Attack of the Fifty-Foot Woman by Ron Koertge
Conestoga by Kendall Evans and David C. Kopaska-Merkel
Guest Editorial: The One Myth About Writers That Drives Me Crazy by Charlie Jane Anders
Reflection: Thinking About Homer by Robert Silverberg
Next Issue
On Books by Peter Heck
The SF Conventional Calendar by Erwin S. Strauss
(see review)

Black Static 51 – Mar/Apr 2016 by (TTA Press 29 March 2016 / ) - Black Static Fifty-One – Mar/Apr 2016

Table of Contents:
Birdfather by Stephen Graham Jones - illustrated by Richard Wagner
Full Up by Mark Morris - illustrated by Ben Baldwin
Necropolis Beach by Gary McMahon - illustrated by Jim Burns
Spring Forward by Caren Gussoff
Listen, Listen by Stephen Hargadon - illustrated by Vince Haig
The Future of Literary Criticism by Norman Prentiss - illustrated by Richard Wagner
Coffinmaker's Blues - column by Stephen Volk
Notes From the Borderland - column by Lynda E. Rucker
Blood Spectrum - DVD/Blu-ray reviews by Gary Couzins
Case Notes – Book Reviews + Interview with Simon Kurt Unsworth by Peter Tennant
(see review)

Clarkesworld 114 – March 2016 by (Clarkesworld 25 March 2016 / ) - Clarkesworld 114 – March 2016

Table of Contents:
Salvage Opportunity by Jack Skillingstead
Seven Cups of Coffee by A.C. Wise
The Governess with a Mechanical Womb by Leena Likitalo
Coyote Invents the Land of the Dead by Kij Johnson
Chimera by Gu Shi, translated by S. Qiouyi Lu and Ken Liu
The King of Norway by Cecelia Holland (Reprint)
Gray Wings by Karl Bunker (Reprint)
The Age of the Excessive Machine: Psychedelic SF, On Screen and Off by Mark Cole
All the Words in the Sky: A Conversation with Charlie Jane Anders by Chris Urie
Another Word: How to Clothe a Character, Using Only Star Wars References by Genevieve Valentine
Editor's Desk: Nebula Nominees and Reader's Poll Winners by Neil Clarke
Audio Fiction: Salvage Opportunity by Jack Skillingstead, read by James Patrick Kelly
Audio Fiction: Seven Cups of Coffee by A.C. Wise, read by Kate Baker
Audio Fiction: The Governess with a Mechanical Womb by Leena Likitalo, read by Kate Baker
Audio Fiction: Coyote Invents the Land of the Dead by Kij Johnson, read by Kate Baker
We are the Robots by Waldermar Kazak
(see review)

Fantastic Stories of the Imagination 233 March/April 2016 by (Fantastic Stories of the Imagination 30 March 2016 / ) - Fantastic Stories of the Imagination 233 March/April 2016

Table of Contents:
Column: A Crash Course in the History of Black Science Fiction by Nisi Shawl
Fiction: Memory and Iron by Kelly Sandoval
Fiction: Who Ya Living? by George Alan Miller
Fiction: The Sweetness of Bitter by Beth Cato (Reprint)
Fiction: The Universe That We Both Dreamed Of by Jay O'Connell (Reprint)
Fiction: Under the Bed by Effie Seiburg (Reprint)
Read Me! Reviews of Not Necessarily New Books by Terence Taylor
Column: The Fan: Control, Disorientation, and the Genre of Regret by Carole McDonnell
Column: The Magic Lantern: The Questions That Linger by Adam-Troy Castro
Reviews: Area 51 1/2: March/April 2016 by Steven Sawicki
Reviews: New and Noteworthy Short Genre Fiction - March/April 2016 by Gillian Daniels
Editor's Note
(see review)

Flash Fiction Online – March 2016 by (Flash Fiction Online 30 March 2016 / ) - Flash Fiction Online – March 2016

Table of Contents:
Editorial - Swimming in the Strange by Suzanne W. Vincent
This is the Sound of the End of the World by Matt Dovey (Science Fiction)
Millepora by Shannon Peavey (Fantasy)
Opening Move by Xin Rong Chua (Literary)(Reprint)
All Souls Proceed by KJ Kabza (Fantasy)
FXXK Writing: "Why Bother?" VS. "The Big Time", in a Latvian Death Match by Jason Ridler (Article)
(see review)

Galaxy's Edge Magazine: Issue 19, March 2016 by (Galaxy's Edge 01 March 2016 / $6.99) - Product Description: A Magazine of Science Fiction and Fantasy

ISSUE 19: March 2016

Table of Contents:
The Editor's Word by Mike Resnick
To Catch a Comet by Sylvia Spruck Wrigley
Pretty Pictures at War by Larry Hodges
Gianni by Robert Silverberg (Reprint)
Out of Print by Steve Pantazis
C/O The Village of Monsters Past by Dantzel Cherry
Auriga's Streetcar by Jean Rabe (reprint)
Montpellier by Ian Whates
Prayerville by Janis Ian (reprint)
The Higher, the Fewer by Alvaro Zinos-Amaro
The Man Who Save Manhattan by Sunil Patel
Smokie Joe by David Drake (reprint)
Shattered Vesseks by Kary English and Robert B. Finegold, M.D.
Book Reviews by Bill Fawcett & Jody Lynn Nye
Columbus Or Erickson? by Gregory Benford (column)
From the Heart's Basement by Barry Malzberg (column)
The Galaxy's Edge Interview: Jay Ward interviews David Weber
Serialization: The Long Tomorrow (Part II) by Leigh Brackett
(see review)

Interzone #263 – Mar/Apr 2016 by (TTA Press 29 March 2016 / ) - Interzone #263 – Mar/Apr 2016

Table of Contents:
Shattering Illusions in SFF by Juliet E. McKenna
Future Interrupted by Jonathan McCalmont
Time Pieces by Nina Allan
Ansible Link by David Langford – News, Obituaries
Ten Confessions of Blue Mercury Addicts, by Anna Spencer by Alexander Marsh Freed (illustrated by Jim Burns)
Spine by Christopher Fowler (illustrated by Richard Wagner)
Not Recommended for Guests of a Philosophically Uncertain Disposition by Michelle Ann King
Motherboard by Jeffrey Thomas (illustrated by Martin Hanford)
Lotto by Rich Larson (illustrated by Richard Wagner)
Andromeda of the Skies by E. Catherine Tobler (illustrated by Richard Wagner)
Book Zone – Book Reviews
Mutant Popcorn by Nick Lowe – Film Reviews
Laser Fodder by Jason Lee – DVD/BlueRay Reviews
(see review)

Lightspeed #70 - March 2016 by John Joseph Adams (Lightspeed 30 March 2016 / ) - Lightspeed #70 - March 2016

Table of Contents:
Science Fiction Stories:
Welcome to the Medical Clinic at the Interplanetary Relay Station | Hours Since the Last Patient Death: 0 by Caroline M. Yoachim (Original)
The Mars Convention by Timons Esaias (Reprint)
RedKing by Craig Delancey (Original)
The Waiting Stars by Aliette de Bodard (Reprint)
Fantasy Stories:
The Premature Burials by Andy Duncan (Reprint)
Sparks Fly by Rich Larson (Original)
Rat-Catcher by Seanan McGuire (Reprint)
Michael Doesn't Hate His Mother by Marie Vibbert (Original)
Author Spotlights:
Caroline M. Yoachim
Timons Esias
Craig Delancey
Aliette de Bodard
Andy Duncan
Rich Larson
Seanan McGuire
Marie Vibbert
Editorial, March 2016 by John Joseph Adams
Movie Review: Deadpool by Carrie Vaughan
Book Reviews: March 2016 by Amal El-Mohtar
Interview: Chuck Wendig and Alexandra Bracken (Guide to the New Star Wars Canon) by The Geek's Guide to the Galaxy
Exclusive eBook Content:
Novella: Miller's Wife by Mark W. Tiedmann
Author Spotlight: Mark W. Tiedmann by Moshe Siegel
Novel Excerpt: Shift by Hugh Howey
(see review)

Nightmare #42 - March 2016 by (Nightmare 30 March 2016 / ) - Nightmare #42- March 2016

Table of Contents:
Bringing Out the Demons by John Skipp (Original)
Lady Madonna by Nancy Holder (Reprint)
The Modern Ladies' Letter Writer by Sandra McDonald (Original)
When All the Children Call My Name by Charles L. Grant (Reprint)
Author Spotlights:
John Skipp
Nancy Holder
Sandra McDonald
Editorial, March 2016 by John Joseph Adams
The H Word: But Is It Scary? by Orrin Grey
Artists Spotlight: Chris Seaman by Marina J. Lostetter
Interview: Josh Boone by Lisa Morton
(see review)

Space and Time #125 – Spring 2016 by (Space and Time 30 March 2016 / ) - Space and Time #125 – Spring 2016

Table of Contents:
The Sadly Only Mildly Dramatic Tale of Sijo Uthwen by Scott H. Andrews
The Pick-Up by Justin R. Lawfer
Adelio's Window by James O'Brien
State of the Union by Michael Haynes
They Came Bearing Dangerous Gifts by Christine Lucas
Frank's Head by Wess Worth
Xed by Robert Pritchard
The Sound of Breaking Glass by Thomas Broderick
Jack Liberty's Son by DJ Cockburn
Singularity in a Jar by Christina Sng
Forgotten by Michelle Scalise
Outer Space by T.K. Lawrence
Me Time by Anthony Alan Brown
View from Above by Beth Cato
Eyes of Dust by G.O. Clark
Dryer by Kristin Kirby
The Yokai of Fukishima by Anshuman Reddy
Charon by Jacob Haddon
Haiku by Prof. Yunsheng Jiang
Editor's Geeble by Hildy Silverman
Word Ninja Linda D. Addison
Aliens Among Us by Daniel M. Kimmel
Odyssey Writing Workshop: An Epic Adventure in Learning by Stephen Euin Cobb
Review: The Kabrini Message by Sam Tomaino
(see review)

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