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Analog Science Fiction and Fact - June 2016 - Vol. CXXXVI No. 06 by (Analog 26 May 2016 / ) - Analog Science Fiction and Fact – June 2016 – Vol. CXXXVI No. 06

Table of Contents:
The Journeyman: In the Great North Wood by Michael F. Flynn
When the Stone Eagle Flies by Bill Johnson
Murder in the Cislunar Railroad by Christopher L. Bennett
Short Stories:
Hold the Moment by Marie Vibbert
That Which Grows on Trees by C.S. Lane
The Anthropic War by Jay Werkheiser
The Nult Factor by J.T. Sharrah
Science Fact:
Here We Go Loopedy Loop: A Brief History of Time Travel, Part II by Edward M. Lerner
Machineries of the Heart by Robert Frazier
Reader's Departments:
Guest Editorial: A Dialogue Concerning the Internal World System by Michael F. Flynn
The Alternate View by Richard A. Lovett
In Times to Come
The Reference Library by Don Sakers
Brass Tacks
Upcoming Events by Anthony Lewis
(see review)

Apex Magazine – Issue 84, May 2016 by (Apex Magazine 25 May 2016 / ) - Apex Magazine – Issue 84, May 2016

Table of Contents:
Words From the Editor-in-Chief by Jason Sizemore
Original: 1957 by Stephen Cox
Original: Cottage Country by David M. Yeh
Original: The Behemoth Beaches by Maggie Slatter
Reprint: The Drowned Celestial by Lavie Tidhar (Originally published in Old Venus edited by George R.R. Martin and Gardner Dozois, March 2016)
Novel Excerpt: Freeze/Thaw by Chris Buckholz
Interview with Author Stephen Cox by Andrea Johnson
Interview with Artist Robert Carter by Russell Dickerson
Gender Equality in Apex Magazine by Lesley Conner
Jubilee by F.J. Bergmann
Before the Empire Goes Inter-Galactic by Ken Poyner
Mammon's Cave by Janna Layton
The Perfect Planet by Christina Sng
(see review)

Asimov's Science Fiction - June 2016 - Vol. 40 Nos. 06 - (Whole Numbers 485) by Sheila Williams (Asimov's Science Fiction 26 May 2016 / ) - Asimov's Science Fiction - June 2016 - Vol. 40 Nos. 06 - (Whole Numbers 485)

Table of Contents:
What We Hold Onto by Jay O'Connell
Project Symmetry by Dominica Phetteplace
Short Stories:
Clearance by Sarah Pinsker
Unreeled by Mercurio D. Rivera
Rambunctious by Rick Wilber
Rats Dream of the Future by Paul McCauley
Backlot at Ed's Scrapyard by David C. Kopaska-Merkel
Ancient Ocean by G.O. Clark
The Robot Grows Old by Geoffrey A. Landis
Born a Spacer by Tony Daniel
Mars is a Robot World by Andrew Darlington
Editorial: Behind the Scenes by Sheila Williams
Reflection: My Trip to the Future by Robert Silverberg
On the Net: There's Something About Mars by James Patrick Kelly
Next Issue
On Books by Norman Spinrad
The SF Conventional Calendar by Erwin S. Strauss
(see review)

Black Static Fifty-Two – May/June 2016 by (TTA Press 30 May 2016 / ) - Black Static Fifty-Two – May/June 2016

Table of Contents:
Coffinmaker's Blues - column by Stephen Volk
Notes From the Borderland - column by Lynda E. Rucker

Wetwork by Carole Johnstone (Novelette); art by Ben Baldwin
Deep Within the Marrow, Hidden in My Smile by Damien Angelica Walters; art by Dave Senecal
The Oestriade by Robert Levy; art by Warwick Fraser-Coombe
My Sister, the Fairy Princess by Michelle Ann King
Trying to Get Back to Nonchalant by Ralph Robert Moore; art by Joachim Luetke

Case Notes – Book Reviews + Interview with Paul Meloy by Peter Tennant
Blood Spectrum - DVD/Blu-ray reviews by Gary Couzens
(see review)

Clarkesworld 116 – May 2016 by Neil Clarke (Clarkesworld 25 May 2016 / ) - Clarkesworld 116 – May 2016

Table of Contents:
Left Behind by Cat Rambo
The Universal Museum of Sagacity by Robert Reed
Breathe by Cassandra Khaw
Jonas and the Fox by Rich Larson
Away from Home by Luo Longxiang -- Translated by Nick Stember
Tough Times All Over by Joe Abercrombie (Reprint)
A Heap of Broken Images by Sunny Moraine (Reprint)
Destination: Venus by Andrew Liptak
Transcendent Transformation: A Conversation with James Gunn by Chris Urie
Another Word: Strange Stars by Jason Heller
Editor's Desk: Stress Relief by Neil Clarke
Audio Fiction: Left Behind by Cat Rambo, read by Kate Baker
Audio Fiction: The Universal Museum of Sagacity by Robert Reed, read by Kate Baker
Audio Fiction: Breathe by Cassandra Khaw, read by Kate Baker
Audio Fiction: Jonas and the Fox by Rich Larson, read by Kate Baker
Audio Fiction: Away from Home by Luo Longxiang, read by Kate Baker
(see review)

Flash Fiction Online - May 2016 by (Flash Fiction Online 30 May 2016 / ) - Flash Fiction Online – May 2016

Table of Contents:
Editorial - To Mothers Everywhere
Sparrows by Gary Emmette Chandler (Fantasy)
Now Watch As Belinda Unmakes the World by Lynette Mejνa (Fantasy, Literary)
Nothing Less Rare, Less Precious by Evan Dicken (Fantasy, Literary)
Love and Relativity by Stewart C. Baker (Science Fiction) (Reprint)
FXXK Writing: When Good News Punches You in the Face, Have a Party! by Jason Ridler (Article)
The Shared Victories of Art by Gary Emmette Chandler
(see review)

Galaxy's Edge Magazine: Issue 20, May 2016 (George R.R. Martin Special) by (Phoenix Pick 08 May 2016 / $6.99) - Galaxy's Edge Magazine: Issue 20, May 2016 (George R.R. Martin Special)

Table of Contents:
The Editor's Word by Mike Resnick
Lord of the Cul-De-Sac by Auston Habershaw
Ponies by Kij Johnson (reprint)
Tomorrow's Forecast by Zach Shephard
Stitches by Nick DiChario
Fast-Friend (featured story) by George R.R. Martin (reprint)
Just Another Night at the Abandoned Draft Bar and Grill by Stewart C. Baker
The Gettysburg Game by Jeff Calhoun
Henry James, This One's for You by Jack McDevitt (reprint)
This Is Home, You Are Well by Tina Gower
Love Your Enemy by Jean-Claude Dunyach (reprint)
The Mirror Crack'd from Side to Side by Paul DiFilippo
Fork Points by Sheila Finch
Book Reviews by Bill Fawcett & Jody Lynn Nye
The Fourth Dimension by Gregory Benford (column)
From the Heart's Basement by Barry Malzberg (column)
Interview: Jay Ward interviews George R.R.Martin
Serialization: The Long Tomorrow (Part III) by Leigh Brackett
(see review)

Interzone #264 – May/Jun 2016 by (TTA Press 28 May 2016 / ) - Interzone #264 – May/Jun 2016

Table of Contents:
Future Interrupted by Jonathan McCalmont
Time Pieces by Nina Allan
Ansible Link by David Langford – News, Obituaries
Starlings by Tyler Keevil (novelette) (illustrated by Richard Wagner)
Breadcrumbs by Malcolm Devlin (novelette) (illustrated by Richard Wagner)
Mars, Aphids, and Your Cheating Heart by James Van Pelt
Lifeboat by Rich Larson (illustrated by Martin Hanford)
The Tower Princess by Gwendolyn Kiste
Book Zone – Book Reviews
Mutant Popcorn by Nick Lowe – Film Reviews
Laser Fodder by Jason Lee – DVD/BlueRay Reviews
(see review)

Lightspeed #72 - May 2016 by (Lightspeed 27 May 2016 / ) - Lightspeed #72 - May 2016

Table of Contents:
Science Fiction Stories:
Three Points Masculine by An Owomoyela (Original)
Tethered by Haris A. Durrani (Reprint)
Deathlight by Mari Ness (Original)
The Philosopher's Stone by Tora Greve (Reprint)
Fantasy Stories:
North Over Empty Space by Tim Pratt (Reprint)
The Jaws That Bite, the Claws That Catch by Seanan McGuire (Original)
Hungerford Bridge by Elizabeth Hand (Reprint)
Wednesday's Story by Wole Talabi (Original)
Author Spotlights:
An Owomoyela
Haris A. Durrani
Mari Ness
Tora Greve
Tim Pratt
Seanan McGuire
Elizabeth Hand
Wole Talabi
Editorial, May 2016 by John Joseph Adams
Review: Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon: Sword of Destiny by Carrie Vaughan
Book Reviews: May 2016 by Amal El-Mohtar
Interview: Charlie Jane Anders by The Geek's Guide to the Galaxy
Exclusive eBook Content:
Novella: The Plagiarist by Hugh Howey
Author Spotlight: Hugh Howey by Moshe Siegel
Novel Excerpt: The Water Knife by Paolo Baciagalupi
(see review)

Nightmare #44 - May 2016 by (Nightmare 27 May 2016 / ) - Nightmare #44- May 2016

Table of Contents:
The Old Horror Writer by Adam-Troy Castro (Original)
Twittering from the Circus of the Dead by Joe Hill (Reprint)
Sawing by Lisa Goldstein (Original)
The Lost by Sarah Langan (Reprint)
Author Spotlights:
Adam-Troy Castro
Joe Hill
Lisa Goldstein
Sarah Langan
Editorial, May 2016 by John Joseph Adams
The H Word: Horror That Rocks by Molly Tanzer
Artist Spotlight: Daniel Sherekin by Marina J. Lostetter
Interview: Angela Slatter by Lisa Morton
(see review)

The Dark - Issue 13, June 2016 by (The Dark 30 May 2016 / ) - The Dark - Issue 13, June 2016

Table of Contents:
The Hibernating Queen by Leena Likitalo
Free Jim's Mine by Tananarive Due (Reprint)
The Bat House by M. Bennardo
The Slipway Grey by Helen Marshall (Reprint)
Cover Art: "Danse Macabre" by Peter Polach (Apterus)
(see review)

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