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Ace Books

Hex And The City by Simon R. Green (Ace Books 01 March, 2005 / $6.50) - The fourth Nightside title by Simon R. Green, Hex and the City continues the adventures of a private eye named Taylor-- a man whose dark secrets may destroy him, or the whole world, if his enemies don't kill him first-- in the magical "black heart of London". (see review)

Apogee Books

Apollo 12 The Nasa Mission Reports by Robert Godwin (Apogee Books 24 November, 2004 / $24.95) - NASA's own reports on the Apollo 12 mission, the second to shoot for the Moon, and the plethora of technological headaches and obstacles that were overcome. The second mission had more scientific objectives but met unexpected problems-- this book illustrates the can-do attitude that carried them through.


There Will Be Dragons by John Ringo (Baen 01 November, 2004 / $7.99) - Though the cover of this departure from the author's normal mil-sf fare shows a warrior babe with a bow and a dragon behind her, this really isn't as much Fantasy as it is the ultimate role-playing event for the Society for Creative Anachronism. Sometime in the future, when humanity has achieved its golden age and things are getting too boring for words, all the magic goes away (the techno-magic, that is) for our own good. We need to struggle a bit to remember what we're made of, it appears. So, with humanity's support systems failing, everyone turns to the few die-hard re-enactors who've been living without a net already. Don't expect everything to be worked out in one book though, it's the start of a series. (hardcover first edtion 11/03)

Turn the Other Chick (Chicks in Chainmail) by Esther Friesner (Baen 01 November, 2004 / $20.00) -

Del Rey

Gundam SEED 3: Mobile Suit Gundam by MASATSUGU IWASE (Del Rey 23 November, 2004 / $10.95) - The battle cruiser Archangel has been trying to reach Earth for a while now. They've made it as far as Africa, but they need to make it to a Federation Military base in Alaska...and Earth forces stand in the way.

Star Trek

After the Fall (Star Trek: New Frontier) by Peter David (Star Trek 30 November, 2004 / $24.00) - The next in Peter David's STAR TREK series of adventures of the USS Excalibur. It is three years after the events of Stone and Anvil and everything has changed... but new dangers threaten the now-scattered veteran Starfleet crew.


Banewreaker by Jacquelne Carey (Tor November 1, 2004 / $27.95) - Volume one of the Sundering, an epic two book fantasy series about a war among and between gods and men. Madeleine Yeh, who's doing the review, says, "I stayed up all night reading's rich and believable and horribly tragic. It's deliberately set like Lord of the Rings, only told from the view point of Sauron and his servants who have been horribly misunderstood. (see review)

Wolf Captured by Jane Lindskold (Tor November, 2004 / 0.00) - When an author writes a series, there is a danger of getting into a rut, with characters repeating now-familiar behaviors and the status quo always being maintained by the end. At that point, an author would do well to shake things up, introduce the next generation, write a prequel, or shanghai the characters to some alternate setting. Jane Lindskold chooses the last option in her new Wolf Captured. This is the fourth book in her series about Firekeeper, a woman who was raised by wolves; her packmate Blind Seer; and the humans who think she is a princess, the Lady Blysse. (more...SL) (see review)

Tor Books

Dark of the Sun : A Novel of Saint-Germain by Chelsea Quinn Yarbro (Tor Books 01 November, 2004 / $27.95) - In the year 535-36, Krakatoa erupted with enough force to separate Sumatra from the isle of Java, made the local waters impassable, and set a pall over the world that resulted in "catastrophic drops in temperature, crop failures, and famine throughout Asia and Europe". Yarboro has placed her lateest Saint-Germain vampire novel against this rich historical background as turmoil flows along the Silk Road and the cultured vampire poses as the trader Zangi-Rangozh in China.

Gaudeamus by John Barnes (Tor Books 01 November, 2004 / $24.95) - Gaudeamus by John Barnes is one of those books that you keep reading because it?s so much fun but when you finish you wonder if it was worth the time. A book that makes you laugh out loud is definitely worth reading. It makes you remember what the phrase ?reading for enjoyment? is all about. (see review)

Hunter's Moon by C. T. Adams (Tor Books 30 November, 2004 / $6.99) -

Master of the Cauldron (Lord of the Isles) by David Drake (Tor Books 01 November, 2004 / $25.95) - A handful of heroes from the Lord of the Isles series struggle where none have succeeded for a thousand years: to reunite the Isles into a single kingdom. But surrounded by growing magic and evil would-be sovereigns, do they have a chance to make their dream a reality?

Shifting Love by Constance O'Day Flannery (Tor Books 02 November, 2004 / $6.99) - Tor launches a new imprint for Paranormal Romance with Shifting Love. Catherine Asaro recently pointed out to me that romance is at the heart of most stories, no matter how we try to pretend otherwise. Here, a Shapeshifter who has chosen a life without love becomes involved with an entrepreneur who has sworn off love and is in the sights of "a Da Vinci Code-like secret society."

The Book of Ballads by Charles Vess (Tor Books 01 November, 2004 / $24.95) - Editor Charles Vess has taken a collection of familiar ballads and coupled them with stories by the likes of Neil Gaiman, Sharyn McCrumb, Charles de Lint, Jane Yolen, Jeff Smith, and others to fill in the blanks left by their verse. Mostly excellent, occasionally only fair. (see review)

Treason Keep: Book Two of the Hythrun Chronicles by Jennifer Fallon (Tor Books 01 November, 2004 / $25.95) - Treason Keep is the second book in a stated 3 book series (Medalon, Treason Keep, Harshini). As a second book it carries a lot of weight--it must bridge us between the introductory tone of the first book and the concluding chapters of the third book without losing our interest. Treason Keep continues the story of R'shiel, a young woman pushed onto the path of destiny, the Harshini, a magical hidden race of sorcerers and Tarja, a young man also thrust into danger by forces beyond his control. Amongst all of this are the politics of empire building and holding, the personal vendettas that so often drive affairs of state and the crumbling rigidity of social values held a bit too long. (see review)

Tor Fantasy

Medalon : Book One of the Hythrun Chronicles (The Hythrun Chronicles) by Jennifer Fallon (Tor Fantasy 02 November, 2004 / $7.99) - When they cross their powerful mother,R'shiel and Tarja must flee for their lives to the dubious safety of a rebel force aligned against their mother's draconian Defenders. But what they learn may force them to return, even if it means their deaths, as a fabled enemy is discovered loose in their mother's lands.

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