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Cleopatra 7.2 by Elizabeth Ann Scarborough (Ace 07 December, 2004 / $23.95) - Cleopatra 7.2 by Elizabeth Ann Scarborough is a sequel to her 2002 novel Channeling Cleopatra. Set immediately after the conclusion of the previous book, the telling of Cleopatra 7.2 is primarily split between the points of view of the two Cleopatras. As established in the first book, it has become possible to introduce the DNA of a long dead person into a living person, resulting in a "blended personality", although the degree of actual blending appears to differ from case to case. In the previous book, the DNA of Cleopatra Philopater was found and introduced into forensic anthropologist Leda Hubbard. In this new volume, the same DNA has been introduced to Egyptologist Gabriella Farouk, thus giving life to second modern incarnation of the seventh Cleopatra of the line of Ptolemy, or Cleopatra 7.2 (see review)

Coyote Rising by Allen M. Steele (Ace 07 December, 2004 / $23.95) - In the second of novel of the Coyote Trilogy, more socialist colonists are headed out from Earth, the freedom seeking mutineer colonists that intially landed have moved into the country to avoid being co-opted for the good of the people. (see review)

Apogee Books

Rocket Science: Rocket Science in the Second Millennium
(Apogee Books Space Series)
 by Alfred J. Zaehringer (Apogee Books 30 October, 2004 / $20.95) - A look at rocket science, slang shorthand for what is arguably humanity's greatest technological achievement, from Goddard to the Space Shuttle, this book provides a handy overview of this fascinating field of engineering. (see review)


Conrad Stargard : The Radiant Warrior by Leo Frankowski (Baen 01 December, 2004 / $24.00) - Stranded in 1231 AD, a mere ten years before a Mongol invasion might spell the end of the medieval Poland he's trapped in, engineer Conrad Schwartz had better figure out a way to save his new homeland-- or kiss his future goodbye!

The Far Side of the Stars (Lt. Leary) by David Drake (Baen 01 December, 2004 / $7.99) - Though the war may be over and the corvette Princess Cecile privatized, there's still work for the crew that made her famous under fire. Work like escorting nobels on an expedition into deep space. But this will be anything but a pleasure cruise, and it's a good thing that they didn't pull the corvettes teeth along with her commision.

Tinker by Wen Spencer (Baen 01 December, 2004 / $6.99) - Tinker owns a scrapyard in Pittsburgh, which now adjoins the land of the elves. Being a genius inventor, she's able to handle that... but the intricacies of her first date may be more than she can manage! Oh, and there's always the problem of fugitive elf nobles as well.

Warp Speed by Travis Taylor (Baen 01 December, 2004 / $22.00) - Heinlein would have loved Travis Taylor's Warp Speed which reads like a cross between Heinlein, Doc Smith, and James Hogan and moves along at a pace which befits the title and leaves you wanting more...which we might well get in the author's next book, The Quantum Connection. Travis' wife goaded him into writing a science fiction, and the result is Warp Speed which moves along about that fast. If you remember Doc Smith's Skylark from the golden age, you'll find some resonance here when a physicist unlocks the secret to warp travel and stirs up a hornets nest on earth. How could you not like a guy who gives his main character Heinlein's middle name and quibbles with Star Wars logic? We'll be seeing more of Travis Taylor, and I'll be looking forward to it. (see review)

Daw Books

Rotten Relations by Denise Little (Daw Books 04 December, 2004 / $6.99) - Perfect reading for the holidays...especially if you're going to spend them with relatives. Your own familial fears will pale to insignificance agains the kin in these fifteen stories, though you may wind up seeing things from the other side of a familiar tale or two. Imagine, if you can, how much fun might not be to be the son of Santa...

To Save A World (Darkover Omnibus) by Marion Zimmer Bradley (Daw Books 04 December, 2004 / $7.99) - This omnibus collection of Darkover novels includes the first one written - The Waterfall, along with World Wreckers and Planet Savers.

Del Rey

The Art of Halo by Eric S. Trautmann (Del Rey 09 November, 2004 / $21.95) - While I tend to snicker a bit at books full of technical specs on stuff from media SF, I have a lot of respect for books about the creation of the images and artwork, like this one on The Art of Halo and the work done at Bungie Studios. There are now two editions of the game, a handful of books, which follow and bridge the story line, and a rapidly growing following. Could we please have the movie now? (see review)

The Best Time Travel Stories of the 20th Century : Stories by Arthur C. Clarke, Jack Finney, Joe Haldeman, Ursula K. Le Guin, by HARRY TURTLEDOVE (Del Rey 28 December, 2004 / $17.95) - Edited by Harry Turtledove and Martin Greenberg, this volume includes award-winning stories from Ray Bradbury (the legendary "A Sound of Thunder"), Arthur C. Clarke, Richard Matheson, Joe Haldeman, Ursula K. LeGuin, Jack Finney, Larry Niven and many more.

The Wallflower 2 : Yamatonadeshiko Shichihenge by TOMOKO HAYAKAWA (Del Rey 28 December, 2004 / $10.95) - Book Note: Four fabulous guys must completely transform a high school girl if they want to keep living rent-free in her aunt?s luxurious mansion. But Sunako Nakahara, the most fashion-hopeless girl in Japan, would rather live like a hermit and watch her favorite horror movies than undergo a makeover. When the guys stumble upon the mansion?s secret subbasement, they discover the ghost of a prim and proper lady who (thankfully) begins to possess Sunako?s soul. It seems their problem is solved. Too bad that Sunako?s now-suitable personality includes a desire to lock the boys up in the mansion?s dungeon!

Pitch Black

Lords of Swords by Daniel Blackston (Pitch Black December 1, 2004 / $14.95) - A collection of thirteen stories, including one from Tanith Lee, that feature swordplay, sorcery and high adventure in grand fantasy tradition.The stories aren't bad at all bad, but you won't want to get caught in public with the cover showing.


The Seadragon's Daughter (Dragon Delasangre) by Alan F. Troop (Roc 04 December, 2004 / $6.99) - Dragons, Humans, and The Lorrel - three races living on earth and usually at odds with each other, though all in human guise. Set on an island off Miami, with humanity unaware of the existence of the other races, who need humans to breed, and perhaps even to love.

St. Martin's Press

Lurulu by Jack Vance (St. Martin's Press December 1, 2004 / 23.95) - In Lurulu, Myron Tany returns to the universe of Ports of Call, touring the galaxy in a freighter for which "tramp" might be too complimentary a description, with an assortment of thespians, thieves and other varied characters. (see review)

Star Trek

Spirit Walk, Book Two : Enemy of My Enemy (Star Trek: Voyager) by Christie Golden (Star Trek 01 December, 2004 / $6.99) - Captain Chakotay and his sister are captives of a renegade Changeling, who is working with the infamous Cardassian Crell Moset. Tom Paris and Harry Kim set out to find Chakotay and save the Starship Voyager from disaster, but only Chakotay's willingness to undertake a "spirit walk" can truly save them... or doom them all.


Clabbernappers by Len Bailey (Starscape 01 February, 2005 / $17.95) - In this YA Fantasy, an eleven year old cowboy is conjured up to save a queen in the realm of Elidor. He's not quite the hero the King had in mind, but by gum, he's got some grit in him.

Tor Books

Hostile Takeover by Susan Shwartz (Tor Books 01 December, 2004 / $24.95) -! Susan Shwartz has built up a solid reputation with previous novels (Second Chances, The Grail of Heart's, Cross and Crescent), and is back with a novel about corporate intrigue on the high frontier. Though the UN Space treaty, still in effect in this not that distant future, forbids individuals or countries to own celestial bodies (eg asteroids), they're fine with individuals taking possession of them to mine, and legally, corporations are individuals. But someone appears to be cooking the books on Vesta, and Caroline Cassandra Williams (CC) an aspiring shoshaman (salaryman) for the high powered consultancy Alpha is on her way to straighten things out, pin the blame on the culprits, and move on up the corporate ladder. What she doesn't count on is that life doesn't work according to a business plan, and that hers is about to come unstuck from the fast track, and very, very real. That the author lives in the world of corporate finance is evident from the insight and accuracy of her portrayal of it, and its ultimate costs to the individual.

(see review)

Terminator 3: Terminator Hunt (Terminator 3) by Aaron Allston (Tor Books 01 December, 2004 / $24.95) - Continuing the adventures begun in Terminator 3: Terminator Dreams, derived from the events of the movie, John Connor and Kate Brewster struggle to raise a resistance to the relentless fury of the machines, led by Skynet. Their efforts now hinge on capturing the deadly T-X, but can they do so without destroying their own past?

The Life of the World to Come by Kage Baker (Tor Books 09 December, 2004 / $25.95) - Mendoza, Preserver of the past and time traveler, is an immortal cyborg in love. But when fantasy becomes reality in the distant past, her entire world suddenly stops making sense...(DB)

The Science Fiction Hall of Fame, Volume Two A : The Greatest Science Fiction Novellas of All Time Chosen by the Members of The Science Fiction Writer by Ben Bova (ed) (Tor Books 01 December, 2004 / $29.95) - As the previeously reviewed SF Hall of Fame Volume Onecovered the great short stories of yesteryear, the current volume (originally published in 1973) features influential novellas from before 1964, including works by Heinlein, H.G. Wells, Lester del Rey, Poul Anderson and more. Though I find the novella a uncomfortable length for stories, this collection does bring the best of the past to light, again.

Thieves' World: Enemies of Fortune (Thieves' World) by Lynn Abbey (Tor Books 01 December, 2004 / $26.95) - This is the second in this Thieves' World series following Turning Points (2002) about the city of Sanctuary, founded by slaves, and the refuge of those with no place else to run to. Now that the ancient empire has withdrawn the rule of law, what will become of a city governed by rogues and scoundrels?

Wesleyan University Press

Subterranean Worlds: A Critical Anthology (Wesleyan Early Classics of Science Fiction) by Peter Fitting (Wesleyan University Press 01 December, 2004 / $29.95) - An anthology and critical analysis of "hollow Earth" stories from the 17th century to the present, this volume explores diverse elements behind this particular type of genre fiction.

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