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In order to provide timely reviews, we appreciate media kits, preview invitations and preview DVDs. All dramatic presentations received will be listed in this column. Send Materials and Invitations to: Gayle Surrette c/o SFRevu 16440 Baden Westwood Road Brandywine, MD 20613 Email should be sent to: media (at)

Alone in the Dark by Uwe Boll (director) (Lions Gate Films January 28, 2005 / ) - When paranormal detective Edward Carnby (Christian Slater) investigates a friend's mysterious death, the trail leads to "Shadow Island." Once there, he confronts horrors that threaten his life and sanity both. Demonic creatures worshiped by an ancient cult are reviving... and only Carnby and a handful of others stand in their way to annihilating mankind and taking over the world. Also starring Tara Reid, Stephen Dorff and William Sanderson. Directed by Uwe Boll. Lions Gate Films.

Battlestar Galactica - The Series by (SciFi Channel Fri, Jan 14 9/8C (premier) / ) - Launched last year in a dark new miniseries, Battlestar Galactica has been reinvented for the new millennium. The worlds of the Twelve Colonies have been torched by the Cylons--a 'race' of intelligent robots created by mankind. Only fifty thousand humans escaped the destruction, on a flotilla of spaceships guarded by humanity's last and greatest warship: the battlestar named Galactica. Fighting for survival, humanity's remnants must cope with fear, isolation and the danger of betrayal from within, even as they prepare to search for a mythic 'thirteenth colony' known as Earth. (see review)

Larva by (SciFi Channel January 22, 2005 9/8C / ) - SciFi Channel Description: Host, Mo., is a quiet ranching community where everyone knows everyone else, and almost everybody earns their living from a local meat-products packager, Host Tender Meats. New to town is veterinarian Eli Rudkus, who makes Host his home after his predecessor retires, leaving a professional vacancy that Eli is happy to fill. However, when Eli is called to the ranch of Jacob Long, a local cattleman, the young veterinarian's seemingly routine house call exposes a dangerous secret about Host Tender Meats that could annihilate this small town. Eli's efforts to warn the town are thwarted by Fletcher Odermatt, the owner of Host Tender Meats. Odermatt is willing to go to any lengths to keep his company's dark secret buried. To that end, he enlists cutthroat attorney Hayley Anderson to smear Eli's reputation. Before long, though, Eli and Jocob convince Hayley that what started as a small "parasite problem" is now a disaster on the verge of becoming too large to contain. As catastrophe looms, the trio races against time, nature and science to save their town ? and perhaps the world.

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