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Elastic Press

The Elastic Book of Numbers by Allen Ashley (ed) (Elastic Press 01 February, 2005 / £6.00) - "Numbers rule our lives: clocks, calendars and deadlines; salaries and benefits; tax codes and pin numbers: mortgages, bills and credit this unique collection of 21 stories, some of the world's finest fictioneers examine the effect of numbers on humankind's past, present and future. From the rewriting of history through the thrill of the roulette wheel to the codes controlling starships, each of these tales engages with numbers in innovative, entertaining and meaningful ways."

The Life to Come by Tim Lees (Elastic Press 01 May, 2005 / £5.00) - A collection of short fiction by British author Tim Lees, whose work has featured mainly in The Third Alternative magazine, the editor of which, Andy Cox is quoted as saying "Everyday I thank God for Tim Lees.".

"...sixteen stories where reality and fantasy collide, dispatches from a world with only one clear certainty: that the life to come will be far stranger, more perverse and perilous than we could ever dream." (see review)


Anima: Signs of Life - Course of the Heart (Gollancz SF S.) by M.John Harrison (Gollancz 14 April, 2005 / £8.99) - Two M. John Harrison novels in one volume. Anima features The Course of the Heart (1992) and Signs of Life (1997) in this trade paperback edition.

His books are fictions of elegant delrium, dark and transcendent by turns... exquisitely wrought and brilliantly imagined, erotic, chilling, visionary..." -- Clive Barker.

Dying Inside (S.F.Masterworks S.) by Robert Silverberg (Gollancz 14 April, 2005 / £6.99) - Silverberg's 1972 classic becomes the 59th title in the Gollancz Fantasy Masterworks series. This story of a telepath who is losing his talents was nominated for a string of awards including the Hugo and the Nebula. A worthy addition to this excellent series.

No Present Like Time (Gollancz SF S.) by Steph Swainston (Gollancz 21 April, 2005 / £9.99) - Steph Swainston's follow up to her extraordinary debut novel The Year of our War.

No Present Like Time moves the story of the drug-addicted, winged messenger Jant onto the next stage in which he and his fellow immortals voyage to a newly discovered island only to unleash chaos. (see review)

The Fall of Tartarus (Gollancz SF S.) by Eric Brown (Gollancz 14 April, 2005 / £6.99) - A collection of Brown's Tartarus stories brought together in this single paperback volume. Previously published in Interzone ,Spectrum SF and SF Age.

The Hounds of Avalon (Dark Age S.) by Mark Chadbourn (Gollancz 21 April, 2005 / £10.9) - The latest installement in Chadbourn's saga, The Dark Age.

He conjures up the horror of this harsh new world brilliantly, and the sheer brutality of his writing is often jaw-dropping... Chadbourn's work is the answer to the prayers of all those who've been moaning about by-the-numbers fantasy." -- SFX.

The Queen of Sinister (Dark Age S.) by Mark Chadbourn (Gollancz 14 April, 2005 / £6.99) - The mass market release of the latest title in Chadbourn's Dark Age series, "... a masterful blend of Celtic Myth and Arthurian legend in a modern setting.

"The plague came without warning. Nothing could stop its progress: its first symptom is black spots at the base of the fingers; an agonising death quickly follows. But this is no ordinary disease..."

The Runes Of The Earth: The Last Chronicles of Thomas Covenant by Stephen Donaldson (Gollancz 14 April, 2005 / £12.9) - The first new Thomas Covenant novel in over twenty years is given a trade paperback release following the hardcover issued last October. For fantasy fans, this is a hugely significant book. Reviewed in our October 2004 issue by Drew Bittner.

"Morally complex and rich in detail,this is a novel which reminds you that fantasy needn't equate to lowest common denominator simplicity. One of fantasy's heavyweights reminds us all that he still has much to offer the genre. -- Dreamwatch.

The Va Dinci Cod (Gollancz SF S.) by Adam Roberts (Gollancz 06 April, 2005 / £6.99) - If ever there was a book that deserved parodying it's Dan Brown's The Davinci Code. Millions of people have been enthralled by it, but I got bored and put it down after a hundred or so pages! Answering the call is A.R.R.R. Roberts, author of such hits as The Soddit, Bored of the Rings, and The Matrix Derided. The Vadinci Cod is a smart little hard cover release and if it does even a fraction as well as the Dan Brown title, Mr Roberts can look forward to a very comfortable retirement fund!

The Year of Our War (Gollancz SF S.) by Steph Swainston (Gollancz 01 April, 2005 / £6.99) - The long-awaited mass market release of Steph Swainston's extraordinary debut novel The Year of Our War. Quite simply a superb novel and a real breath of fresh air for the fantasy market. Previous reviewed in our April 2004 issue by Iain Emsley.

Hodder & Stoughton Ltd

The Black Angel by John Connolly (Hodder & Stoughton Ltd 25 April, 2005 / £14.9) - A new supernatural thriller from Irish writer John Connolly, author of Bad Men. The Black Angel is an attractive and sturdy hard cover release from Hodder & Stoughton.

There are as many forms of evil in the world as there are men to commit them, and its gradations are near infinite, but it may be that, in truth, it all draws from the same deep well, and there are beings that have supped from it far longer than any of us could ever imagine.


Vellum: The Book of All Hours: 1 by Hal Duncan (Macmillan 05 August, 2005 / £17.9) - Every so often there a massive buzz about "the next big thing" and Hal Duncan's Vellum epitomises this. The word on the street is that this is going to be BIG! A debut work described as "A magnificent, fantastical literary epic of Heaven & Hell" from a young Scottish author, and Macmillan are backing it to hilt with a hard cover release just in time for the Glasgow World Con. Look out for my review in our August issue. A limited edition uncorrected proof.


Shadow Fall (Godslayer S.) by James Clemens (Orbit 05 May, 2005 / £10.9) - Recommended fantasy from James Clemens, author of the recent series The Banned and the Bannished. Shadowfall begins a new series, The Chronicles of the Godslayer.

The Sunborn by Gregory Benford (Orbit 05 May, 2005 / £6.99) - A new novel from Greg Benford, one of SF's most respected hard science writers.

The first manned mission to Mars has been a resoundign success, and excitement grows as new discoveries are made. However, one dicovery continues to defy rational explanation - the "marsmat" - a complex anaerobic life-form found in the planet's honeycomb of tunnels.

This raises questions about the nature of life itself which will lead the curious and the driven to Pluto and beyond, to the cold void at the fringes of the solar system.

Thraxas Under Siege by Martin Scott (Orbit 05 May, 2005 / £6.99) - Thraxas is back, and I for one, couldn't be happier! Martin Scott's gloriously funny and superbly plotted "pulp fantasy noir" novels featuring his lazy, fat, failed wizard Thraxas are a joy to read. (see review)

Pocket Books

Tanequil (High Druid of Shannara S) by Terry Brooks (Pocket Books 03 May, 2005 / £6.99) - The second title in Brook's latest Shannara trilogy is released in mass market paperback. Tanequil will satisfy Brooks' huge legions of fans and have them howling for the third and final volume in the series , High Druid of Shannara: Straken which is due out in September.

Puffin Books

The Opal Deception (Artemis Fowl S.) by Eoin Colfer (Puffin Books 05 May, 2005 / £12.9) - Artemis Fowl, the ingenious and arch teenage criminal is back in this new adventure, a wonderful addition to a truly delightful YA series. (see review)

Simon & Schuster (Trade Division)

Shadowmasque by Michael Cobley (Simon & Schuster (Trade Division) 06 June, 2005 / £10.9) - Book three of Cobley's Shadowkings trilogy.

300 years after the end of the Great Shadowking War, evil is seeping out into the world once more.

Tor Books

Dragon's Treasure by Elizabeth A. Lynn (Tor Books 15 April, 2005 / £7.99) - Traditional fantasy fare from Elizabeth A. Lynn, who won the 1980 World Fantasy Award for her novel Watchtower, the first novel in her Chronicles of Tornor series. Dragon's Treasure is the sequel to Dragon's Winter. Oh, and it's about dragons! A mass market paperback release.

The Last House in the Galaxy by Andy Secombe (Tor Books 20 May, 2005 / £10.9) - A very funny, very silly science fiction piece by Andy Secombe, author of Limbo and Limbo II. "For everyone who's ever hitchhiked across the galaxy, a hilarious new comic fantasy that turns the universe on its head." (see review)

Weidenfeld & Nicolson

Pirates! In an Adventure with Whaling by Gideon Defoe (Weidenfeld & Nicolson 01 September, 2005 / £7.99) - Not strictly genre, but find me a genre fan who doesn't like pirate stuff! and silly pirate stuff at that!! This is the second in a series by Gideon Defoe, is targeted at "... lovers of Monty Python, and anyone looking for an unusual and highly entertaining little read."

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