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Blu-ray & DVD Reviews- 10/2005  Next Month / Last Month
by Charles Mohapel
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Alien Apocalypse by (Anchor Bay Entertain 04 October, 2005 / $14.98) - Must all your meetings with aliens be apocalyptic? Perhaps they must given the way you manage each other. If you can not understand someone who lives a few small percentages of a parsec away from you on your own planet how can you be expected to understand beings who are lightyears from you? We do not know the aliens in this dvd but they are not smart ones. Any alien who thinks humans will make good workers has obviously not actually watched any of you at work. There is some humor here, although probably not as much as the director thinks. There is some story here as well although, again, probably not as much as is believed by the Director and others. But that has not stopped you in the past and it did not stop you here. We liked it, more or less, and think it is probably a good choice when the only other thing to watch is golf or maybe ice skating.  Netflix / IMDB

Kolchak - The Night Stalker by (Universal Studios Ho 04 October, 2005 / $39.98) - You Earthers are a strange bunch. You both believe in things you cannot see but will not believe in things unless you can see them. This dvd is about a reporter who is always not doing what his boss tells him to. He is also always discovering odd things that no one else believes in and then writing about them. We are not really sure why he is still employed or even why he is still alive, given the kinds of things he stumbles onto. This is not the excellent movie by the way but the television series and thus, while you do get 20 episodes, it is not as sharp, witty or interesting as the original. However, now that they are about to recreate it for the fourth time we think it will end up looking pretty good. Get it after you get the first two movies and before you become transfixed by the badness of the newest remake.  Netflix / IMDB

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