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Blu-ray & DVD Reviews- 11/2005  Next Month / Last Month
by Charles Mohapel
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Star Wars, Episode III - Revenge of the Sith (Widescreen Edition) by (Twentieth Century Fox Home Video 01 November, 2005 / $29.98) - It is hard to reconcile the high position in which you have placed these Jedi beings with their somewhat moronic behavior. Let us see if we can understand a few things. They have mental powers which can move objects but when a few space bots (Klaarg could have given them better ways to resolve this by the way) get on one of their ships they can't figure out how to get them off except by crashing into each other? They have a security system which monitors the very room where the evil guy does all his plotting but they don't bother using it until after everyone is dead? They talk and talk and talk and talk about the dangerous power of the Sith so when they get chances to off these beings they, instead, choose to walk away? Boy, have we got bad feelings about this. Frankly, and based solely on their behavior, these Jedi deserve everything they got. We have heard of species like this but never a collection of species which so seems to glory in ignorance and the belief in their special powers. The only good thing is that since the evil guys basically come from the Jedis' to begin with they are fatally flawed and doomed to failure anyway. Frankly, we are glad this series is over. It was bad enough Lucas could not figure out how to do it in order and it was worse when he apparently just decided to give up and play with special effects in the place of story.

  Netflix / IMDB

War of the Worlds - The Complete First Season by (Paramount Home Video 01 November, 2005 / $38.99) - We admit that you find new ways to confuse us. It is almost as if you had nothing better to do. Once again you begin with something that is very well done and tinker with it. Certainly the move from book to radio was very well done. We remember that broadcast well and nearly turned for home thinking that our assignment had been ended before it even began but decided to travel on anyway. We figured one species was as good as another for our work and no one at home would ever know the difference anyway. But your jest confused us to no end, much as it did your own species. And then you make the movie, which, granted is a bit different but still well done. And so, with these three things behind you, what do you decide to do? Make a television series. What will be next, soap? For television, this was not that bad, at least until the second year when it really was that bad. Watch at your own peril because after you've bought this it is doubtful that you will be able to sell it, even on E-Bay.  Netflix / IMDB

Doctor Who - City of Death (Episode 105) by (Warner Home Video 08 November, 2005 / $34.98) - We like Healers. In fact, we would not be here if it were not for them. However, this time traveling Doctor is simply not telling you the truth. We have healers like him on the homeworld, willing to sell you their own version of modified Spooze guaranteed to fix tenstacle drip in no time while cleaning out your Glandus Minorfa. Still, there is something entertaining about such fellows and we have to think that this is the reason you have given this one such attention. We liked the story here and once we figured out it was all, more or less, pretend, we found ourselves highly amused. We'll be searching out the rest of these, or hoping someone sends them to us, in the very near future. Remember, though, that only a certified Healer should be allowed to manipulate your pseudopods. And hopefully only in the sanctity of your mothership.  Netflix / IMDB

War of the Worlds (Widescreen Edition) by (Umvd/Dreamworks 22 November, 2005 / $29.99) - Just when we thought you had hit bottom you go and prove us wrong once again. Go back and read our thoughts on a previous entry so we do not have to repeat ourselves. We will wait. Now. What are you thinking? Or, are you thinking at all? Do you feel compelled to keep remaking things until you have reduced them to their lowest point? It surely seems as if that is what you are doing. And this is a great example. Not only do you go and mess with the basic ideas here but you corrupt the story so much that anyone who is even within touching distance of the original will know something is terribly wrong. The only consolation is, no, wait, there is no consolation. You will undoubtably blame something or someone else for the failure of this and move on to remaking something else. Perhaps you should consider remaking yourself? Or maybe you should consider just not making things anymore, period.  Netflix / IMDB

Stargate Atlantis - The Complete First Season by (Columbia Tristar Hom 15 November, 2005 / $59.95) - We imagine that these gates could come in quite handy, but only if you could make them take you where you want to go instead of them taking you to places full of danger and despair. Not that you humans don't quite enjoy those kinds of places because based on your filmatic history you do. This time you get to not only use your gates to go places but you get to go to a legendary place as well. Once you are there you tend to do a lot of yelling and running around but we have come to understand that this is simply your management style. We look forward to the rest of the DVDs in this series as we hope to get to see Mu, Oz, Ar, En, and the rest of your single syllable lands of myth, alhtough we'd probably not want to spend too much time on the planet of the vampires.  Netflix / IMDB

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