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Blu-ray & DVD Reviews- 12/2005  Next Month / Last Month
by Charles Mohapel
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December 2005 DVD Reviews by The Damnaliens (SFRevu December 2005 / Priceless) - We have been intently studying the recent furor over whether or not there was an attempt by one of your nation/states to acquire desert from another nation/state. A third nation/state became involved because it evidently did not want this first nation/state to have desert and so sent emisarries out to determine whether or not desert had actually been acquired and, if so, how much had been acquired. As if there were not desert enough for all. At first we did not understand fully what was happening with this. We understand you Earthers are all about getting and having, especially when it comes to desert, cake in particular, but this seemed an extreme case. And the place where all this was happening did not seem desert friendly. While we most certainly can understand the driving need to get cake we have to call into question the amount of effort that was put into trying to figure out whether cake had actually been gotten. We are, of course, speaking about the infamous African Yellow Cake incident. Let us halp you. Africa is not a cake friendly continent. It is simply too hot for good cake. Pizza yes, your flat breads, yes, and certainly if you are looking for steak it is a place to go. But cake? We do not think so. But perhaps that is what has driven this incident to prominence. We are sure that if the individuals involved had simply gone to, say, Germany, for Black Forest Cake there would have been much less noise made of it. In the mean time we continue to study this incident, especially in light of the revelations that the initial nation/state never went out for cake to begin with, never mind African Yellow Cake.   Netflix / IMDB

Fantastic Four by (20th Century Fox 06 December, 2005 / $29.99) - We suppose it should be no surprise that since regular Earthers are so often stymied by simple problems that super humans should be stymied by super simple ones (but perhaps we mix idioms). This is a story about four humans who travel to space and have a bad experience. Other humans have traveled to space with no problems so it is a bit of a stretch (we make joke) to understand how this bunch finds trouble so quickly. Yet they do. Perhaps not the smartest bunch on the vine, hey? Turns out the sun has given them magical powers which they will use to bicker with each other and get depressed about. The story is really not much like the comic book upon which it is based and while you have obviously wasted huge amounts of computing power making it look real, it really does not. You Earthers always seem to forget that it is all about story and not about your ability to make things look pretty.  Netflix / IMDB

The Island by (Dreamworks Video 13 December, 2005 / $29.99) - Even when you are not making something once again, you are. The story set on this shiny disc is not based on anything but it does contain enough stolen moments to have a very hard time claiming to be original. It seems that clones are being made and stored in a small utopia until needed. Two escape and figure things out, more or less. There is much shooting and chasing and running and some intriguing dialogue, assuming you have not taken any science courses or represent an advanced species. If only they could have figured out a way to have Charlton Heston run across the set at some point screaming "Soylent Green is People." We know that you are capable of having new ideas, why aren't you using any of them?  Netflix / IMDB

Godzilla - Final Wars by (Sony Pictures 13 December, 2005 / $24.96) - It is hard to believe that Godzilla has been destroying Tokyo and environs for 50 years, but he has. It is a good thing the Japanese are such master builders. If it were us, we would have simply moved a long time ago. We were a bit upset that there was so little of Godzilla in this movie, although since every other Godzilla monster was here perhaps there was just not room enough. Luckily most of the monsters get destroyed which allows Godzilla to be warmed out of the Antarctic ice in which he had been frozen to make a final appearance. There is much smashing and foot stomping building breaking going on here which we are sure you will love. Get the disc as the Japanese will need the money for the latest rebuilding.  Netflix / IMDB

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