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Rebecca Moesta Named as judge for Writers of the Future Contest. by ( December 2006 / ) - Rebecca Moesta, award-winning author of over 30 books—both adult and young adult science fiction and fantasy—has been named as a writing judge for the L. Ron Hubbard’s Writers of the Future Contest. The announcement came today from Author Services, Inc., the literary agency and administrator of the Contest.

MedGadget SF Short Story Winners by (MedGadget December 6, 2006 / ) - MedGadget, A website about emerging medical technologies, has just posted the winners in its first Annual SF short story contest online. Bird Flu, Organ failures, space medics, regrowing brain matter, and other med topics are covered in a series of stories that, though lacking in polish, show a fair amount of heart. There's a nice one at the end in which Aliens show up at the World Health Organization demanding to lodge a complaint about how their research (abduction) practices have been slandered in the popular press, another where emergency measures have to be taken to inoculate all of humanity against a deadly bird flu, and strong story about a mother caring for her children. The winner won a digital stethoscope for their efforts, which is able to record sounds for playback. Just the thing for playing doctors and Medgadget Sci Fi Contest Results

From Wells to Winston by Dr Richard Toye (Homerton College, Cambridge December 2006 / ) - Oscar Wilde once said, “Talent borrows. Genius steals.” and the great pundit is borne out by Dr. Richard Toye's discovery, evidentially from reading Winston Churchill's diary, that a considerable part of the great statesman's vision was taken straight from H.G. Wells' works, and a number of phrases made it directly from books to speeches. Good show. What we need now is a president who can quote Philip K. Dick for the SF vote. (Source: Homerton College, Cambridge)

Don Dohler -- Maryland Producer/Director Filmaker Died 12/2/06 by ( December 2, 2006 / ) - To those that knew him, you will never forget him.

Back in late August, early September, local film producer/director (as well as one of my best friends) Don Dohler of Timewarp Films was diagnosed with lung and brain cancer. The prognosis was not good, but he kept a positive outlook on life and the art of making movies.

The Last Light of the Sun to be movie. by Chartoff Productions ( December 2006 / ) - Chartoff Productions and Ravinett Productions announced today that they have entered into an agreement with author Guy Gavriel Kay to have him adapt his bestselling novel, The Last Light of the Sun for the screen. Kay will serve as a producer and as screenwriter on the project, which will be overseen by Chartoff and Ravinett.

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