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Bantam Press

Maelstrom (Twins of Petaybee) by Anne McCaffrey & Elizabeth Ann Scarborough (Bantam Press 01 January, 2007 / £17.99) - UK first edition release of Maelstrom - book two of the twins of Petaybee. A smart hardcover from Bantam.

"Exciting and generously laced with humour... the characters and their interactions are so well realised as to utterly charm readers. Furthermore, to the Celtic and Inuit lore that informed the first trilogy, McCaffrey and Scarborough now add elements of the mythology and lore of Earth South Sea Islanders." -- Booklist.

BBC Books

Torchwood: Another Life by Peter Anghelides (BBC Books 11 January, 2007 / ) - From back of book: Thick black clouds are blotting out the skies over Cardiff. As twenty-four inches of rain fall in twenty-four hours, the city centre's drainage system collapses. The capital's homeless are being murdered, their mutilated bodies left lying in the soaked streets around the Blaidd Drwg nuclear facility.

Tracked down by Torchwood, the killer calmly drops eight stories to his death. But the killings don't stop. Their investigations lead Jack Harkness, Gwen Cooper and Toshiko Sato to a monster in a bathroom, a mystery at an army base, and a hunt for stolen nuclear fuel rods. Meanwhile Owen Harper goes missing from the Hub, when a game in Second Reality leads him to an old girlfriend...

Torchwood: Border Princes by Dan Abnett (BBC Books 11 January, 2007 / $13.74) - From back of book: The End of the World began on a Thursday night in October, just after eight in the evening...

The Amok is driving people out of their minds, turning them into zombies and causing riots in the streets. A solitary diner leaves a Cardiff restaurant, his mission to protect the Principal leading him to a secret base beneath a water tower. Everyone has a headache; there's something in Davey Morgan's shed; and the church of St Mary-in-the-Dust, demolished in 1840, has reappeared -- though it's not due until 2011. Torchwood seems to be out of their depth. (see review)

Torchwood: Slow Decay by Andrew Lane (BBC Books 11 January, 2007 / ) - From back of book: When Torchwood tracks an energy surge to a Cardiff nightclub, the team finds the police are already at the scene. Five teenagers have died in a fight, and lying among the bodies is an extraterrestrial device. Next morning, they discover the corpse of a Weevil, its face and neck eaten away, seemingly by human teeth. And on the streets of Cardiff, an ordinary woman with an extraordinary hunger is attacking people and eating her victims.

Corgi Adult

Changelings (Twins of Petaybee) by Anne McCaffrey (Corgi Adult 01 January, 2007 / £6.99) - The Corgi mass market edition of the latest collaboration between Anne McCaffrey and Elizabeth Ann Scarborough, subtitled "The first novel about the twins of Petaybee."


Bone Song (Gollancz S.F.) by John Meaney (Gollancz 15 March, 2007 / £12.99) - Uncorrected proof Copy: British writer John Meaney moves from Bantam to Gollancz and from hard SF to dark fantasy in the process. Bone Song - due for release in March 07 looks very interesting indeed and may well turn out to be a complete reinvention for Meaney.

"... an extraordinary fusion of visionary SF and dark horror. This is a universe where our darkest dreams are cold fact, and where death is only the beginning."

Hodder Children's Books

The Vanquish Vendetta (Illmoor Chronicles) by David Lee Stone (Hodder Children's Books 20 July, 2006 / £10.99) - I've derived great pleasure from the work of David Lee Stone. His cunningly constructed and deceptively sophisticated comic fantasies are a delight (Click to read my reviews of The Ratastrophe Catastrophe, and The Dwellings Debacle).

I missed the fifth title the Vanquished Vendetta when it was first released last July, but have recently requested to see a copy so I can cram it in preparation for the sixth title in The Illmoor Chronicles, The Coldstone Conflict which is due this month...

... I also wanted a copy 'cos they've used my quote on the front cover :-)

"...the natural heir to Terry Pratchett." -- SFRevu

Lost Continent Library

Wonder of the Worlds by Sesh Heri (Lost Continent Library 06 December, 2005 / £9.13) - Throw Mark Twain, Nikola Tesla and Harry Houdini into a fictional plot involving a nineteenth century voyage to Mars and chances are the result will delight anyone who, like me, has a penchant for pulp SF that takes liberties with history.

Wonder of the Worlds is a novel by Shesh Heri - a trade paperback published by Walter Bosley at the Lost Continent Library. A visit to the publishers web site will give you a clear flavour of their output. If old style pulp adventure fiction sets your pulse racing, Wonder of the Lost Worlds and other titles in their catalogue should be right up your street.

Macmillan Children's Books

Un Lun Dun by China Mieville (Macmillan Children's Books 06 April, 2007 / £12.99) - Uncorrected Proof Copy. Award winner China Mieville returns with something different. Following the density of his previous novel Iron Council, Mieville rests his world of Bas Lag and, interestingly, turns his hand to fiction for younger readers. Un Lun Dun is aimed at readers nine and upwards and features illustrations by Mieville. Already rumours of it being a modern day Alice in Wonderland are reaching my ears. Rest assured as a Mieville creation, it will be inventive, highly original and bristling with extraordinary ideas and imagery. Due for release in April 2 hard cover edition published in February by Del Rey.


Already Dead by Charlie Huston (Orbit 01 February, 2007 / £6.99) - A highly acclaimed Vampire thriller by US crime writer Charlie Huston. Check out, Charlie Huston's official site. Previously covered on Sfrevu a year ago when released in the US (click here to read that review)in this issue, I take the opportunity to scrutinize this novel with a UK audience in mind. (see review)

Pendragon Press, Maesteg

Choices by Stephen Volk (Pendragon Press, Maesteg 31 December, 2006 / £7.99) - The latest release from Pendragon Press is this impressive collection of six novellas chosen by publisher Christopher Teague. Choices features works by Stephen Volk, Eric Brown, Paul Finch, Gary Fry, Andrew Humphrey and Richard Right. For further info and online ordering visit the Pendragon Press web site.

"...sixty thousand words that will un-nerve and chill you to the bone..."

Prometheus Books

Starship: Pirate: Book Two by Michael Resnick (Prometheus Books 05 December, 2006 / £13.12) - Prolific genre author Mike Resnick returns with a sequel to Starship: Mutiny, a novel described by Orson Scott Card as "... a space opera that hits all the right notes.".

Starship Pirate is a hardcover published by Pyr and it is well worth a visit to their site to read editor Lou Anders' blog comments about this release (entry dated November 13th, 2006).


The Summoner (Chronicles of the Necromancer) by Gail Martin (Solaris 05 February, 2007 / £7.99) - Uncorrected Proof Copy: An early look at another of the Solaris launch titles. The Summoner begins a fantasy sequence by US author Gail Martin and is aimed towards fans of the works of writers such as Robin Hobb, Robert Jordan, Lois McMaster Bujold and JV Jones.

"The world of Prince Martis Drayke is thrown into sudden chaos and disorder when his brother murders their father and seizes the throne. Cast out, Martris and a small band of trusted friends are forced to flee to a neighbouring kingdom where he believes they can regroup and plot their retaliation. With only a handful of loyal colleagues to support him, he must seek retribution and restore his father's honour. But if the living are arrayed against him Martris must call on a different set of allies: the ranks fo the dead."


Ink: The Book of All Hours: 2 by Hal Duncan (Tor / ) - Limited Edition Uncorrected Proof Copy: Long awaited and much anticipated, Ink is the concluding half of Hal Duncan's weird and extraordinary The Book of All Hours, and the sequel to Vellum.

"Hal Duncan is single-handedly rewriting the rules of fantasy literature with ground-breaking and original writing unmatched in its ambition and scope."


Temeraire: Black Powder War by Naomi Novik (Voyager 02 January, 2007 / £14.99) - The UK edition of Novik's third Temeraire novel is a smart hardcover edition from HarperCollins. A far nicer set of books than the US paperback editions, these novels may well - following Peter Jackson's highly publicised acquisition of the film rights to the series - be a sensible investment for the canny book collector. Reviewed this issue.  (see review)

The Court of the Air by Stephen Hunt (Voyager 02 April, 2007 / 12.99) - Uncorrected Proof Copy: Word is building that this is likely to be one of 2007's big titles. Stephen Hunt (the creator of the SF Crowsnest web site had published a novel previously -- back in 1994, to be precise) but The Court of the Air is set to be his break-out work. I can't wait to read it, especially as it is described in the publicity material thus...

"This fantastical tale of high adventure, low life rogues and orphans on the run is reminiscent of Philip Pullman's His Dark Materials trilogy and is set in a Victorian style Dickensian world.

Due to be published in April 2007.

William Heinemann

The Day Watch by Sergei Lukyanenko (William Heinemann 04 January, 2007 / £11.99) - The second in Sergei Lukyanenko Night Watch Trilogy (see below) is published in large format trade paperback.

"Walking the streets of Moscow, indistinguishable from the rest of its population, are The Other. Possessors of supernatural powers and capable of entering the Twilight, a shadowy world that exists in parallel to our own, each owes allegiance either to the Dark or The Light." (see review)

The Night Watch by Sergei Lukyanenko (William Heinemann 06 July, 2006 / £10.99) - Released in the UK back in July 06, this one managed to somehow pass under my radar. Clearly I was asleep at the time, for The Night Watch is a phenomenally successful Russian export, a vampire story set in Moscow that has sold over a million hard covers copies in Russia. Foreign rights have sold to over 15 countries and the Russian film version, hugely acclaimed, is to be remade by Hollywood following 20th Century Fox's acquisition of the film rights for $6m.

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