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Graphic Classics Volume 7: Bram Stoker (2nd Edition) by Bram Stoker (Eureka Productions 29 August 2007 / $11.95) - Book Description: Graphic Classics: Bram Stoker is completely revised, with an all-new comics adaptation of Dracula by Rich Rainey and Joe Ollmann. Returning from the first edition are "The Judge's House" by Gerry Alanguilan, "Torture Tower" by Onsmith Jeremi, and "The Lair of the White Worm" by South African artist Rico Schacherl. Also "The Bridal of Death", an excerpt from "The Jewel of Seven Stars" by J.B. Bonivert and "The Wondrous Child" illustrated by Evert Geradts. With a sumptuous cover painting by Mark A. Nelson. (see review)

Atelier Marie and Elie -Zarlburg Alchemist- Volume 1 by Yoshihiko Ochi (TokyoPop 07 August 2007 / $9.99) - Book Description: Welcome to the Zarlburg Royal Magic Academy-- producers of the best alchemists in the world! When Marie, Zalburg's prodigal daughter and premier alchemist, returns to her alma mater after thrilling journeys in many foreign lands, she suddenly realizes things are not too exciting at home. But all that changes after running into fellow alchemist Elie, who has plans to open an alchemy workshop and become famous. Now, adventure comes to them in all shapes and sizes--curious elves, flying broomsticks, giant monsters, and explosive bombs. It's all inside Yoshihiko Ochi's rollicking new manga series based on the popular video game franchise! (Source: TokyoPop)

Bizenghast Volume 3 by M. Alice Legrow (TokyoPop 14 August 2007 / $9.99) - Book Description: With two of the four Tower Guards to aid them, Dinah and Vincent are halfway to freedom from their nightly tasks. But a new set of vicious ghosts is only the first of many dangers for the pair--and even the help of the gallant Edrear might not be enough to protect the humans from becoming part of the ranks of the departed themselves. Jealousy, bitterness and resentment keep the dead from finding peace, but what happens when those emotions start to affect Dinah and her comrades? And as more of the mystery of Addie Clark is revealed, Dinah may discover that there are some creatures that even the dead fear... "The next great fantasy series!" â€" As seen on Teen People's Hot List! (Source: TokyoPop)

Chronicles of the Cursed Sword 16 by Beop-Ryong Yeo (TokyoPop 29 August, 2006 / $9.99) - From back of book: Jaryoon is on a pillaging mission, advancing quickly toward the Great Azure Pavilion, even killing his own people who stand in his way. He's found a sure ally in the powerful General Yantai, who proves more than a match for Rey Yan, and has the ability to turn his body into a living battle arena. Can Rey and company possibly stop Jaryoon before everyone in his path is utterly decimated?

Missing -Kamikakushi no Monogatari- Volume 1 by Gakuto Coda (TokyoPop 07 August 2007 / $9.99) - Book Description: Kyoichi Utsume, a.k.a. "His Majesty, Lord of Darkness," is a dark and compelling mystery -â€" so much so that his fellow Literature Club members would rather discuss him than books! When "His Majesty" vanishes in front of their very eyes, his friends are left with several unanswered questions: what is the source of Kyoichi's long-standing obsession with the "other side"? And just who is Ayame â€"- the eerily ghostlike girl Kyoichi brought to school as his girlfriend the day before he disappeared? (Source: TokyoPop)

Mugen Spiral Volume 2 by Kusanagi Mizuho (TokyoPop 07 August 2007 / $9.99) - Book Description: Unable to control his powers, Ouga's Darkness begins to consume him. Just as he is about to be swallowed up, Yayoi reaches out to Ouga and begs Ura to help before it's too late... Meanwhile, Hakuyo hasn't given up on killing Yayoi--and Ura is the only person standing in his way...Cat demons? Hot bishounen? In this volume of Mugen Spiral, guys can act like such devils! (Source: TokyoPop)

My Cat Loki Volume 2 by Bettina M. Kurkoski (TokyoPop 07 August 2007 / $9.99) - Book Description: It's a warm and sunny day when Ameya makes his way to his favorite café and fate rears its strange and beautiful head. When a young woman named Luci literally stumbles into Ameya's life, will the encounter lead to something more? She is just like him--a struggling artist who has a strong relationship with her pet, and she's more than a little clumsy, in a totally adorable way. But neither Loki nor Miss Chacha find Ameya's growing interest in the newcomer to be even the least bit cute! What's a lonely cat and a heartsick agent to do?! (see review)

Pick of the Litter Volume 1 by Yuriko Suda (TOKYOPOP 07 August 2007 / $9.99) - Book Description: Why are family reunions always so c-r-a-z-y?!Riku Fukagawa was found at the age of ten with no memory and no relatives. Despite this, he manages to make a good life for himself. Flash-forward five years later, when he runs into his real family at a flea market. When they whisk him away to their home in another world called Yamato--a world that strongly resembles the Japan of the Edo era--they explain to him that his family, including four of his five brothers and two of his cousins, runs the Hiyokoya Store in the capital of Yamato.Riku doesn't exactly believe his new family. But he does discover he has a magical gift--and some of his family members have a few of their own secrets, too. So even if everyone is very protective of Riku, a boy's gotta do what a boy's gotta do! (Source: TOKYOPOP)

Saver Volume 4 by Eun-young Lee (TokyoPop 07 August 2007 / $9.99) - Book Description: The cave is crashing in--and Lena, Cid, Sean, the merchants and "The Great One" are all trapped inside! But with the leadership of Lena's male alter-ego, "Ley," the gang may have a chance to escape. Even if they do make it out, it seems that something more terrifying awaits them at Glasgow Castle... (Source: TokyoPop)

St. Lunatic High School (Yoru nimo Makezu!) Volume 1 by Majiko! (TokyoPop 07 August 2007 / $9.99) - Book Description: Forced to attend the prestigious St. Lunatic School, Niko Kanzaki discovers a haunting secret in her demon-filled night-classes! She applies higher learning to find out the differences between humans and demons, but the handsome and mysterious Ren shows her that the races also share some things in common...Ah, yes, high school--filled with cute boys, delicious secrets, and debonair demons...oh, my! MAJIKO-sensei's first manga series is an A+ of magical hotness. (see review)

The Queen's Knight, 9 by Kim Kang Won (TokyoPop 07 August 2007 / $9.99) - Book Description: As the veil of Queen Freyja’s curse upon Phantasma is slowly lifted, Ehren discovers that all he believed to be true regarding the eternal spring may have been fabricated and that the truth may have painful implications for Yuna. Meanwhile, Yuna experiences unusual changes and no one knows who or what is causing this condition, but as time passes, all signs seem to point to Reino. (Source: TokyoPop)

Undertown 1 by Jim Pascoe (TOKYOPOP 10 August 2007 / $7.99) - From back of book: Sama is so sad that tears have literally stained his cheeks. His father has fallen gravely ill...and doctors only give him a month to live. With nowhere to turn, Sama grabs his teddy bear and crawls under his bed...magically entering a portal to a dark and mysterious realm called Undertown. Sama searches for the Sugar Stone: a "secret something" that might be able to heal his dad. But The Cloud--the wicked leader of the Insect Insurgents --hunts for the Stone, as well... (Source: TOKYOPOP)

We Shadows Volume 1 by Sonny Strait (TokyoPop 07 August 2007 / $9.99) - Book Description: There is a song--it is a key to unlocking a gateway into a world of Shadows. A dark yet magical place where faeries, ogres and hobgoblins co-exist. One such creature is Goat, a homely being considered insane by the others. Her only friend is a talking mushroom who assures her she is a "fairy princess in training." However the truth of Goat's destiny is far more interesting...Follow Goat as she unlocks the secret of her origins and her untapped power--a world of magic is just a song away! (Source: TokyoPop)

Backbeard: Pirate for Hire by Matthew McElligott (Walker Books for Young Readers 21 August 2007 / $16.95) - Book Description: Backbeard may have a new suit, but he is still one of the orneriest, smelliest, and hairiest pirates ever to sail the high seas. And his crew still likes to smash and steal things--they just prefer to do it in style. Unfortunately, certain members of the Pirate Council don't think he looks piratey enough in his new garb, and since they are just as stubborn as Backbeard, it's their way or the waterway.

Unwilling to give up his birthday suit, Backbeard sets out in search of new employment. He can pillage and plunder with the best of them, but who'll dare to hire a dirty, smelly ex-pirate? (Ages 4-8) (see review)

Captain Raptor and the Space Pirates by Kevin O'Malley (Walker Books for Young Readers 21 August 2007 / $16.95) - Book Description: Planet Jurassica is under siege. The sinister space pirates have raided the Imperial palace and stolen the famous Jewels of Jurassica. This looks like a job for ... Captain Raptor!... hero of a thousand space missions; champion of truth, justice, and dinosaurs in space throughout the galaxy. If anyone can track down those marauding space pirates, it's Captain Raptor and the fearless crew of the Megatooth! (Ages 4-8) (see review)

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