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The Nightmare Factory by Joe Harris & Stuart Moore
(based on stories by Tomas Ligotti) (Harper 01 September 2007 / $17.99) - Thomas Ligotti, in his own words, writes of "a world that both surpasses and menaces this one." He is the contemporary master of the "weird tale," and yet his style is so intellectually intriguing, he has as much in common with Borges and Kafka as with Lovecraft and Machen. If you haven't discovered Ligotti yet, this edition is a great opportunity to do so: it collects all 39 stories from previous collections, plus 6 new ones--also, a forward by Poppy Z. Brite, and an introduction by Ligotti on "What are the consolations of horror?"

For more on Ligotti, see reviews of Songs of a Dead Dreamer, Grimscribe: His Life and Works, and Noctuary. (see review)

Avatar Volume 6 by Bryan Kanietzko (TokyoPop 04 September 2007 / $7.99) - Book Description: When Aang and company arrive in a small Earth Kingdom mining town that is controlled by the oppressive Fire Nation, they cross paths with a young boy named Haru, who keeps hidden a powerful secret for fear of being arrested. But the Fire Nation gets wind of this newly formed alliance, and the entire gang is thrown into a remote prison--with no escape in sight. Will Aang's destiny to save the world finally be sealed...forever? (Source: TokyoPop)

Demon Flowers: Kuruizaki no Hana Volume 1 by Mizuki Hakase (TokyoPop 11 September 2007 / $9.99) - Book Description: Long ago, when Japanese Gods descended upon humans, their mixed offspring inherited supernatural powers...and the name "Kuruizaki no Hana."Now, those of the Demon world are rising up to wipe out these offspring--led by the cool and confident assasin, Ushitora. He's worshipped as a deadly professional, but when he falls in love with one such gifted boy, Masato, everything changes. Ushitora betrays his people, instead sacrificing himself to a life on the run, in order to care for Masato and a spirited orphaned girl named Nao. From Mizuki Hakase, creator of The Demon Ororon series, comes a dark, chaotic drama about three lost souls in search of the true meaning of family. (Source: TokyoPop)

Fantamir Volume 1 (Fantamir) by Eun-jin Seo (TokyoPop 11 September 2007 / $9.99) - Book Description: When a mysterious incident causes Mir to lose her magical abilities, she decides to retire and become a student in a normal school--or so she thought! To her surprise, she enrolls in a school with a special connection to her family. Will Mir's boring new life keep her from her magical past...and her divine future? (Source: TokyoPop)

Star Trek: the manga 2: Kakan ni Shinkou by Various authors (TokyoPop 11 September 2007 / $9.99) - Book Description: Manga. The Final Frontier. These are the voyages of the starship Enterprise... Manga-style art and Star Trek tales collide again in this next volume of TOKYOPOP's voyages of the U.S.S. Enterprise, commanded by Captain James T. Kirk. Once again ten artists and writers from across the artistic spectrum deliver up brand new tales of universal betterment featuring the classic Star Trek line up. In Kakan ni Shinkou Kirk is put on trial for crimes he has yet to discover... Uhura demonstrates the true power of communication... Bones gets to the core of Vulcan emotion... Scotty has to extract dilithium crystals from a mine in the middle of a war zone... and an alien delegation uses the Enterprise as a vessel of deception! Cura te IpsumStory by Wil WheatonArt by EJ Su Scaean GateStory by Diane DuaneArt by Don Hudson Communications BreakdownStory by Christine BoylanArt by Bettina Kurkoski The TrialStory by Mike WellmanArt by Nam Kim Forging AlliancesStory by Paul BenjaminArt by Steven Cummings (Source: TokyoPop)

Suikoden III 10 (Suikoden) by Aki Shimizu (TokyoPop 05 September, 2006 / $9.99) - From back of book: As the mysterious Harmonian renegade troops begin a covert ceremony that may bring about the end of the world, Thomas' Chateau secretly meets with Lord Sasarai. Hugo is torn by a sacred relic slowly devouring his soul--he is snatched away by the Harmonian renegades, only to be confronted later by an unexpected acquaintance...

Andromeda Stories Volume 1 by Ryu Mitsuse & Keiko Takemiya (Vertical 11 September 2007 / $11.95) - Cosmoralia's Prince Ithaca is about to wed Princess Lilia of Ayodoya and be crowed Astralta III. The Apparently favorable celestial bearings mean he will be no mere monarch but holy king of a new "papacy." Alas, the peaceful inhabitants of Planet Astria have no clue that they're next in line for invasion by a ruthless machine force--a threat that seems to metaphorize the inherent perils of politics and desire in this multilayered saga. The tension slowly mounts to an unbearable pitch in this ominous first volume of three.

Following the conclusion of her award-winning and epochal To Terra..., Keiko Takemiya paired up with science fiction legend Ryu Mitsuse to create yet another milestone that was shortly made into an animated TV feature. Andromeda Stories is comics pioneer Takemiya's second work to appear in English. (Ages 13+) (see review)

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