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Analog Science Fiction and Fact – November 2008 – Vol. CXXVIII No.11 by Stanley Schmidt (Analog 27 September 2008 / ) - Analog Science Fiction and Fact – November 2008 – Vol. CXXVIII No.11

Table of Contents:

      Wake, Part I of IV, by Robert J. Sawyer
      Greenwich Nasty Time by Carl Frederick
      Unburning Alexandria by Paul Levinson
    Short Stories:
      Cold Fire by Alan Dean Foster
      Bug Eyes by Richard A. Lovett
      Mea Culpa by Stephen L. Burns
      Re\Creation by Oz Drummond
    Science Fact:
      The 3D Trainwreck by Thomas A. Easton
    Reader's Departments:
      The Editor's Page
      In Times to Come
      The Alternate View by Jeffrey D. Kooistra
      The Reference Library by Tom Easton
      Brass Tacks
      Upcoming Events by Anthony Lewis
    (see review)

    Analog Science Fiction and Fact – October 2008 – Vol. CXXVIII No.10 by Stanley Schmidt (Analog 26 September 2008 / ) - Analog Science Fiction and Fact – October 2008 – Vol. CXXVIII No.10
    Table of Contents:
    Serial: Tracking, Conclusion, by David R. Palmer

    > Novelettes:

      New Wineskins by Richard A. Lovett & Mark Niemann-Ross
      Stealing Adriana by Dave Creek
    Short Stories:
      The Meme Theorist by Robert R. Chase
      Starship Down by Tracy Canfield
      Vita Longa by Carl Frederick
    Science Fact:
      Here Be There Dragons: The Ivory-Billed Woodpecker and Other Mysteries of an Explored Planet By Richard A. Lovett
      Probability Zero: Where Credit is Due by Edward M. Lerner
    Reader's Departments: The Editor's Page
    Biolog: Mark Niemann-Ross by Richard A. Lovett
    In Times to Come
    The Alternate View by John G. Cramer
    The Reference Library by Tom Easton
    Brass Tacks
    Upcoming Events by Anthony Lewis
(see review)

Black Static Six – Aug/Sep 2008 by (TTA Press 26 September 2008 / ) - Black Static Six – Aug/Sep 2008
TTA Press, 5 Martins Lane,Witcham, Ely, Cambs CB6 2LB, UK
Table of Contents:

    White Noise (News)
    The Better Part of You by Simon Avery (Story)
    Electric Darkness by Stephen Volk (POV)
    Back on the Road by Melanie Fasi (translated by Kay Hamdan) (Story)
    Interference by Christopher Fowler (POV)
    Special Needs by Peter Tennant (Story)
    Night's Plutonium Shore by Mike O'Driscoll (POV)
    En Saga by Nina Allen (Story)
    Case Notes by Peter Tennant (Books)
    All Mouth by Paul Maloy (Story)
    Blood Spectrum by Tony Lee (DVDS)
    Viva Las Vegas by Ray Cluley (Story)
(see review)

Flash Fiction Online – 9/2008 by (Flash Fiction Online 26 September 2008 / ) - Flash Fiction Online – 9/2008
10 Ridgeview Ave, West Orange, NJ 07052

Table of Contents:

    Short-Short Sighted #4: Bruce Holland Rogers - One Loopy Sentence At A Time By Bruce Holland Rogers
    Flash 9/2008, #1: Stephen Book - Beyond The Pale
    Flash 9/2008, #2: Tess Almendarez-Lojacono - Just One Thing
    Flash 9/2008, #3: Christof Whiteman - The Trick
    Classic Flash #10: Edgar Allan Poe - Shadow — A Parable
(see review)

Greatest Uncommon Denominator Magazine – Issue 3 – Autumn 2008 by (GUD Publishing 26 September 2008 / ) - Greatest Uncommon Denominator Magazine – Issue 3 – Autumn 2008
Greatest Uncommon Denominator Publishing, PO Box 1537, Laconia, NH 03247
Subscription Rate – USD 18.00/2 issues, USD 10.00/1 issue, USD 3.50/electronic copy

Table of Contents:

    Poetry's Yellow Warbler by Beverly A. Jackson (Poetry)
    Dragon and Gear by Shweta Narayan (Art)
    A Song, A Prayer, an Empty Space by Darja Malcolm-Clarke (Fiction)
    The Dragon's Thorn, Sword of Kings (& Fred) by Idan Cohen (Fiction)
    Dangerous Innocence by Joseph Jason Rogers (Art)
    Attack of the Mennonite Paratroopers by Ivan Dorin (Fiction)
    Lacerta-A Constellation Named by Johannes Hevelius (Poetry)
    Display by Beth Langford (Poetry)
    Facts of Bone by Tina Connolly (Fiction)
    a father a son a disaffection by S A Tranter (Fiction)
    Monster Flights by Jessixa Nocole Hill (Art)
    Hunt of the I-Don't-Knows by Matthew Chad Weinman (Fiction)
    When All is Forgiven by Kelley A. Swan (Fiction)
    Clockwork Wings by Kiriko Moth (Art)
    Chica, Let Me Tell You a Story by Alex Dally MacFarlane (Fiction)
    Seductive by Gabrielle S. Faust (Poetry)
    Think Fast by Michael Greenhut (Fiction)
    Patterson No. 2 by Jessica C. Hoard (Art)
    Measurements by Chad Brian Henry (Fiction)
    Mustang by Jon Radlett (Art)
    American History by Jeanpaul Ferro (Poetry)
    Forgetting by Nicole Kornher-Stace (Fiction)
    Endless Journey by Bartlomiej Jurkowski (Art)
    Night Bird Soaring by T.L. Morganfield (Fiction)
    How to Fetch Firewood by Michelle Tandoc-Pichereau (Poetry)
    The Train by Jason D. Wittman (Fiction)
    Midnight Sun by C. Nelson (Art)
    Flower as Big as the Sky by Matt Dennison (Fiction)
    Falling by Traci Brimhall (Poetry)
    Counting Nuns by Christian A. Dumais (Nonfiction)
    Benkelstein and the Time Warp by Evil Editor (Fiction)
    The Great Big NOTHING by Frank Haberle (Fiction)
    Splitting the Atom by Tania Hershman (Fiction)
    Conquered by Sylvia Eastman (Poetry)
    In Every War by Jim Pasqual Agustin (Poetry)
    a night without dreams by Rohith Sundararaman (Poetry)
    Soon You Will Be Gone and Possibly Eaten by Nick Antosca (Fiction)
    Queen of Winter by Jennifer Crow (Poetry)
    The Flying Cat by heather lam (Art)
    Persian on the Forty-Second Floor by Keesa Renee DuPre (Fiction)
    Dreamcatcher by Bartlomej Jurkowski (Art)
    Contributor Biographies
    Steam Bat: Instructions by Zak Jarvis (Art)
(see review)

Shimmer – Volume 3, Issue 1, Spring, 2008 by (Shimmer 26 September 2008 / ) - Shimmer – Volume 3, Issue 1, Spring, 2008
PO Box 58591, Salt Lake City, UT 84158-0591
$6/Single Issue - $22/4 issues

Table of Contents:

    Chimera and Qi by Tinatsu Wallace
    The Hummingbird Heart by Angela Slatter
    Maybe Blue by Jenny Maloney
    Junpier Grave by Alex Dally MacFarlane
    The Girl Who Lost Her Way by D. Lynn Smith
    The Shape of Her Sorrow by Joy Marchand
    Interview with Dave Farland by Spencer Ellsworth
    The Hand of the Devil on a String by M.K. Hobson
    20th Anniversary Caveman by Grá Linnaea
    Even the Slowest Fall by D.T. Friedman
    Distractions by Chad Brian Henry
    Lucy by Chrissy Ellsworth
    The Glass Girl Looks Back by Stephanie Campisi
    Artists and Illustrations
    Shimmery Staff
(see review)

Tales of the Talsiman – Volume 4 – Issue 1 by (Hadrosaur 26 September 2008 / ) - Tales of the Talsiman – Volume 4 – Issue 1
Publisher – William Grother
Subscriptions - $24 for 1 year, $48 for 2 years
Hadrosaur Productions, PO Box 2194, Mesilla Park, NM 88047-2194

Table of Contents:

    The Seventh Jar by Richard Harland (Story)
    Reception by Louise Webster (Poem)
    The Trouble with Hiring Skips by Edward Cox (Story)
    Demon by My Bed by K.S. Hardy (Poem)
    The Invisible Enemy by Lawrence R. Dagstine (Story)
    She Out There by John Grey (Poem)
    How I Ended Up with Hoover's P-Town Apartment by Frank Tavares (Story)
    Time and the World by Anna Sykora (Poem)
    Good Friday by Neal Wilgus (Poem)
    Little Devil by Mark Daniels (Story)
    The Show Must Go On by Michael Swaim (Story)
    Distant Cry by Storydancer (Poem)
    Galactic Road Trip by Richard H. Fay (Poem)
    Pi in the Sky by John L. French & C.J. Henderson (Story)
    An Ancient Tongue of Touch by Terry Leigh Reif (Poem)
    Job Security by Michael D. Turner (Story)
    Above the Event Horizon at the End of Time by Gray Rinehart (Story)
    Abandoned by Marcie Lynn Tentchoff (Poem)
    Nightshade and the Dream Painters by Donna Marie Robb (Story)
    what the spirits taught us by s.c. virtes (poem)
    Desert Spirits by Jennifer Rachel Baumer (Story)
    Navajo Spaceship by Gary Every (Poem)
    The Cyclopean Unicyclist by G.O. Clark (poem)
    The Great Basilisk Race by Rick Novy (Story)
    Odin's Gift by Michelle D. Sonnier (Story)
    From Ashes Cold by Rock Sears (Poem)
    Book and Movie Reviews – Articles by Christine Norris, Edward Cox, Jim Lee, Shawn Oetzel and David Lee Summers
    About the Contributors
(see review)

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