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Arlene's Heart by Victoria Frances (NBM Publishing, Inc. 01 May 2009 / $24.95) - Product Description: The fantasy artist famous for the FAVOLA series of books is back with a metaphor for hope in the shape of a fable where child-like fantasy contrasts with the feeling of isolation and alienation which invades our every day life. Lyrically and suggestively painted, a visual poem of fascinating sensuous gothic beauty. For mature readers. (see review)

Animal Academy: Hakobune Hakusho Volume 1 by Moyamu Fujino (TokyoPop 12 May 2009 / $10.99) - Product Description: The only thing special about 15-year-old Neko is her peculiar name that means cat. After being rejected from every high school she tried to enroll in due to her bad grades, Neko is finally accepted to a mysterious school called Morimori. Neko immediately senses that something is off about this school...and it turns out that all the other students besides her are magical animals who can transform into human form. Now Neko must pretend to be a magical cat and not allow any of the other students to find out her secret - that she's a human in a school of animals! (Source: TokyoPop)

Burst Angel - Volume 3 by Gonzo & Minoru Murao (TokyoPop 12 May 2009 / $10.99) - From back of book: As Jo battles an opponent from her past, it may be up to Meg to save her partner from defeat. But when Meg is injured and kidnapped by villains from a pharmaceutical corporation, will Jo and Meg's partnership permanently dissolve? And what role does Sei play in all of this? Will Jo finally realize how much Meg really means to her? (Source: TokyoPop)

Future Diary Volume 1 by Sakae Esuno (TokyoPop 12 May 2009 / $10.99) - From back of book: Yukiteru is a lonely student whose only hobby is the daily diary he keeps on his cell phone. But Yukiteru has a secret that nobody knews about...his cellphone can tell the future. Now a vicious game of survival is about to begin among twelve future dairy holders--with the winner crowned god of the new world.

Sakae Esuno's chilling shoenen masterpiece is a relentless adventure that will have you questioning the boundaries of time and space--and hoping for the slightest glimmer of hope in a dark, desolate world that may look surprisingly familiar to all of us... (Source: TokyoPop)

Gakuen Alice Volume 7 by Tachibana Higuchi (TokyoPop 12 May 2009 / $10.99) - Product Description: Mikan and co. successfully broke into the Senior Division, trying to find the location of the secret wormhole that Z used to escape from campus. But they're all shocked to discover who the guardians of the wormhole turn out to be! And even once their hot pursuit of Z continues, getting a cure for Hotaru and bringing back Prez's Alice may well cost them their lives. (Source: TokyoPop)

Momo Tama Volume 2 by Nanae Chrono (TokyoPop 12 May 2009 / $10.99) - Product Description: Mythical Japanese hero Momotaro banished the ogres from their island home. Now their modern descendant Kokonose Mutsu is determined to reclaim his family's birthright! Armed only with his dubious exorcist powers, his adorable face, and his enormous ego, the precocious pipsqueak sets out to reconquer the island - which has been turned into a military school for demon exterminators. These hardened soldiers are well prepared for any onslaught - but can they stop laughing at this ludicrous invader quickly enough to put up a fight? (Source: TokyoPop)

Pet Shop of Horrors: Tokyo Volume 4 by Matsuri Akino (TokyoPop 01 May 2009 / $10.99) - From back of book: When Count D is caught between two yakuza families in a modern day Romeo and Juliet-style romance, will his advice result in an ending as tragic as Shakespeare's woeful tale? Or will he be able to bring the star-crossed lovers together without causing mafia warfare? And when a popular actress is having trouble with a stalker, Count D comes ot the rescue with the perfect pet. (Source: TokyoPop)

Return to Labyrinth Volume 3 by Jake T. Forbes; Illustrations: Chris Lie (TokyoPop 01 May 2009 / $12.99) - Product Description: The Goblin King has kept a watchful eye on Toby: his minions secretly protecting the child. Legions of goblins work behind the scenes to ensure that Toby has whatever his heart desires, preparing him for the day when he will return to the Labyrinth and take his rightful place beside Jareth as the heir to the Goblin Kingdom. (Source: TokyoPop)

Sgt. Frog Volume 17 by Mine Yoshizaki (TokyoPop 01 May 2009 / $10.99) - Product Description: Sergeant Keroro is the Captain of the Space Invasion Forces Special Advance Team of the 58th Planet of the Gamma Storm Cloud System, sent to planet Pokopen (aka Earth) to collect intelligence for his planets invasion force. He is also a frog. After his ship crash-lands on planet Earth, he takes shelter in the Hinata household, but the two kids, Fuyuki and Natsumi, find him and take away his alien weapons. When his people discover that the Pokopenians are aware of him, Keroro is abandoned left to fend for himself in this hostile world. But he is not alone, four other pre-invasion agents are also still lurking on Earth. Its invasion of the weird in this wacky comedy hit! (Source: TokyoPop)

Togainu no Chi Volume 2 by Suguro Chayamachi (TokyoPop 12 May 2009 / $10.99) - Product Description: Keisuke decides to enter the Igura, over Akira and Motomi's objections. He adamantly refuses to back out, thinking that he can help Akira's quest to defeat the Il-Re, and at the very least give him the tags he automatically earns just for entering. (Source: TokyoPop)

Trinity Blood Volume 10 by Sunao Yoshida (TokyoPop 01 May 2009 / $10.99) - Product Description: In the dark and distant future, Armageddon has given rise to an eternal war between the humans, led by the Vatican, and the Methuselah Empire, the domain of the vampires! When Abel and Esther arrive at Istvan, they are shocked to find the paparazzi descending on Esther. The Church has made her a 'Lady Saint' for having saved Istvan from vampires a year ago. On this, the one-year anniversary of Esther's battle against Gyula Ka'Da'r, the town is staging an opera in her honor. But just as Esther is about to give the opening speech, she's kidnapped by an unexpected friend turned foe... (Source: TokyoPop)

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