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Analog Science Fiction and Fact - September 2009 - Vol. CXXIX No.9 by (Analog 25 June 2009 / ) - Analog Science Fiction and Fact – September 2009 – Vol. CXXIX No.9 Table of Contents:

    Turning the Grain, Conclusion by Barry B. Longyear
    Evergreen by Shane Tourtelotte
    The Last Resort by Alec Nevala-Lee
Short Stories:
    From the Ground Up by Marie DesJardin
    Attitude Adjustment by Eric James Stone
Science Fact:
    From Atlantis to Canoe-Eating Trees: Geomythology Comes of Age by Richard A. Lovett
Reader’s Departments:
    The Editor’s Page
    In Times to Come
    The Alternate View by Jeffery D. Kooistra
    The Reference Library by Don Sakers
    Brass Tacks
    Upcoming Events by Anthony Lewis
    (see review)

    Asimov's Science Fiction - August 2009 - Vol. 33 Nos.8 - (Whole Numbers 403 ) by (Asimov's Science Fiction 24 June 2009 / ) - Asimov’s Science Fiction – August 2009 – Vol. 33 Nos.8 – (Whole Numbers 403)

    Table of Contents:

      The Qualia Engine by Damien Broderick
      California Burning by Michael Blumlein
    Short Stories:
      Creatures of Well-Defined Habits by Robert Reed
      Blue by Derek Zumsteg
      The Consciousness Problem by Mary Robinette Kowal
      Two Boys by Stephen Popkes
      Turbulence by Kristine Kathryn Rusch
      Chicken form Minsk by Karin L. Frank
      Osteometry by Erin Hoffman
      Doing Splits by Ruth Berman
      And My Sinuses Are Killing Me by Tina Connolly
      Human Resources by F.J. Bergmann
      Editorial: 2009 Readers’ Awards by Sheila Williams
      Reflections: Adventures in the Far Future II by Robert Silverberg
      On the Net: The Winner Is by James Patrick Kelly
      Next Issue
      On Books by Peter Heck
      The SF Conventional Calendar by Erwin S. Strauss
    (see review)

    Black Static Eleven – June/July 2009 by (TTA 26 June 2009 / ) - Black Static Eleven – June/July 2009
    TTA Press, 5 Martins Lane, Witcham, Ely, Cambs CB6 2LB, UK

    Table of Contents:

      De Profundis by Al Robertson
      None Had Sharp Teeth by Will McIntosh
      The Likeness by Lawrence Conquest
      Served Cold by Gary Couzens
      Off with the Furies by Daniel Kaysen
      Red Ribbons by Stephanie Burgis
      White Noise
      Interference by Christopher Fowler
      Electric Darkness by Stephen Volk
      Case Notes by Peter Tennant
      Blood Spectrum by Tony Lee
      Night’s Plutonium Shore by Mike O’Driscoll
    (see review)

    Flash Fiction Online – 06/2009 by (Flash Fiction Online 25 June 2009 / ) - Flash Fiction Online – 06/2009
    10 Ridgeview Ave, West Orange, NJ 07052

    Table of Contents:

      In This Issue by Jake Freivald
      Flash 06/2009, #1: Branwen’s Revenge by Sarah Adams
      Flash 06/2009, #2: Atypical Research by Shelly Rae Rich
      Flash 06/2009, #3: At Both Ends by K.C. Ball
      Short-Short Sighted #12: Flash Fiction of Idea by Bruce Holland Rogers
      Flash 06/2009, #4: Visions of Gingerbread by Bruce Holland Rogers
      Classic Flash # 18: The Kiss by Kate Chopin
    (see review)

    Greatest Uncommon Denominator Magazine - Issue 4 - Spring 2009 by (GUD 23 June 2009 / ) - Greatest Uncommon Denominator Magazine – Issue 4 – Spring 2009
    Greatest Uncommon Denominator Publishing, PO Box 1537, Laconia, NH 03247
    Subscription Rate – USD 18.00/2 issues, USD 10.00/1 issue, USD 3.50/electronic copy

    Table of Contents:

      Unbound by Brittany Reid Warren (fiction)
      Q&A by Nik Houser (fiction)
      Mortality by Adam Ramirez (art)
      Unlike Red Tape, the Yellow by Lida Broadhurst (poetry)
      Flip Lady (1986) by Ladee Hubbard (fiction)
      Writing the Harvest by Lisa A. Grabenstetter (art)
      The Dancing Aliens by Mithran Somasundrum (fiction)
      Daya and Dharma by Shweta Narayan (fiction)
      Hidden by Rosanna Reginato (art)
      Ghosts of Sweaty Air by Jim Pascual Agustin (poetry)
      Teaching Assistant by Ward Crockett (poetry)
      Shaula by Tree DeAngelis (qrt)
      Long Winter By Night by D. Elizabeth Wasden (fiction)
      Jesus Fucks an Atheist and Calls It Love by Lisa Feinstein (poetry)
      What Kafka Knew by Christy Rodgers (nonfiction)
      The Sheep by Ursula Vernon (art)
      Unfinished Stories by J(ae)D Brames (fiction)
      To a Skylark by Rose Lemburg (poetry)
      The Thirst by Kerry Hudson (fiction)
      The Catoblepas by Lisa A. Gradenstetter (art)
      Vore: or, Levity in Dungeons by Adrian Versteegh (fiction)
      Werewolf by eric orchard (art)
      How Ramona Saved the Ducks by Allan Richard Shapiro (fiction)
      Quack by Brian Beatty (poetry)
      Forests of the Night by Abigail Hilton (fiction)
      Idolomantis diabolica by Jesse Lindsay (art)
      this infants spine by Zac Carter (poetry)
      Stiletto by Ian McHugh (fiction)
      Flotsam, 1968 – Extant b y Matthew Keuter (poetry)
      How’s Your Sister? by Anne Goodwin (fiction)
      A Man of Kiri Maru by Laura Sullivan (fiction)
      Note to J. by Matthew Keuter (poetry)
      Bird Liquor and the Bountiful Ghost by Joseph Larkin (art)
      Maya’s World by T.F. Davenport (fiction)
      Contributor Biographies
    (see review)

    Jim Baen’s Universe - June 2009 by (Baen 24 June 2009 / ) - Jim Baen’s Universe June 2009, Volume 4, Number 1

    Table of Contents:
    Science Fiction Stories:

      Gorilla My Dreams by David Brin
      Leopard by Jay Lake (9p)
      Winds of Mars by Bud Sparhawk
    Fantasy Stories:
      The Resident by Maya Bohnhoff
      In the Halls of the Sky-Palace by Nancy Fulda
      The Specter General by Theodore R. Cogswell
      Blade Light, Part 3 by Michaele Jordan
      SETI Library: The Mars Mat by Gregory Benford
      Adam, Unwilling by Gary Kloster
    Nonfiction Articles:
      Style Give Substance by Gregory Benford
      The Future of the War Between the Sexes by Stephen Euin Cobb
      Looking Close to Home by Mike Resnick
      The New Golden Age by Kristine Kathryn Rusch
      Fragments of Sussex by Barry N. Malzberg
      Past Masters—A Kuttner Above the Rest (But Wait, There's Moore!)
      Anti-DRM Column Delayed by Eric Flint
      Human Immortality by Ben Bova
      June 2009, What's New in The Future and You by Stephen Euin Cobb
    (see review)

    Sybil's Garage #6, May 2009 by (Five Senses Press 23 June 2009 / ) - Sybil’s Garage #6, May 2009
    Senses Five Press, 76 India Street, Apt A8, Brooklyn, NY 11222-1657
    4 issues US $20, Canada $25, International $35, #6 Print version $8.00. Table of Contents:

      Come the Cold by Eric Del Carlo
      Downdraft by Simon Petrie
      Elan Vital by K. Tempest Bradford
      Machine Washable by Keffy R.M. Kehrli
      Heaven’s Fire by Paul Jessup
      I Am Enkidu, His Wild Brother by James B. Pepe
      The Drink of Fine Gentlemen Everywhere by Genevieve Valentine
      Fulgurite by Vylar Kaftan
      Day of the Mayfly by Autumn Canter
      Eating Ritual by Toiya Kristen Finley
      The Raincaller by Jason Heller
      An Old Man Went Fishing on a Sea of Red by Don Norum
      Waiting for the Green Woman by Sean Markey
      Not the West Wind by Bocca de La Rosa
      Mother’s Garden by Rumjhum Biswas
      Drinking Black Coffee at the Jasper Grey Café by Stephanie Campisi
      Sun-Kissed by Marcie Lynn Tentchoff
      Backsight by Daniel A. Rabuzzi
      Metamorphic Megafauna by Susannah Mandel
      City of Bridges by J.E. Stanley
      An Ill Wind by Tracie McBride
      Ashes by Donna Burgess
      The Girl by Liz Bourke
      God’s Cat by Lyn C.A. Gardner
      Brick Wall Giants & Son of Man by Michel Sauret
      The Wat by Alex Dally MacFarlane
      Museum by Kristen McHenry
      ∑кίαδάς by Sonya Taafe
    & more:
      An Interview with Paul Tremblay
    (see review)

    The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction August/September 2009 - Volume 116, No. , Whole No. 684 by (Fantasy & Science Fiction 27 June 2009 / ) - The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction August/September 2009 - Volume 116, No. , Whole No. 684

    Table of Contents:

      The Art of the Dragon by Sean McMullen
      A Token of Better Age by Melinda M. Snodgrass
      The Bones of Giants by Yoon Ha Lee
      The Others by Lawrence C. Connolly
      Three Leaves of Aloe by Rand B. Lee
      The Private Eye by Albert E. Cowdrey
      Esoteric City by Bruce Sterling
    Short Stories:
      You Are Such a One by Nancy Springer
      Hunchster by Matthew Hughes
      Icarus Saved from the Skies by Georges-Olivier Châteaureynaud
      Obsolete Theories by Sophie M. White
    Classic Reprint:
      The Goddamned Tooth Fairy by Tina Kuzminski
      Snowfall by Jessie Thompson
      Editorial by Gordon Van Gelder
      Books to Look For by Charles de Lint
      Books by Elizabeth Hand
      Films: Swatchmen by Lucius Shepard
      Coming Attractions
      Curiosities by Patricia A. Martinelli
    Cartoons:, Arthur Masear, J.P. Rini, John Jonik, Bill Long, S. Harris, Danny Shanahan and Tom Cheney. (see review)

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