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Analog Science Fiction and Fact - May 2010 - Vol. CXXX Nos.5 by (Analog 24 March 2010 / ) - Analog Science Fiction and Fact – May 2010 – Vol. CXXX Nos.5

Table of Contents:
* Page Turner by Rajnar Vajra
* Hanging by a Thread by Lee Goodloe
* The Day the Music Died by H.G. Stratmann
* Farallon Woman by Walter L. Kleine
Short Stories:
* A Talent for Vanessa by David W. Goldman
* Fishing Hole by Rick Cook
* Teaching the Pig to Sing by David D. Levine
Science Fact:
* Robots Don't Leave Scars: What's New in Medical Robotics by Stella Fitzgibbons, MD
Probability Zero:
* Quark Soup by Bond Elam
* Skippy the Robot by David Livingstone Clink
Reader's Departments:
* The Editor's Page
* In Times to Come
* Biolog: David W. Goldman by Richard A. Lovett
* The Alternate View by John G. Cramer
* The Reference Library by Don Sakers
* Brass Tacks
* Upcoming Events by Anthony Lewis
(see review)

Apex Magazine - March 2010 by (Apex 25 March 2010 / ) - Apex Magazine – March 2010

Table of Contents:

    Editorial: "Editorial Dispositions: Mary Robinette Kowal" by Jason Sizemore
    Novelette: "The Bride Replete" by Mary Robinette Kowal (Part 1)
    Novelette: "The Bride Replete" by Mary Robinette Kowal (Part 2)
    Short Story: "Beyond the Garden Close" by Mary Robinette Kowal
    Short Story: "Scenting the Dark" by Mary Robinette Kowal
    Short Story: "Horizontal Rain" by Mary Robinette Kowal
    Poetry: "Exobiology" by F.J. Bergmann
    Poetry: "Interstellar" by Freeman Ng
(see review)

Asimov's Science Fiction - April/May 2010 - Vol. 34 Nos. 4&5 - (Whole Number 411&412) by (Asimov's Science Fiction 24 March 2010 / ) - Asimov’s Science Fiction – April/May 2010 – Vol. 34 Nos. 4&5 – (Whole Number 411&412)

Table of Contents:
The Union of Soil and Sky by Gregory Norman Bossert
Mindband by Pamela Sargent
Jackie's-Boy by Steven Popkes
Alten Kameraden by Barry B. Longyear
Short Stories:
Unforseen by Molly Gloss
Adrift by Eugene Fischer
They Laughed at Me in Vienna and Again in Prague, and Then in Belfast, and Don't Forget Hanoi! But I'll Show Them! I'll Show Them All, I Tell You! By Tim McDaniel
Malick Pan by Sara Genge
Pretty to Think So by Robert Reed
Kitchen Deities by Ruth Berman
Martian Opal by Ruth Berman
Guest Editorial: B-Side Mentality by Brian Bienowski
Reflections: Showing and Telling II by Robert Silverberg
Next Issue by Brian Bienowski
On Books: Third World Worlds by Peter Heck
The SF Conventional Calendar by Erwin S. Strauss
(see review)

Flash Fiction Online – 03/2010 by (Flash Fiction Online 25 March 2010 / ) - Flash Fiction Online – 03/2010
10 Ridgeview Ave, West Orange, NJ 07052

Table of Contents:

    In This Issue – Jake Frievald – In This Issue
    Flash 03/2010, #1: Daniel José Older - Midnight Mambo
    Flash 03/2010, #2: Caroline M. Yoachim - Blood Willows
    Flash 03/2010, #3: Andrew Gudgel - On Green Hills
    Classic Flash #28: Kate Chopin - The Blind Man
    Short-Short Sighted #20: Bruce Holland Rogers - Consolidated Flash and the Collective Narrator
    Short-shorts: Bruce Holland Rogers - We Stand Up
(see review)

Interzone – Issue #227 – Mar/Apr 2010 by (TTA Press 26 March 2010 / ) - Interzone – Issue #227 – Mar/Apr 2010 Table of Contents:
* Guest Editorial by Chris Beckett
* Ansible Link by David Langford – News, Obituaries
* The History of Poly-V by Jon Ingold – illustrated by Robert Dunn
* Dance of the Kawkawroons by Mercurio D. Rivera – illustrated by Jim Burns
* Chimbwi by Jim Hawkins – illustrated by Ben Baldwin
* Flying in the Face of God by Nina Allan– illustrated by Robert Dunn
* Johnny’s New Job by Chris Beckett
* The Glare and the Glow by Steve Rasnic Tem– illustrated by Dave Senecal
* Book Zone – Book Reviews
* Connie Willis on Blackout – interview by Paul F. Cockburn
* Laser Fodder by Jason Lee – DVD/BlueRay Reviews
* Mutant Popcorn by Nick Lowe – Film Reviews
(see review)

Night Chills – Volume 1 Number 1 – Winter 2010 by (Black Matrix Publishing 29 March 2010 / ) - Night Chills – Volume 1 Number 1 – Winter 2010, $7.95
Black Matrix Publishing LLC, 1252 Redwoods Ave, #52, Grants Pass, OR 97527

Table of Contents:
The Family House, After Dark by Paul Robinson
The Thing in the Marsh by Jason Muller
Stickman by Christopher Green
Step up to the Plate by Adrian Ludens
Leave by Christopher Meades
Never Forget by Martin Turton
All Hands by William Wood
Decisions, Decisions by Pete Mesling
Bane Fish by John P. McCann
Dark Side of the Tomb by Robert Essig
The Mellified Man by John F.D. Taff
The Serial Killer’s Ghoul by David Bernstein
Grace by C.S. Fuqua
Ground Zero by Jameson T. Caine
Guided by Wire by Aaron Polson
That Maternal Instinct by Harper Hull
Crawl Space by Jay Lowery
Reality Check by Dev Jarrett
Night Thief by Carolanne Patton
Long in the Tooth by David Vahlberg
The Dark by Bryan Hall
(see review)

Nth Zine Mar/Apr 2010 Issue 4 by (Nth Zine 25 March 2010 / ) - Nth Zine Mar/Apr 2010 Issue 4
Free, Bimonthly, Web-distributed fanzine
Print copies available by subscription at website.

Table of Contents:
* The Editor’s Rant
* Conventions
* View From Nowhere by Peter Huston
* Fanbreeding by Kara Dennison
* The Gallery: Alan F. Beck
* Dear Cthulhu by Patrick Thomas
* Books: Buffalito Destiny
* Books: Peter & Max: A Fables Novel
* Books: Testing the Prisoner
* Television: Caprica
* Old Soldiers Never Die by Robert E. Waters
* Trademark: A Tragedy™ by Scott D. Conn
* Sissy the Vampire Hummingbird Slayer by Helen Lloyd Montgomery
*Alien Abduction by Lucy Arnold
* Old Soldiers Never Die by Alan F. Beck
* Trademark: A Tragedy™ by J. Andrew World
* Trademark: A Tragedy™ 2 by Denny E. Marshall
* Sissy the Vampire Hummingbird Slayer by Denny E. Marshall
* Alien Abduction by Matt McIrvin
(see review)

Space and Time #110 – Spring 2010 by (Space and Time 25 March 2010 / ) - Space and Time #110 – Spring 2010
Space and Time, 1308 Centennial Avenue, Ste. 101, Piscataway, NJ 08854 Single issue - $5.00 + $1.50 shipping, Subscriptions 4/$20 (outside US 4/$22)

Table of Contents:
One Lone Mountain, Shining White by Richard Parks
Spacer’s Gamble by Josepha Sherman
Another Fine Messiah by F. Gwynplaine MacIntyre
Parallel Moons by Mario Milosevic
Barbara Bloodbath by Chet Gottfried
The Tortoiseshell Cat in the Dark Box by Tim W. Burke
The Hungry Wind by William Gerke
In the Dreaming House by Darrell Schweitzer
Quantum Passion by Carolyn Clink
Dream Fix by Paula A. Friedlander
Giving Up the Ghost: California, Circa 2013
Vaccination Scifaiku by Francis W. Alexander
Botanical Quasi-Dactyl by Michael McAfee
Queen Alexandra’s Birdwing Butterflies by Carol Allen
(Tanka) by Joshua Gage
Pluto by Bruce Golden
Moon Boat by Gary Every
I Am by Scheila Scheffler
Editor’s Geeble by Hildy Silverman
Word Ninja by Linda D. Addison
(see review)

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