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Apex Magazine - Issue 22 by (Apex 27 March 2011 / ) - Apex Magazine - Issue 22 To subscribe visit
Apex Publications, PO Box 24323, Lexington, KY 40524.

Table of Contents:
Original Fiction: The Dust and the Red by Darin Bradley
Original Fiction: The Speaking Bone by Kat Howard
Reprint: Rats by Veronica Schanoes (originally appeared in Interficitions, 2007)
Poetry: Quest by Jessica P. Wick
Poetry: The King of Cats, the Queen of Wolves by Mike Allen, Sonya Taafe and Nicole Korhner-Stace
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Black Static Twenty-One - February-March 2011 by (TTA Press 27 March 2011 / ) - Black Static Twenty-One - February-March 2011
TTA Press, 5 Martins Lane, Witcham, Ely, Cambs CB6 2LB, UK

Table of Contents:
White Noise - news compiled by Peter Tennant
Electric Darkness - column by Stephen Volk
Night's Plutonian Shore - column by Mike O'Driscoll
Interference - column by Christopher Fowler
Ulterior Design by V.H. Leslie - art by Paul Milne
Pins and Needles by Ray Chuley - art by Rik Rawling
Water by Maura McHugh
Extraneous Invokat by Dan Grabianowski - art by Dan Henk
Cushing by James Cooper - art by Ben Baldwin
Case Notes - book Reviews by Peter Tennant
Blood Spectrum - DVD/Blu-ray reviews by Tony Lee
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Fantasy Magazine #48 - March 2011 by John Joseph Adams (Fantasy Magazine 28 March 2011 / ) - Fantasy Magazine #48 - March 2011
Publisher – Sean Wallace
Editor – John Joseph Adams
Managing Editor – Molly Tanzer
Nonfiction Editor – Esther Inglis-Arkell
Audio Editor – Stefan Rudnicki
Art Director – Pablo Defendini
Webmaster – Jeremiah Tolbert
Assistant Editor – Wendy N. Wagner
Editorial Assitants – T.J. McIntyre, Jennifer Konieczny

Table of Contents:
The Sandal-Bride by Genevieve Valentine (Original, March 7)
The Dog King by Holly Black (Reprint, March 14)
The God Orkrem by Tanith Lee (Original, March 21)
The Lonely Songs of Laren Dorr by George R.R. Martin (Reprint, March, 28)
Author Spotlights:
Genevieve Valentine
Holly Black
Tanith Lee
George R.R. Martin
Three Historical Figures Who Embarked on the Hero’s Journey by Graeme McMillan (March 7)
Five Fantasy Worlds That Prove You Never Want to Enter a Fantasy Realm by Te Jefferson & J. Corbeau (March 14)
Feature Interview: Steven Erickson by Andrew Bayer (March 21)
From Story to Screen by LaShawn Wanak (March 28)
(see review)

Flash Fiction Online - 03/2011 by (Flash Fiction Online 28 March 2011 / ) -

Interzone - Issue #233 - Mar/Apr 2011 by (TTA Press 27 March 2011 / ) - Interzone - Issue #233 - Mar/Apr 2011 Table of Contents:
Ansible Link by David Langford - News, Obituaries
The Silver Wind by Nina Allan, a novella (illustrated by Ben Baldwin)
Tell Me Everything by Chris Butler
Tethered to the Cold and Dying by Ray Cluley (illustrated by Paul Drummond) Crosstown Traffic by Tim Lees (illustrated by Russell Morgan)
Book Zone - Book Reviews
Laser Fodder by Jason Lee - DVD/BlueRay Reviews
Mutant Popcorn by Nick Lowe - Film Reviews
(see review)

Lightspeed #10 - March 2011 by John Joseph Adams (Lightspeed 28 March 2011 / ) - Lightspeed #10 - March 2011
Publisher - Sean Wallace
Editor - John Joseph Adams
Managing Editor - Molly Tanzer
Nonfiction Editor - Andrea Kail
Audio Editor - Stefan Rudnicki
Assistant Editor - Christie Yant
Editorial Assitants - Erin Stocks, Stacey Friedberg

Table of Contents:
Singing the Names by Maggie Clark (Original, March 1)
Gossamer by Stephen Baxter (Reprint, March 8)
Spider the Artist by Nnedi Okorafor (Reprint, March 15)
Woman Leaves the Room by Robert Reed (Original, March, 22)
Author Spotlights:
Maggie Clark
Stephen Baxter
Nnedi Okorafor
Robert Reed
Artist Spotlight:
Donato Giancola by Erin Stocks
You Never Get a Get a Seventh Chance to Make a First Impression by Genevieve Valentine (March 1)
Feature Interview: Walter Jon Willians by Chris Moriarty (March 8)
Retro Robots on the Battlefield by Daniel H. Wilson (March 15)
Immortal Jellyfish and Transhuman You by Ekaterina Sedia (March 22)
(see review)

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