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Analog Science Fiction and Fact - September 2011 - Vol. CXXXI No.9 by (Analog 26 June 2011 / ) - Analog Science Fiction and Fact - September 2011 - Vol. CXXXI No.9

Table of Contents:
Energized, Part III of IV by Edward M. Lerner
Therapeutic Mathematics and the Physics of Curve Balls by Gray Rinehart
Helix of Friends by Carl Frederick
Short Stories:
Hostile Environment by Emily Mah
The Chaplain's Assistant by Brad R. Torgersen
Asteroid Monte by Craig DeLancey
Science Fact:
Shake, Rattle and Roll: Is Missouri Really America's Most Dangerous Earthquake Zone by Richard A. Lovett
Reader's Departments:
The Editor's Page
In Times to Come
The Alternate View by Jeffrey D. Kooistra
Biolog: Brad R. Torgersen by Richard A. Lovett
The Reference Library by Don Sakers
Brass Tacks
Upcoming Events by Anthony Lewis
(see review)

Apex Magazine - Issue 25 by (Apex 26 June 2011 / ) - Apex Magazine – Issue 25
To subscribe visit
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Apex Magazine, PO Box 24323, Lexington, KY 40524

Table of Contents:
Original Fiction: Your Cities by Anaea Lay
Original Fiction: The Doves of Hartleigh Garden by Kathryn Weaver
Poetry: Clockwork Chickens by Seanan McGuire Reprint: Valentines by Shira Lipken (originally appeared in Interfictions 2, 2009)
Reprint: CUE:Change by Chesya Burke (From the collection Let's Play White (Apex Publications) by Chesya Burke
(see review)

Asimov's Science Fiction - August 2011 - Vol. 35 Nos. 8 - (Whole Numbers 427) by (Asimov's 25 June 2011 / ) - Asimov's Science Fiction - August 2011 - Vol. 35 Nos. 8 - (Whole Numbers 427)

Table of Contents:
The End of the Line by Robert Silverberg
Corn Teeth by Melanie Tem
Paradise is a Walled Garden by Lisa Goldstein
Short Stories:
Watch Bees by Philip Brewer
For I Have Lay Me Down on the Stone of Loneliness and I'll Not Be Back Again by Michael Swanwick
We Were Wonder Scouts by Will Ludwigsen
Pairs by Zachary Jernigan
Bribing Karma by Danny Adams
The Music of Nessie by Bruce Boston
Editorial: The 2011 Dell Magazines Award by Sheila Williams
Reflections: Earth is the Strangest Planet by Robert Silverberg
On the Net: Writing Lessons
Next Issue
On Books by Peter Heck
The SF Conventional Calendar by Erwin S. Strauss
(see review)

Black Static Twenty-Three – June-July 2011 by (TTA Press 27 June 2011 / ) - Black Static Twenty-Three – June-July 2011 TTA Press, 5 Martins Lane, Witcham, Ely, Cambs CB6 2LB, UK.

Table of Contents:
White Noise – news compiled by Peter Tennant
Coffinmaker's Blues - column by Stephen Volk
Interference - column by Christopher Fowler
Night's Plutonian Shore – column by Mike O'Driscoll
Time Keeping by V.H. Leslie - art by Rik Rawling
Hail by Daniel Kaysen - art by Rik Rawling
Electric Dreams by Carol Johnstone - art by Richard Wagner
The Harvesting of Jackson Cade by Robert Davies – art by Mark Pexton
For Their Own Ends by Joel Lane
Case Notes – book Reviews by Peter Tennant
Blood Spectrum - DVD/Blu-ray reviews by Tony Lee
(see review)

Fantasy Magazine #51 - June 2011 by (Fantasy 27 June 2011 / ) - Fantasy Magazine #51 - June 2011
Publisher – Sean Wallace
Editor – John Joseph Adams
Managing Editor – Molly Tanzer
Nonfiction Editor – Esther Inglis-Arkell
Audio Editor – Stefan Rudnicki
Webmaster – Jeremiah Tolbert
Assistant Editor – Wendy N. Wagner
Assistant Editor – Becky Sasala
Editorial Assitants – T.J. McIntyre, Jennifer Konieczny
Our Slush Team - Jenny Barber, Paolo Chikiamco, Bob Cooper, Michael Curry, Nick Matthews, Suzanne Myers, John Remy, LaShawn Wanak, Dana Watson

Table of Contents:
A Prince of Thirteen Days by Alaya Dawn Johnson (Reprint, June 6)
The Immortality Game by Cat Rambo (Original, June 13)
Virgin of the Sands by Holly Phillips (Reprint, June 20)
You Have Been Turned Into a Zombie by a Friend by Jeremiah Tolbert (Original, June 27)
Author Spotlights:
Alaya Dawn Johnson
Cat Rambo
Holly Phillips
Jeremiah Tolbert
Artist Spotlight:
Nicole Cardiff
Back to Bordertown by Mia Nutick (June 6)
Feature Interview: Jennifer Yuh Nelson by Andrew Penn Romine (June 13)
Talking to the Dead by Randy Henderson (June 20)
Indistinguishable from Magic by Abby Fichtner (June 27)
(see review)

Flash Fiction Online - 05/2011 by (Flash Fiction Online 28 June 2011 / ) - Flash Fiction Online – 05/2011
Flash Fiction Online, 10 Ridgeview Ave, West Orange, NJ 07052

Table of Contents:
In This Issue: Jake Freivald- Short Changed
Technically Speaking #5: Bruce Holland Rogers – Tea Party Rules – The Story Contract
Flash 5/2011, #1: Camille Alexa – The Girl-Shaped Jar
Flash 5/2011, #2: Nikki Loftin - Change
Flash 5/2011, #3: Heather Kuehl – What Heroes Do
Classic Flash #47: Kate Chopin – Doctor Chevalier’s Lie
(see review)

Interzone - Issue #234 - May/June 2011 by (TTA Press 25 June 2011 / ) - Interzone - Issue #234 - May/June 2011

Table of Contents:
Ansible Link by David Langford - News, Obituaries
Reader's Poll by Martin McGrath - The Best of 2010
Sleepers by Jon Ingold (illustrated by Mark Pexton)
In the Season of Mango Rains by Lavie Tidhar
The Ceiling is Sky by Suzanne Palmer (illustrated by Richard Wagner)
Her Scientifiction, Far Future, Medieval Fantasy by Jason Sanford (illustrated by Richard Wagner)
Incompatible by Will McIntosh (illustrated by Mark Pexton)
Book Zone - Book Reviews
Laser Fodder by Jason Lee - DVD/BlueRay Reviews
Mutant Popcorn by Nick Lowe - Film Reviews
(see review)

Lightspeed #13 - June 2011 by (Lightspeed 28 June 2011 / ) - Lightspeed #13 - June 2011
Publisher – Sean Wallace
Editor – John Joseph Adams
Managing Editor – Molly Tanzer
Nonfiction Editor – Esther Inglis-Arkell
Audio Editor – Stefan Rudnicki
Webmaster – Jeremiah Tolbert
Assistant Editor – Christie Yant
Assistant Editor – Erin Stocks
Editorial Assitants - Stacey Friedberg, Robyn Lupo
Our Slush Team - Kate Galey, Andrew Liptak, Shannon Rampe, Caleb Schulz, Moshe Siegel, LaShawn Wanak

Table of Contents:
Snapshots I Brought Back from the Black Hole by K.C. Ball (Original, June 7)
Frost Painting by Carolyn Ives Gilman (Reprint, June 14)
Transcript of Interaction Between Astronaut Mike Scudderman and the OnStar Hands-Free A.I. Crash Advisor by Grady Hendrix (Original, June 21)
Recording Angel by Ian McDonald (Reprint, June 28)
Author Spotlights:
K.C. Ball
Carolyn Ives Gilman
Grady Hendrix
Ian McDonald
Artist Spotlight
Randy Galllegos
Dividing Space By Zero by Mike Brotherton (June 7)
Dissolving the Wall Between Art and Science by Graeme McMillan (June 14)
Six A.I. Types Who Annoy Us to Death by Genevieve Valentine (June 21)
Feature Interview: Mary Roach, author of Stiff, Bonk, and Packing for Mars by John Joseph Adams and David Barr Kirtley(June 28)
(see review)

Space and Time #114 – Spring 2011 by (Space and Time 25 June 2011 / ) - Space and Time #114 - Spring 2011
Space and Time, 458 Elizabeth Avenue, #5348, Somerset, NJ 08873
Single issue - $5.00 + $1.50 shipping, Subscriptions 4/$20 (outside US 4/$22)

Table of Contents:
The Awakening by Larry Hodges
Model Home by David Afsharirad
The Very Strange Weird of Endart Sscowth by Scott H. Andrews
The Distillation of Albert Penny by William Knight
Siren Song by Merrilee Faber
The Book of Cain by Hasan Faulkner
The Murdered Agent by Josepha Sherman
The Jade Bones by T.L. Morganfield
Dr. Moreau by Don Pesavento
Completion by WC Roberts
For the Moment by Kurt Kirchmeier
Above by Eric Miller
Comet Taming by Maria Christoforatos
Preserve by Wanda A. Wallace
Editor's Geeble by Hildy Silverman
Review by Sam Tomaino
Word Ninja by Linda D. Addison
Gene Therapy by Daniel M. Kimmel
(see review)

The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction July/Aug 2011 - Volume 121, No. 1&2, Whole No. 696 by (Fantasy & Science Fiction 25 June 2011 / ) - The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction July/Aug 2011 - Volume 121, No. 1&2, Whole No. 696
This issue has an on-sale date of June 28, 2011

Table of Contents:
The Ants of Flanders by Robert Reed
Bronsky's Dates with Death by Peter David
The Witch of Corinth by Steven Saylor
The Ramshead Algorithm by KJ Kabza
Short Stories:
The Way It Works Out and All by Peter S. Beagle
Less Stately Mansions by Rob Chilson
Hair by Joan Aiken
Sir Morgravain Speaks of Night Dragons and Other Things by Richard Bowes
Someone Like You by Michael Alexander
Books to Look For by Charles de Lint
Books by Elizabeth Hand
Plumage from Pegasus: A Short History of the ETEWAF Revolution by Paul Di Filippo
Films: Free Will Hunting by Lucius Shepard
Science: Pattern Recognition, Randomness and Roshambo by Paul Doherty and Pat Murphy
Coming Attractions
Curiosities by Paul Di Filippo Cartoons: Arthur Masear, Bill Long (see review)

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