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Apex Magazine - Issue 100, September 2017 by (Apex Magazine 26 September 2017 / ) - Apex Magazine - Issue 100, September 2017

Table of Contents:
Words from the Editor-in-Chief - Jason Sizemore
The Man in the Crimson Coat by Andrea Tong
Tumbledown by Kameron Hurley
Bad Penny by Carrie Laben (reprint)
The Lightning Bird by Kristi DeMeester
While the Black Stars Burn by Lucy A. Snyder (reprint)
Interview with Author Kameron Hurley by Andrea Johnson
100th Issue Introspective - Jason Sizemore and et al.
In Space, Can Anyone Hear Your Philosophy?: A Look at Alien and Philosophy with Editor/Contributor Jeffery Ewing by M.B. Sutherland
Words for Thought: Short Fiction Review by A.C. Wise
Interview with Author Kameron Hurley by Andrea Johnson
Interview with Cover Artist Carolina Rodriguez Fuenmayor by Russell Dickerson
(see review)

Black Static, Issue 60 - Sep/Oct 2017 by (TTA Press 28 September 2017 / ) - Black Static Sixty – Sep/Oct 2017

Table of Contents:
Guest Editorial by Mick Reeks
Skyshine (or Death by Scotland) by Carole Johnstone (novella)
The Shuttered Child by Tim Lees (illustrated by Jim Burns)
The Swans by Ray Cluley (illustrated by Richard Wagner)
Langwell Sorrow by Stephen Hargadon (novelette)(illustrated by Ben Baldwin)
Into the Abyss - Notes From the Borderland by Lynda E. Rucker
I'm Someone Else - Into the Woods by Ralph Robert Moore
Case Notes – Book Reviews + Gwendolyn Kiste Interview by Peter Tennant
Blood Spectrum - Film reviews by Gary Couzens
(see review)

Clarkesworld 132 - September 2017 by (Clarkesworld 26 September 2017 / ) - Clarkesworld 132 – September 2017

Table of Contents:
Antarctic Birds by A. Brym
Little /^^^&- by Eric Scwitzgebel
The Secret Life of Bots by Suzanne Palmer
Pan-Humanism: Hope and Pragmatics by Jess Barber and Sara Saab
Möbius Continuum by Gu Shi (translated by S. Qiouyi Lu)
Bonding with Morry by Tom Purdom (Reprint)
Warmth by Geoff Ryman (Reprint)
Artificial Wombs and Control of Reproductive Technology by Stephanie M. Bucklin
Occult Agencies and Political Satire: A Conversation with Charles Stross by Chris Urie
Another Word: The Dream of Writing Full Time by Kelly Robson
Editor's Desk: Home for the Month by Neil Clarke
Antarctic Birds by A. Brym, read by Kate Baker
Little /^^^&- by Eric Scwitzgebel, read by Kate Baker
Ritual by Vladimir Manyukhin
(see review)

Flash Fiction Online - September 2017 by (Flash Fiction Online 30 September 2017 / ) - Flash Fiction Online – September 2017

Table of Contents:
Editorial - Wait! Don't Go! by Suzanne Vincent
The Last Man on Earth Crawls Back to Life--A Mini-Novel Sequel by John Guzlowski (SF)
Listen and You'll Hear Us Speak by A.T. Greenblatt (SF)
All Our Bones Were Dust by Steven Fischer (SF)
What Lasts by Jared W. Cooper (SF)(Reprint)
FXXK Writing: The Interview by Jason S. Ridler (Article)
(see review)

Galaxy's Edge: Issue 28, September 2017 by (Phoenix Pick 25 August 2017 / $6.99) - Galaxy's Edge: Issue 28, September 2017

Table of Contents
The Editor's Word by Mike Resnick
The Breakout Story of Galaxy's Edge Issue Ten Million by Robert Jeschonek
As Sunlight Grabs Me by Rachelle Harp
Cold Dead Turkey--A Dan Shamble, Zombie PI Adventure by Kevin J. Anderson (reprint)
Theater of Death by Larry Hodges
The Sultan's Cellar by Sean Patrick Hazlett
The Seepage Factor by John DeChancie (reprint)
Tessa and the Troll by Zach Shephard
Cut-Rate Couples Weekend at the Witch House Inne and Tavern (9 Reviews) by Stewart C. Baker
A Delightful Comedic Premise by Barry Malzberg
The Sweater by Nick DeChario
The Great Buddhist Monk Beatdown by T.R. Napper
Ergomonochron by James Wesley Rogers
Interview: Nancy Kress by Joy Ward
Serialization: Daughter of Elysium (Part 2) by Joan Slonczewski
Decoherence by Robert J. Sawyer (column)
A Scientist's Notebook by Gregory Benford (column)
Recommended Books by Bill Fawcett & Jody Lynn Nye
(see review)

Interzone #272-–Sep/Oct 2017 by (TTA Press 28 September 2017 / ) - 02643596201709 Interzone #272 - Sep/Oct 2017

Table of Contents:
Blessings Erupt by Aliya Whiteley (novelette)(illustrated by Richard Wagner)
The Music of Ghosts by Paul Jessup (illustrated by Martin Hanford)
Ghosts of a Neon God by T.R. Napper (novelette)
The Goddess of the Highway by Erika Satifka (novelette)(illustrated by Vincent Sammy)
Editorial by Andy Hedgecock
Future Interrupted by Jonathan McCalmont
Time Pieces by Nina Allan
Ansible Link by David Langford - News, Obituaries
Book Zone – Book Reviews
Mutant Popcorn by Nick Lowe – Film Reviews
(see review)

Lightspeed #88 - September 2017 by (Lightspeed 28 September 2017 / ) - Lightspeed #88 - September 2017

Table of Contents:
Science Fiction Stories:
Blue Ribbon by Marissa Lingen (Reprint)
An Ever-Expanding Flash of Light by Timothy Mudie (Original)
Carthago Delenda Est by Genevieve Valentine (Reprint)
Ugo by Giovanni De Feo (Original)
Fantasy Stories:
The Last Cheng Beng Gift by Jaymee Goh (Original)
The Magician's Apprentice by Tamsyn Muir (Reprint)
A Pound of Darkness, a Quarter of Dreams by Tony Ballantyne (Original)
Shoggoths in Traffic by Tobias S. Buckell (Reprint)
Author Spotlights:
Timothy Mudie, Giovanni De Feo,
Jaymee Goh, and Tony Ballantyne
Editorial, September 2017 by John Joseph Adams
Book Reviews: September 2017 by Amal El-Mohtar
Media Reviews: September 2017 by Joseph Allen Hill
Interview: Theodora Goss by the Geeks Guide to the Galaxy
Exclusive Paid Content:
Novella: Near Zennor by Elizabeth Hand
Novel Excerpt: Autonomous by Annalee Newitz
(see review)

Neo-opsis Science Fiction Magazine - No. 28 by (Neo-opsis 27 September 2017 / ) - Neo-opsis Science Fiction Magazine – No. 28

Table of Contents:
Dissonance by Ron Friedman
Hindsight by Hall Jameson
Time Beasts by Barbara Davies
Broken Dishes by J.Y.T. Kennedy
The Flight of the Osprey by Robert Dawson
Wild Irish Rose by Julie Frost
Fuschia Thought by Corey J. White
He Was So Old by Lee Widener
Foreshadowing by Lisa Timpf
More Than Dreams Alone by John Grey
Editorial by Karl Johanson
Periodic Chart: Tungsten by Karl Johanson
Letters to the Magazine by Various
News and Reviews by Various
The Last Four Pages by Karl Johanson
Art Credits:
Cover: Karl Johanson
Interior Illustrations: Karl Johanson and Stephanie Ann Johanson
(see review)

Nightmare #60 - September 2017 by (Nightmare 28 September 2017 / ) - Nightmare #60 - September 2017

Table of Contents:
Jade, Blood by Silvia Moreno-Garcia (Original)
He Who Takes Away the Pain by Chesya Burke (Reprint)
No One Prays to the Goddess by Ashok K. Banker (Original)
Art is the Devil by John Skipp (Reprint)
Author Spotlights:
Silvia Moreno-Garcia, Ashok K. Banker
Editorial, September 2017 by John Joseph Adams
The H Word: Ghosts in a Void by S.P. Miskowski
Book Review: September 2017 by Adam-Troy Castro
(see review)

Shimmer - Number 39, September 2017 by (Shimmer 27 September 2017 / ) - Shimmer – Number 39, September 2017

Table of Contents:
Editor's Note by E. Catherine Tobler
The Creeping Influences by Sonya Taafe
Shimmer Interviews: Sonya Taafe
En la Casa de Fantasmas by Brian Holguin
Fixer, Worker, Singer by Natalia Theodoridou
Hare's Breath by Maria Haskins
Shimmer Interviews:
Brian Holguin by E. Catherine Tobler
Natalia Theodoridou by E. Catherine Tobler
Maria Haskins by E. Catherine Tobler
Authors, Artists, and Staff
(see review)

Space and Time #129 – Summer 2017 by (Space and Time 29 September 2017 / ) - Space and Time #129 – Summer 2017

Table of Contents:
How I Became a Cryptid Straight Out of a 1970s Horror Movie by Paul Michael Anderson
In Loco Mechanus by Dan Reade
Buttons by Barton Paul Levenson
The Street by David Murphy
Girl Gone Wrong by J. Monell
Settling by Gordon Linzner
Nneoma by Wole Talabi
Stargazing by C.H. Lindsay
Starlight by Christina Sng
Am I Flying? by Annette Schlichter
The Impossible Kill by Conner Rice
Editor's Geeble by Hildy Silverman
Notes On: The Society for the Preservation of C.J. Henderson by Sam Tomaino
Take Two on the Movies: Changing the Past by Daniel M. Kimmel
Author Self-Portrait by Mary Fan
Word Ninja by Linda D. Addison
(see review)

The Dark - Issue 29, October 2017 by (The Dark 29 September 2017 / ) - The Dark - Issue 29, October 2017

Table of Contents:
The Whalebone Parrot by Darcie Little Badger
Neither Time Nor Tears by Angela Slatter (reprint)
The Wierdo by Davide Camparsi, translated by Michael Colbert
Mr. Doornail by Maria Dahvana Headley (reprint)
Cover art by Tomislav Tikulin. (see review)

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