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G-Force (Three-Disc DVD/Blu-ray Combo + Digital Copy) [Blu-ray] by Directed by Hoyt H. Yeatman Jr.
Review by Charles Mohapel
Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment Blu-ray  ISBN/ITEM#: B002PMA9AC
Date: 25 December 2009 List Price $44.99 Amazon US / Amazon UK

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From the first time I watched the trailer for G-Force on one of the Disney Blu-ray discs I reviewed earlier in the year, I knew that I wanted to watch it on the Big Screen. That had its pros and cons - the pros included the large screen size, the enhanced audio, and the 3-D experience shared with other like-minded theatergoers. The cons (for some people) included sitting with loud hyperactive kids amped up on sugar-ladened goodies from the concession counters, plus all the laughter and comments of one's fellow theatergoers.

Just in time for the holidays comes the release of G-Force (Three-Disc DVD/Blu-ray Combo +Digital Copy) [Blu-ray], allowing you to enjoy the experience at home, minus the 3-D effect, though the home entertainment industry is promoting 3-D HDTV as the "Next Big Thing".

Directed by Hoyt Yeatman (as Hoyt H. Yeatman Jr.)

Writing credits (WGA):
Cormac Wibberley (screenplay) &
Marianne Wibberley (screenplay) (as The Wibberleys)
Hoyt Yeatman (story) (as Hoyt H. Yeatman)

Cast (in credits order):
Bill Nighy ... Leonard Saber
Sam Rockwell ... Darwin (voice)
Will Arnett ... Kip Killian
Jon Favreau ... Hurley (voice)
Zach Galifianakis ... Ben
Nicolas Cage ... Speckles (voice)
Kelli Garner ... Marcie
PenÚlope Cruz ... Juarez (voice)
Tyler Patrick Jones ... Connor
Steve Buscemi ... Bucky (voice)
Piper Mackenzie Harris ... Penny
Jack Conley ... Agent Trigstad
Tracy Morgan ... Blaster (voice)
Gabriel Casseus ... Agent Carter

Imagine a film where the main heroes are animals and some of their sidekicks are humans. That is just part of the charm of G-Force (Three-Disc DVD/Blu-ray Combo + Digital Copy) [Blu-ray]. Their first mission is to gather information on a former arms dealer and now home electronics magnate Leonard Saber, CEO of Saberling Industries whom the U.S. intelligence community suspects of selling secrets to Far Eastern governments. The secrets involve a revolutionary new microchip codenamed Clusterstorm with possible major military ramifications. Not surprisingly things don't go according to plan and the animal operatives of G-Force have to evade a team of FBI agents while trying to get their paws on a working Clusterstorm microchip.

It certainly seems longer than that, but given that G-Force premiered on July 24, 2009, it was actually less than five months before it came out on Blu-ray disc and DVD. Being able to watch it again, pausing and replaying scenes I didn't remember well or simply wanted to enjoy again and again was pure pleasure.

After watching the film straight through, I watched "CinÚ Explore with Darwin, Blaster, and their Creator" with Jerry Bruckheimer (Producer) and Hoyt Treatman (Director). Another name for film with audio commentary, I quite enjoyed it, even though Bruckheimer and Treatman appeared separately, an unusual arrangement in my experience, but one that worked. Here Bruckheimer was low key and demonstrated a dry sense of humor; Treatman was more animated and showed his own sense of humor effectively.

"Blaster's Boot Camp" was amusing and just right as far as length goes - anything longer would not have worked as well.

"G-Force Mastermind" with Jerry Bruckheimer (Producer), Hoyt Treatman (Director), and Hoyt Treatman IV (Mastermind) informs you that it was a story from the fertile mind of a then 5-year-old Hoyt Treatman IV that he told his father that inspired the movie. Best of all, a now 11-year-old Hoyt IV who teamed up with his father and Jon Favreau's son Max to voice the three mice.

"Bruckheimer Animated" with Jerry Bruckheimer (Producer) and Hoyt Treatman (Director) is a brief, but very interesting look back at Bruckheimer's growing body of work.

"Access Granted: Inside the Animation Lab" with Hoyt Treatman (Director), Jerry Bruckheimer (Producer), Troy Saliba (Animation Supervisor), Gavin Moran (Character Animation Lead), Ryan Laney (FX Animation Supervisor), Seth Maury (Digital Effects Supervisor), and Ruben Flores (Lighting Lead) was another one of my favorite features since it gives you an exclusive tour of Sony Pictures Imageworks led by Hoyt Treatman. Imageworks was chosen since they are one of the few special effects houses capable of animating the animal characters while simultaneously being capable of combining them with the special effects.

Watching the "G-Force Bloopers", I kept on waiting for something outrageously funny to happen, but alas, their bloopers were very pedestrian.

Deleted Scenes:
"March Of The Cockroach" - Mildly amusing
"Mooch's Donut Regimen" - Mildly amusing
"B-B-Bunnies" - Funny
"Undercover Pets" - Mildly amusing
"Hurley Under Attack" - Hilarious but I also agree their decision to delete the scene with the spiders as being too intense for young children
"World Domination" - A hilarious scene that reminded me of the smaller Decepticons in "Transformers".

Normally I find the music videos to be very much a "take them or leave them" proposition, but not so with these three. I'm not a big fan of Hip-Hop, but "Jump" by Flo Rida featuring Nelly Furtado had me hooked from the first viewing. Combining scenes from the film with scenes showcasing Nelly Furtado and Flo Rida, the beat was infectious and the images had me laughing until my sides hurt. "Ready To Rock" by Steve Rushton sounded very reminiscent of the Stray Cats, a rockabilly band founded in 1979. "Go G-Force" was another funny video with a catchy beat. Definitely another of my favorite bonus features, so much so I kept on replaying all three videos time and time again.

This was one movie I enjoyed immensely and my favorite scene is Scene 14, the chase with the Rapid Deployment Vehicle and the ensuing fireworks, closely followed by Scene 19, Party Time, the segment just preceding the end credits.

My favorite characters are the feisty Agent Juarez voiced by PenÚlope Cruz and the three mice who are so hilariously scatterbrained.

I did notice that made a minor error in the credits posted on their website; Jack Conley plays Agent Trigstad and Gabriel Casseus plays Agent Carter. If you don't believe me, watch the end credits.

Although it's not likely to win any Oscars except maybe in the music and special effects categories, G-Force is another great popcorn movie that you can enjoy with family, friends, or by yourself.

Best of all, G-Force (Three-Disc DVD/Blu-ray Combo +Digital Copy) [Blu-ray] lets you enjoy the film at its best on Blu-ray at home, on your in-vehicle video system on DVD, and on your computer, laptop, or portable video device with the Disney File Digital Copy of for iTunes and Windows Media Player. All you need to do is suspend your sense of disbelief, sit back with your bowl of popcorn and large soda, relax, and enjoy yourself.

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