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Silver Borne (Mercy Thompson, Book 5) by Patricia Briggs
Cover Artist: Daniel Dos Santos
Review by Sherin Nicole
Ace Hardcover  ISBN/ITEM#: 9780441018192
Date: 30 March 2010 List Price $24.95 Amazon US / Amazon UK / Show Official Info /

The werewolves are at the backdoor. Mercy Thompson likes it that way. The fae are at the gate. Now that's a problem.

Recent history has not been kind to mechanic, Mercedes Thompson. Scratch that. Her entire history has been tough going. She's a walker, not to be confused with skinwalker, who shape shifts into a coyote. That didn't have to be a bad thing. Not if the father from whom she inherited the gift hadn't died before her birth. This forced her, seriously unprepared, mother to send her off to live with a werewolf pack--the number one werewolf pack in the country.

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Silver Borne

Wolves and coyotes don't play so nice.

Still, she survived long enough to: 1. become embroiled in a werewolf civil war; 2. battle a sorcerer-turned-vampire; 3. keep her gremlin ex-boss from being framed for murder (suffering serious damage in the bargain); 4. do a little ghost-busting that led to more vampire drama.

Whew! That's books 1-4 handled. And Mercy does all this in the shadow of an actual Mystery Machine, filled with a far more deadly (namely werewolves, vampires and fae) version of Scooby's crew. If the term 'ass-kicking chick' has ever found a more apt heroine I-- well, I can't think of who. These are fantastic adventures and Mercy reigns.

In Silver Borne, Mercy is slowly reconciling herself to being a true member of the Columbia Basin Pack. She's never been made pack before, not even among the wolves who raised her, and the pack's united consciousness is more than a little disconcerting for loner Mercy. Happily, she's mated to the alpha, Adam. Unhappily, most of the pack hates her. Like with a passion. Complicated by the access they've gained to her mind via 'pack magic.' Things are further complicated when they start to use her thoughts against her.

Add that Mercy hasn't fully healed from an attack that makes her recoil from touch, and the result is yet another hard way to go for our hero.

Oh, and her best friend, Samuel, may be executed by his father at any moment. Circumstances have left him unable to control his wolf and a wolf with no human side to counteract the bestial urges cannot be allowed to live.

Returning a powerful, fae book should be the least of Mercy's worries, but when she stops by the bookstore she finds it closed. Something magical with the reek of blood is amiss. Mercy owes it to, Phin, the storeowner to find out where he's gone, if he's alive, and why the fae are so hot for the book.

This girl sure does love trouble.

Silver Borne is a good read. It's complex, surprising; filled with action, great characters; and it's touching.

While readers can definitely hop on board with this fifth installment, I recommend starting at the beginning with Moon Called. The Mercy Thompson series is like a long running television drama. The experience is that much more fulfilling when you know the motivations and have gone through the characters' struggles with them. But, if you'd rather start here, Patricia Briggs writes with a deft hand, seamlessly blending exposition into Mercy's internal dialogue and conversations.

For fans of the series, Samuel comes through with some major surprises. In instances your heart breaks for him. In others… well, I'll let you find out for yourselves—it's good stuff.

The Mercy Thompson series is Highly Recommended. A letter from the publisher expressed the hope I "enjoy the early opportunity to read Silver Borne." To that I'd like to say: Yes, ma'am! May I please have some more?

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