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From Hell With Love: A Secret Histories Novel by Simon R. Green
Review by Drew Bittner
Roc Hardcover  ISBN/ITEM#: 9780451463326
Date: 01 June 2010 List Price $24.95 Amazon US / Amazon UK / Show Official Info /

Eddie Drood is no stranger to saving the world. Just recently, he and his family of hidden protectors saved mankind from the Hungry Gods. That was just a warm-up, as now he has uncovered his family's worst nightmare: another family, equal and opposite, dedicated to evil and working to destroy the Droods once and for all.

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In From Hell With Love, Eddie (aka Shaman Bond) is working to stop a mad scientist named Dr. Delirium from acquiring a device known as the Apocalypse Door. Oddly, the Droods don't know anything about this device, which ought to be impossible. Still, it's into the breach, accompanied by Luther Drood, as all hell erupts at the auction for this item. Seems there are a few contenders for the prize and Eddie loses track of Delirium in the frenzy.

Annoyed over what should have been a simple mission, he returns home in time for fireworks to erupt—Eddie's girlfriend Molly threatens the family Matriarch over a rumor regarding her parents' deaths. That might not be so bad, except that the Matriarch is murdered in her own bed that night and Molly is the prime suspect. A howling mob of Droods scream for her blood, sending Eddie on a one-way mission to discover the true culprit...and what he finds is impossible.

The Immortals are an urban legend among the supernatural, a myth that the mythical tell themselves. But it turns out they're real, and implicated in several suspicious disasters suffered by the Droods recently. Eddie has to track down a family that is at least as powerful as his own and thwart their plans. That might be okay, but he's also facing a renegade Drood named Tiger Tim (who is unpredictable and brilliant) and Dr. Delirium's speeded-up army of super-soldiers—a couple thousand of whom are teleported inside the Drood's defenses, leading to a desperate battle to save the family estate.

Once Eddie is unleashed, however, there's going to be hell to pay.

Green delivers yet another powerhouse in this volume, upping the stakes for Eddie and the Droods by giving them their own "player on the opposite side"--a villainous organization that is everything they are not and more. The Immortals are just as cunning and ruthless, but have advantages that the Droods cannot match. Eddie has to be super-soldier, super-spy and super-detective to make it out of this one…and lucky for him, he's up to the challenge.

The new supporting characters are terrific, including the despicable Tiger Tim (and his surprising connection to a long-established character) and the heinous Methuselah (leader and first of the Immortals). Their plan is uncommonly straightforward (though I will not explain it here), with only the Droods to stand in their way.

Fans of Green's singular knack for genre-bending mashups and high octane excitement will be delighted by this newest installment. New readers ought to start at the beginning, however, to catch the adventures of Shaman Bond from the first word on.


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