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Spellwright by Blake Charlton
Harper Voyager Hardcover  ISBN/ITEM#: 9780007332762
Date: 27 May 2010 List Price £14.99 Amazon US / Amazon UK

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I've seen the word/name Spellwright almost everywhere I've looked online over the last month or two - on Facebook, in Twitter feeds and in articles and interviews with début author Blake Charlton on numerous genre related sites. That's how to do folks! Get yourself and your novel out there and in the face of folks who might be interested in buying it. That it has received consistently excellent reviews on these sites indicates there is good cause for all the hype that surrounds this book.

"In a world where words can come to life, an inability to spell can be a dangerous thing. And no one knows this better than apprentice wizard Nicodemus Weal.

Nicodemus Weal is a cacographer, unable to reproduce even simple magical texts without 'misspelling' – a mistake which can have deadly consequences. He was supposed to be the Halcyon, a magic-user of unsurpassed power, destined to save the world; instead he is restricted to menial tasks, and mocked for his failure to live up to the prophecy. But not everyone interprets prophecy in the same way. There are some factions who believe a cacographer such as Nicodemus could hold great power – power that might be used as easily for evil as for good. And when two of the wizards closest to Nicodemus are found dead, it becomes clear that some of those factions will stop at nothing to find the apprentice and bend him to their will…"

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