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Space and Time #111 - Summer 2010
Edited by Hildy Silverman
Cover Artist: Patrick Thomas
Review by Sam Tomaino
Space and Time  ISBN/ITEM#: 0271-2512
Date: 29 July 2010

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The new issue of Space And Time is #111 and is here with stories by Aliette de Bodard, Edward Willett, Heather Parker, Kelly Barnhill, Michelle Muenzler, Robert E. Rodden II, and Vaughn Wright, along with poetry, an interview with Frederik Pohl, and poetry book reviews by Linda D. Addison.

The latest issue of Space And Time is #111, the Summer 2010 issue and it has its usually complement of good stories.

It's always good to begin an issue with one of my favorite writers, Aliette de Bodard. "Fleeing Tezxacatlipoca" takes place in what is called her Xuya universe in which the Chinese discovered America before Columbus did and the Aztec Empire is still in place. This story is set in Mexica as Necahual and Palli are on the run from what has become a repressive regime. They hope to reach Xuya and safety. That just tells you a little about an exciting story and one I hope is continued.

In "Waterlillies" by Edward Willett, Danny Evans is an artist in a future Earth who wants to win the Stanislaw prize for Avant-Garde Art. His initial idea is not very good, but a visit to Honest Art's Avant-Garde Art Supplies provides him with something called nanopaint that had been developed by the army. As one might expect, things don't go as planned in this wild story.

In "Passport to Patterdale", Heather Parker pays tribute to the British comedy Passport to Pimlico and this does have a similar plot. The United Kingdom is being flooded by torrential rains and the government wants to take over a town in Cumbria as the only high ground. The residents revolt and declare their independence. Things take a really strange turn from there and we get an enjoyable story with some nice romance mixed in.

Kelly Barnhill's "Blessed Are the Damned" is a story of the end times, but one that has a different script than anticipated. Henry Forsythe is dismayed when the zoo elephants that he takes care of suddenly disappear. Elephants all over the world disappear at the same time. Henry is interviewed by a television reporter named Joyce and he is attracted to her. Meanwhile, more things happen. Angels suddenly appear. The rest of the animals disappear. Then, some humans disappear, too. Those left behind do not know what to make of what is happening. The angels are not very communicative. This was another good story.

Joanie wants to escape the abusive Sloane but finds herself "Dispossessed" in the story by Michelle Muenzler. She loses her own body and winds up in one belonging to an old woman. How that happened and what Joanie does as a result make for a well-told tale.

The title of "Sunflower's Weep" by Robert E. Rodden II refers to a deadly plague. The disease causes a sunflower pattern to appear on the skin which develops into small life forms that feed on that part of the body. Infected people are quarantined in camps. Our narrator is a Youth Pastor horrified at the attitude of his superior towards the infected. When an infected little girl comes to them, our narrator makes a special sacrifice in this inspiring story.

Finally, there is "July 10" by Vaughn Wright. America was attacked by nuclear weapons combined with chemicals and biological. People do anything they need to survive. With all this, Franklin is happy, he has met Sharon, the love of his life and life is good. Together they battle those who would kill them. Then, Sharon takes him home and things become a little clearer. I won't spoil the ending but it was a good one.

Space And Time has been around a long time and should be around even longer. Subscribe!

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From: kevin gallan:
here,here..i totally Hildy and the crew for another fine issue and i'm a proud subscriber.

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