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Kaleidotrope - Issue 10 - October 2010
Edited by Fred Coppersmith
Review by Sam Tomaino
Kaleidotrope Magazine  
Date: 25 September 2010

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This issue of Kaleidotrope is one of their best yet. Here we have issue #10 and stories by Julia Kelso, Maria Deira, Joe Celizic, Ian R. Faulkner, James L. Grant, Robert Lamb, Mary Edmunds, Jason Huskey, and Bonnie McDaniel .

Kaleidotrope is really developing into one of my favorite small press zines. Here with issue #10 and some stories I enjoyed the heck out of..

The issue begins with "Woman Lost" by Julia Kelso. When this story opens, you see a woman talking to a boy. You eventually realize it's a certain boy that doesn't grow up. This was a nice take on an old story and an utter delight to read.

"The Giant of Malheur Park" in the story by Maria Deira is a naked giant woman who lands with a boom. Her appearance has an affect on Serena, Fabiola, and the others who live nearby until finally she awakes. This was an interesting story that gave us a number of good characters.

"The Flash at Taco Night" by Joe Celizic is the story of just that. It's the scarlet speedster fueling up on the night the college dining hall has Mexican food. Just a half a page but funny (with apologies to Jay, Barry and Wally).

The title character in Ian R. Faulkner's "Krishna Blue" is a liberated artificial. She and others are in danger from a radical Church of Man that does not consider her human. They seek refuge on a planet that they think will be safe but the COM is there, too. However, Krishna exhibits powers that might make a difference. This one was a good solid read.

"Heir Presumptive" by James L. Grant is the story of Nikola Tesla and his dealing with a secret group that want him to join them in ruling the world. He keeps putting them off until giving them his final answer. The group learns a lesson at the hands of this man and we get a very well-written story.

In "Simulacrums" by Robert Lamb, Simon Spire is a restaurant critic on assignment in New York City. In his past, he has a history of many sexual partners, male and female, but now he has settled down with David and wants to be faithful to him. At one of two neighboring Turkish restaurants, he runs into Jill Arki, an old friend who makes it clear she wants him. Simon finds, that there is more than what one might expect at the other Turkish restaurant in this truly horrific tale.

The narrator of our story, "Rabbit Hole" by Mary Edmunds, can go down a rabbit hole and talk to the spirits of animals recently killed. They can give him hunting advice. He always goes down alone but a large mean man named Farkwurth forces him to take him down there so he can hunt a monster bear. As you might expect, things do not go Farkwurth's way in this nice little fantasy.

"The Teeth Within" by Jason Huskey is another clever little half-pager about a guy who dreamed of being bitten by beautiful vampire women. Things just don't go his way. Good story!

"Titania's Choice" by Bonnie McDaniel gives us Briony Titania Spencer, visiting her mother in an asylum near Glacier National Park. No one can enter the park as it has been taken over by an alien infestation that everyone calls Faerie. Briony knows something of Faerie as her father was from it. Being pregnant with her caused her mother to be in a state of catatonic schizophrenia. Her alien blood gives her the power to see auras and have an affect on people. This happens with Lara Kuykendall, a troubled young girl. When Lara disappears, Briony realizes she is headed into Faerie and must make a decision to help the young girl or embrace her own heritage. This was quite a fine fantasy and McDaniel is a talented writer.

Kaleidotrope, once again, delivers with a great issue of many different types of stories. The only thing they have in common is that they are all enjoyable. The issue still has that hilarious Horoscopes section, which is a real hoot. What are you waiting for? Subscribe!

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