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Space and Time #112 - Winter 2010
Edited by Hildy Silverman
Cover Artist: Alan Beck
Review by Sam Tomaino
Space and Time  ISBN/ITEM#: 0271-25122
Date: 25 October 2010

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The new issue of Space And Time is #112 and is here with stories by Jonathan Maberry, T.D. Edge, Scott Harper, Richard Harland, Richard Pitaniello, John Stephen Walsh, and Patrick Thomas along with poetry, an article by Daniel M. Kimmel, poetry book reviews by Linda D. Addison, and a book review by Sam Tomaino.

The latest issue of Space And Time is #112, the Winter 2010 issue and it continues to publish quality stories. In the interest of full disclosure, I will also mention that I wrote a book review for money that is printed in this issue.

The first story is "Pegleg and Paddy Save the World" by Jonathan Maberry. This was a very amusing take on the Chicago Fire and Mrs. O'Leary's Cow. Our characters include Mr. O'Leary (named Pat) and his friend, Pegleg. Things get started when a piece of Biela's Comet lands on top of the house of Pat's wife's Aunt Sophie. Aunt Sophie is killed but that doesn't mean she isn't moving. Pat and Pegleg use that to their advantage, but things get out of hand. This one was fun to read and gives us a convenient historical footnote.

Next up, Jordy Reynolds is a punk kid in a future society intent on "Getting Zoe Fixed" in the story by T.D. Edge. Zoe is his live-in girlfriend but she has been a real pain lately. So Jordy actually leaves his house (something unheard of) and seeks out someone who can 'fix' her. He finds something different in this interesting look at a future society.

In Scott Harper's "Fresh Juice", Chalmers Young is a wrestling promoter who is looking for someone to go up against his big attraction, Nature Boy Freddy Landell. Landell's chief talent is to be able to bleed on demand, lending some realism to his bouts. He hires a powerful man, dressed all in red, who calls himself Deadly Night Shade. They have an unforgettable bout on Halloween night when Landell's talent has some unforeseen consequences. This was another enjoyable read.

"Ceasing to be Visible" by Richard Harland is set in a not-that-distant future in which the cult of the celebrity has gone even further. Ivan David is the ultimate image builder and is called in by Domic and Delpie Nova to help with their young son, Jac, who has been hanging with the wrong crowd, not building up his image and reflecting badly on theirs. Ivan agrees to come up with something but this proves to be quite difficult in another disturbing look at a possible future.

"Celestial Death-Match" by Richard Pitaniello is narrated by someone who is a social worker, but very disturbed. He has nasty views on children and their parents. He wants to kill abusive parents, but also thinks children are inherently evil. In the backwoods of West Virginia, he encounters the Zresche triplets and they are more than he bargained for in this well-written little horror story.

In "Your Bones" by John Stephen Walsh, we see a future in which the elders have come up from beneath and taken over the Earth. They caused the Earth to become hotter, killing many. Our narrator makes a hard living by selling them human bones. This one was another chiller.

Patrick Thomas gives us another of his very different supernatural stories with "Come on Home". Moni is a Graveyard Angel, whose job it is to protect the dead, even when they have been raised as zombies. She gets involved with a desperate situation at a high school, where a picked upon nerd has used zombies to exact revenge on his tormentors. No one writes stories like Thomas and this makes a good finish for the issue.

Once again, I recommend you subscribe to Space And Time.

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