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Jupiter XXX: Hermippe - October 2010
Edited by Ian Redman
Review by Sam Tomaino
Jupiter  ISBN/ITEM#: 1740-2069
Date: 27 November 2010

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Travel with us to Hermippe for Jupiter XXX with stories by Jude Coulter-Pultz, Colin P. Davies, Louis B. Shalako, and David Conyers.

Here we are at another moon of Jupiter, Hermippe for Jupiter XXX the October 2010 issue and some more very good stories.

"No Man's Land" by Jude Coulter-Pultz take place on a planet called Manna, a colony recently terraformed. Some indigenous race had attacked the colonists and driven them off. Dr Vallahan, the Galaxy's best evolutionary biologist, Ambassador Earnst, whose implants enable him to understand many languages, Commander Sourav, an android and a detachment of soldiers are sent to investigate. What they find out is surprising and makes for a solid story.

The "Strippleback" in the story by Colin P. Davies, is the only survivor of the indigenous species of the planet Outpost after its human ruler, King Sarban, had ordered their extinction because the humans could not share their food. But Sarban has an enemy in Garad, who had been his friend until Sarban had stolen Garad's wife Dara and made her his queen. Garad's daughter has special powers and he uses her to exact revenge in this well-told tale.

"The Stud Farm" by Louis B. Shalako is told from the viewpoint of Farley, who is referred to, at first, as a "young mount". As the story develops, we learn he is a young human, made to serve aliens in a way that becomes familiar. This was exceptionally well-written in portraying the way Farley thinks and interprets his situation. This was the best story in the issue.

The fiction concludes with "The Uncertainty Bridge" by David Conyers. Humanity has almost entirely wiped it self out with plagues and environmental disaster. Geoff lives on a farm with his parents and sister, Jo. His parents have fallen asleep and cannot be wakened. His sister is exhibiting the same symptoms but before sleeping babbles odd bits of information. He rides into town and finds everyone there dead. When he encounters soldiers, he finds out the true horror of his situation. This one left a real chill.

Editor Ian Redman worries that he might soon run out of moons as only 50 have been named, with just 13 more discovered and unnamed. Well, we still have time and 20 moons. Next stop is Aitne. Subscribe to of Jupiter and join the ride!

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