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Demon Song by Cat Adams
Cover Artist: Zeibyasis, Rachel E. Davis
Review by Gayle Surrette
Tor Books Trade Paperback  ISBN/ITEM#: 9780765324962
Date: 01 March 2011 List Price $14.99 Amazon US / Amazon UK / Show Official Info /

Celia Graves is ready, in fact more than ready, for things to get back to normal in her life – or what passes for normal when you've been bitten by a vampire, which triggered the emergence of Siren powers. In some ways maybe she's been lucky, because vampire speed, strength, better vision, and hearing do come in handy to a bodyguard which is Celia's occupation. On the other hand, if she doesn't drink enough energy/protein shakes, she just might start snacking on her clients and that's bad for business. Having lost her best friend, her boyfriend, her house, and nearly her freedom…well, normal is starting to look really good. Celia is just too high profile after recent events and normal is steering clear of her neighborhood. So, you know that Demon Song isn't going to be a tale of helping people find lost pets, after all the title does have the word "demon" in it.

So far the book titles have given some indication of the contents. In Blood Song, Celia was attacked, bitten, and nearly killed by a vampire which made her a half-vampire. Basically, she has a lot of the pluses and only a few minuses, but those are enough to disrupt her life. Siren Song saw the awakening of Celia's heritage as a Siren. She also learned she was related to royalty and her existence disrupted the chain of inheritance and that alone made her some powerful enemies. Now we have Demon Song and if you guessed Celia was going to turn into a demon – that's a resounding, "No." But she will have to fight demons – lots of them, and since this is by Cat Adams, you know that it's going to be difficult, cost more than energy and time, and it might even cost her life. When an author doesn't hold back, a reader can never be absolutely sure what will happen.

Celia is tough but she's been coping with more than her share of problems. She's also been trying to help those around her deal with some of the fallout from her business and personal life. One friend is dead and two others have been traumatized by her enemies and that's only her friends – acquaintances weren't off the radar of her enemies either.

Adams manages to not only keep the pages turning in an action-packed story that never lets up, but she also creates characters that you care about. It's difficult enough to write believable characters, but to then develop them and their relationships while fleeing for their lives from demons and trying to track down the person or persons who are opening a rift between our world and the demon realm which will eventually destroy the world, is true skill.

Urban Fantasy seems to be all about strong kick-butt women standing alone against a mighty foe. But Celia isn't alone. She's got friends, family, and coworkers who are her support network and they all have strengths, weaknesses, and problems that we, the readers, can relate to.

If you haven't yet read any of the Celia Graves stories give them a try. The books can stand alone but for true enjoyment start with the first book, Blood Song.

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