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Fantasy Magazine #48 - March 2011 by John Joseph Adams
Edited by John Joseph Adams
Cover Artist: Scott Grimando
Review by Sam Tomaino
Fantasy Magazine  
Date: 28 March 2011

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Fantasy Magazine #48, now an online magazine has stories by Genevieve Valentine, Holly Black, Tanith Lee, and George R.R. Martin along with Author Spotlights on all of them, and non-fiction articles by Graeme McMillan, Te Jefferson & J. Corbeau, Andrew Bayer and LaShawn Wanak.

Fantasy Magazine, is now an online magazine. It works just like Lightspeed. You can find the issue and how to pay (or not) for it at .

The fiction begins with an original story, "The Sandal-Bride" by Genevieve Valentine. Our narrator and an indentured servant are traveling to another city with a load of spices. A woman named Sara wants passage with them to be with her husband but this is not permitted by the local religion. She offers him jewels to become a "sandal-bride" to our narrator for the journey. He will not sleep with her but she can travel with him. The journey changes him and that's what makes for a very fine story.

Next, is a reprint, "The Dog King" by Holly Black (originally published in The Poison Eaters and Other Stories in 2010. In the city of Dunbardin, the king puts on fights between the wild wolves of the city. He also keeps a wolf who can spy for him, as it is a shape-changer. When people in the city are killed by a wolf, the king offers whoever kills the beast to be named his heir. This was a beautifully written fairy tale that I was glad to have read.

Then, it's back to an original, "The God Orkrem" by Tanith Lee. Lee is one of the best fantasy writers and shows her skills here. We follow a warrior who has had a hard life. Now, he seeks the god Orkrem who is regarded as cruel and the cause of all calamities. He meets three crones on the way and they warn him of dangers. He finally gets to the house of Orkrem but I'll leave it at that. This story did not disappoint and was a nicely done fantasy.

The fiction concludes with another reprint, "The Lonely Songs of Laren Dorr" by George R.R. Martin (originally published in Fantastic Stories in 1976). Laren Dorr lives in a world all his own. He can change anything in it, but he is alone. Into the world comes Sharra, a woman who can travel between worlds forever. She is seeking her lover Kaydar. The lords of this universe are called the Seven and they are responsible for what has happened to Laren, Sharra, and Kaydar. This was an old story but it showed Martin's talent for fantasy even back then. It was a joy to have it to read.

The forty-eighth issue of Fantasy Magazine was well worth-reading. I do recommend that you check out their web site at and support them in some way.

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