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Hell Ship by Philip Palmer
Orbit Paperback  ISBN/ITEM#: 9781841499444
Date: 07 July 2011 List Price £8.99 Amazon US / Amazon UK /

British author Philip Palmer impressed greatly with his energetic and vibrant début Space Opera Debatable Space when it was released back in 2008 - see here for my review. Palmer followed up with Red Claw and Version 43 with their fantastic retro cover look and this month we have the release of Hell Ship, another brash, violent, pulpy SF tale, this time featuring aliens, invaders and pirates in space! I really do recommend Palmer's work - he's an unflinching and relentlessly ballsy writer, completely unafraid to shock and unapologetic in the "glam rock", over-the-top invention that characterises his work - that's pretty refreshing in an age where sometimes one gets a sense more of franchise than of fiction. Hell Ship is an Orbit paperback original.

"The Hell Ship hurtles through space. Inside the ship are thousands of slaves, each the last of their race. The Hell Ship and its infernal crew destroyed their homes, slaughtered their families and imprisoned them forever. One champion refuses to succumb. Sharrock, reduced from hero to captive in one blow, has sworn vengeance. Although Sai-as, head of the alien slave horde, will ruthlessly enforce the status quo. But help is close. Jak has followed the Ship for years and their battles have left Jak broken, a mind in a starship's body, focussed only on destroying the Ship. Together, can hunter and slave end this interstellar nightmare? "

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