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Jupiter XXXIII: Euanthe – July 2011
Edited by Ian Redman
Cover Artist: David Conyers
Review by Sam Tomaino
Jupiter Magazine  ISBN/ITEM#: 1740-2069
Date: 28 August 2011

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Travel with us to Euanthe for Jupiter XXXIII with stories by Alexander Hawes, V.K. Valev, Jon Wallace, Shane Ward and Ian Sales.

If it's Jupiter XXXIII, this must be Euanthe, the July 2011 issue and it has its usual collection of fine stories

The first story in this issue is "Battlefield of Woe" by Alexander Hawes Bsc. The story opens with Joseph finding himself in the middle of a deadly war zone on an alien planet. That story alternates with a time in the past when he must leave his fiancée Serenity who is anything but calm at his leaving her for two years. That story goes back in time for better days in their relationship. The battleground story advances into a more and more desperate situation. The contrast is what makes this story more heart-wrenching and a perfect start to this issue.

"Operation Marketing" by V.K. Valev is a sharp satire told from the point of view of an intelligent toaster. We follow it from when it is first taken out of the box and revels in its function of toasting bread. We see how it discovers his deeper function, part of FUN technologies corporate strategy. This is another great story with a fine little twist right at the end.

In "The Triangular Trade" by Jon Wallace, Burgess is shopping at Waite's Orbital Bargain Bin, looking for a good used spaceship. He finds quite a bargain in a vessel called the Triangular. He is lucky to hire Harriet to be the ship's pilot. He has a grand scheme to make enough money to pay off a massive debt. He also has a nasty past when he was a government bigwig who caused people to be enslaved. Does his scheme work? I won't tell but the end is very appropriate, another fine story in this issue.

"The Cataline Downfall" by Shane Ward is set on another world which had been invaded thousands of years in the past. The invaders had killed and tortured many. Then, a mysterious thing arrived and took away the invaders, also developing a shield. Then, they left. Our story is told by Ellie-Soma, a young female of the planet on which the civilization is declining. Once more, invaders arrive and bad thing happen. What happens to Ellie-Soma makes for a poignant and touching story.

The issue concludes with "Words Beyond the Veil" by Ian Sales. Mike is part of a crew investigating an alien artifact. He does not particularly get along with the rest of the crew because he is very different from them. One difference is an interest in death metal music and, specifically a band called Mithras. This is a real band and we have some of their lyrics quoted as Mike's affinity for them helps him understand the artifact. Mike says, that he “ “can’t explain why death metal appeals to him and the flaw of the story is that we don't understand it either.

Even with my reservations about that last story, I still recommend subscribing to Jupiter. The next moon should be Euporie. Join us there!


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