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Daylight on Iron Mountain by David Wingrove
Corvus Hardcover  ISBN/ITEM#: 9781848878310
Date: 01 November 2011 List Price 18.99 Amazon US / Amazon UK /

Corvus continue their huge programme that sees the reissue of David Wingrove's massive Chungo Kuo sequence - his wonderfully epic and sprawling space opera widely regarded as a worthy rival to Herbert's Dune or Asimov's Foundation.

This is undoubtedly one of the most splendidly ambitious publishing ventures around right no and is bolstered by a dedicated Chung Kuo web site which has been created to support the campaign. November sees the publication of Volume Two - Daylight on Iron Mountain. Eighteen further volumes will follow, eclipsing even Steve Erikson's ten volume Malazan books.

"CHANGE IS ON THE AIR: The generals of the Middle Kingdom await the decision of the emperor.The campaign to secure the border from China to Iraq has reached a strange impasse. Two blood enemies have united against their common cause. But with the lives of thousands at his whim, the exalted Tsao Ch'un, the Son of Heaven, cannot decide. Destroy the Middle East in one blinding flash? Or take another path? THE WAY IS UNCLEAR: In the court of Tsao Ch'un, men of power have become smiling lackeys, whose graces conceal their fear, or their ambition. With his family held hostage by the empire, General Jiang Lei finds himself appointed to a special task: the orchestration of the last great war against the West. The total dominion of America. WAR APPROACHES: But life in the world of levels continues. No hint of war, or want, or discontent can infiltrate the oppressive, ordered society that replaces the world Jake Reed once knew. Since the first airships rolled over the horizon, nothing has been the same. His new life means new thinking, new customs, a new way of behaving, and with his every move scrutinized, Jake can only serve the bureaucracy of new China. But he is not the only citizen who feels discontent with the anodyne new order... "

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