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Editorial Matters - November 2011 by Gayle Surrette
Review by Gayle Surrette *Editorial  ISBN/ITEM#: EM112011
Date: 01 November

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Photo: Jupiter's Clouds from New Horizons. Image Credit: NASA, Johns Hopkins U. APL, SWRI. Explanation: The New Horizons spacecraft took some stunning images of Jupiter on its way out to Pluto. Famous for its Great Red Spot, Jupiter is also known for its regular, equatorial cloud bands, visible through even modest sized telescopes.

At last, we have the November issue of SFRevu online. It's been a really bumpy road but we made it. The short version is that our staff attended the World Fantasy Convention in San Diego, CA. We'd been asked to be staff and help with program operations. Well, before we left for California everything was ready for the issue except the this editorial, and a few reviews that came in just as we were packing up. (Truth be told also a couple of my reviews, too.) As these things usually go, the airline lost our luggage; programming operations took up a lot of time (9-11 hours per day), my husband got sick and slept the entire weekend (thus the long hours for me), and when we finally got back home on the 31st we were so exhausted we just put up an announcement figuring we'd get it all done on November 1st. We did get most of it up on November 1st after a power outage that came with no storm or wind and put us off line for nearly 2 hours. For missing our deadline by two days, I apologize but, on the other hand, with all that happened -- I'm doing a touch down-type happy dance.

A report on World Fantasy will be added in a couple of days. Meanwhile, we have lots for you to enjoy reading about. There's quite a selection of reviews and I'm sure you'll find something to add to your To Be Read list. The winners of the World Fantasy Awards are listed in our news column. I'll also be adding a few reviews over today and tomorrow, so check back.

John Berlyne's column on books released in the UK this month has been posted. Sam Tomaino has covered the online and print magazines in his zines and short fiction column.

Now for our regular announcements:

Reviewers Wanted:
While we're happy to have a core of great reviewers for SFRevu, we get more books each month than we've got readers for and we'd like to have more. If you have a great desire to review SF/Fantasy for no pay but the glory of a byline, write to us at editor (at) telling us a bit about yourself and send a 500 word (or so) review of a book that you have recently read. We should be able to get back to you within the month. (Please let us know what country you reside in -- the cost of mailing books outside the US/Canada may be an issue.)

News Column:
We started a News column last month. If you have a news item or announcement that you think would be of interest to readers of SF, send to: editor (at)

Convention Calendar:
We'd like to add a convention calendar to our magazine. We've made a start. However, we don't have time to scour the Internet looking for what's happening in the SF/Fantasy arena. Please send us your convention listings. Send to: editor (at)

Letters to the Editor(s):
We'd like to hear from you ... yes, you. What do you think of our magazine? How could we make it better? Do you like our reviews? What are your thoughts on the SF and Fantasy and their subgenres? Write to us at editor (at)

Publishers Take Note:
Material sent to us will be listed in our books-received column and may also be commented on or reviewed. With few exceptions, material not sent will not be listed or reviewed. Please send materials to SFRevu c/o Gayle Surrette, 16440 Baden Westwood Road, Brandywine, MD 20613. Or if you publish in the UK or Europe send to: John Berlyne c/o SFRevu, 27 Clarence Gardens, London, NW1 3LH, United Kingdom

Media People Take Note:
It's rather difficult to review newly released DVDs or other media when we don't get a copy. So, if you'd like us to review something, send material to SFRevu c/o Gayle Surrette, 16440 Baden Westwood Road, Brandywine, MD 20613. Media publishers in the UK or Europe send to: John Berlyne c/o SFRevu, 27 Clarence Gardens, London, NW1 3LH, United Kingdom

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