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Space and Time #115 – Fall 2011
Edited by Hildy Silverman
Cover Artist: Hannah M.G. Shapero
Review by Sam Tomaino
Space and Time  ISBN/ITEM#: 0271-2512
Date: 26 October 2011

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Here is Space And Time #115 with stories by Don D'Ammassa, Kim Antieu, Kurt Kirchmeier, Susan Liev Taylor, Forrest Aguirre, Sandra M. Odell and Robert A. Jeschonek, along with poetry, an article by Daniel M. Kimel, poetry book reviews by Linda D. Addison and an interview with Harry Turtledove.

The latest issue of Space And Time is #115, the Fall 2011 issue and it's their best of the year with one story Hugo-worthy.

The fiction begins with "Misprints" by Don D'Ammassa. Our narrator is a private detective named Burton that barely escapes death one night. The SUV that tired to run him down crashes and a woman gets out. She looks at Burton with hatred in her eyes and runs away. He recognizes her. The only problem is that she is Laurie Carter, a woman who has been dead a year. Her death was a result of one of his investigations, having found her cheating on her husband with another woman. When Burton starts looking into things he finds s startling result in one pretty good little story.

Kim Antieu gives us something special in "Good Neighbors". Colleen “CeeCee” Connor is a police sergeant in Skamania County, in southwest Washington State. Divorced from her husband, she lives there with her son, Jake. One day, driving along Highway 14, she hits something. When she gets out to investigate, she finds something stuck to the grill of her car. It looks like a tiny woman, only about two feet tall and translucent. It is still breathing. The local clinic is closed because it's Sunday and the medics at the EMS building can do little for her, so CeeCee takes her home. This is not the only strange thing that had happened that day. Elsewhere, it had, literally, rained cats and dogs (and salmon). People reported that their pets had talked to them. Three kids had disappeared into a cave that was not deep and had no other exits. This all comes together for a fine fantasy story that is not only the best in this issue, but the best story in Space And Time this year. It's so good, I'm adding to my Hugo short list for next year in the novelette category.

Next up is "Along Came a Spider" by Kurt Kirchmeier. One night Triklyn is awakened to find a REMbot in her room. These are eight-legged intelligent robots that steal people's dreams. She accuses it of dream-stealing and it denies the charge. She captures it and throws it in her closet. She starts talking to the REMbot whose name is Patch and thinks it might be able to help her. She is a prisoner of her stepmother and stepsisters, like Cinderella but worse. She is wearing a device that will not let her leave the house. Patch makes a deal with her to help her escape and we get a very imaginative fantasy.

"Sanctuary" by Susan Liev Taylor is a short short about a woman named Sally taking a walk on the beach with her friend, Trisha. She wants to smoke a cigarette but that's a crime punishable by death. More I won't say except that this was another good little story.

Forrest Aguirre's "Der Automatikmann" is even shorter than the previous story, just one paragraph long. Der Automatikmann cannot die. As long as his hand survives even a hail of bullets, he can self-repair. The others in the Picklehauben like to have him on their side until he starts imitating their fallen comrades. Aguirre accomplishes quiet a lot in less than 200 words.

In "The Magpie" by Sandra M. Odell, Samuel has the ability to steal other people's pleasures, leaving them bereft. Both an angel named Serianna and a devil named Breschion try to get him to stop doing this, but he will not listen to either of them. Why he is doing this makes for a beautiful, bittersweet tale.

Last of all, there is "The Secret Life of the Ultimate Male Enhancement" by Robert A. Jeschonek. When a man gets the enhancement from a company called Horse Dreams, Inc that had sent him an e-mail, he gets a surprise. The enhancement now has a mind of its own, calls him the Idiot and narrates the story. The enhancement has a secret and when we find out what it is, it’s hilarious.

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