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Grantville Gazette VI
Edited by Eric Flint and Paula Goodlett
Cover Artist: Tom Kidd
Review by Bill Lawhorn
Baen Hardcover  ISBN/ITEM#: 9781451637687
Date: 03 January 2012 List Price $25.00 Amazon US / Amazon UK / Show Official Info /

This is the sixth collection of materials from the Grantville Gazette. The collection is the second that isn't an exact reprint of the published Gazette. There are twenty-four stories in this collection, with the last five creating a mosaic.

"The Masque" by Eric Flint tells the story of an assassination attempt that leads to the political awakening of Prince Rupert. Sometimes it is best to let the lion sleep.

"The Monster" by Gorg Huff and Paula Goodlett relates the events that lead to the development of the Jupiter aircraft and the foundation of Trans European Air. Even with access to uptime materials, building a plane isn't easy, nor is access to the material needed to keep it flying.

"Birdwatching" by Garrett W. Vance is the story of Pam Miller's love of birds and the intermingling of American birds in Germany. This is an interesting way to discuss the effects of new species in an environment.

"Suite of Four Hands" by David Carrico continues the story of Franz Sylwester and the music of Grantville. He continues his recovery from the assault that ruined his right hand. Additionally, Marla Linder is brought to the fore as she works with downtime music masters.

"Lost in Translation" by Iver Cooper is a spy story. When a colorblind assistant takes the wrong book to be translated, his master must find a way to keep his status secret, even if someone has to die. Sometimes a lot of work leads to nothing.

"Sailing Upwind" by Kevin H. Evans and Karen C. Evans is a flight story. No universe is complete without a lighter than air story. This one adds in a search and rescue.

"A Tinkers Progress" by Terry Howard is a tale of a contemporary before they were famous. The benefactor wants to see what a man can do with all the benefits he can give, even when none of it makes sense to the family.

"Jenny and the King's Men" by Mark H. Huston is a Scotland tale. Jenny had enough and her actions led to the revolt that brought down a King. King Charles wants to avoid this happening again, but one of his supporters thinks she needs to be removed, making sure her stool gets into the act.

"Cinco de Mayo... er, Der Funfte Mai" by Edith Wild is all about tacos coming to the seventeenth century. Uptimers love tacos, the downtimers will learn.

"The Matter of Unehrlichkeit" by Kim Mackey is about status and cast. Love crosses all lines, no matter what parents want. Romeo and Juliet come to a new century.

"Letters of Trade" by David Dingwell relates the practical application of uptime knowledge to a current building project. Is the Seventeenth Century ready for a tourist trap?

"Breakthroughs" by Jack Carroll is a technological development story. Vacuum tubes are important, and they need good people to build them.

"Duty Calls" by Karen Bergstralh is a hearts and minds tale. A trio of soldiers need to find the bandits that are plaguing a region.

"The Galloping Goose" by Herbert and William Sakalaucks follows the introduction of a new rail transportation idea. An accident creates the opportunity to display a new form of high speed rail, but the groom better not be late for his wedding.

"Feng Shui for the Soul" by Keeryn Offord brings the old far east to Europe. Kurt Stoltz wants to learn from the master, Dr. Gribbleflotz, and ends up taking his life in a whole new direction.

"Ghosts in the Glass" by Tim Roesch is about perspective. One person's grime, is another person's masterpiece.

"Bunny B. Goode" by Gorg Huff and Paula Goodlett is a story set in Spain. Mechanical carding and weaving is coming to Spain along with rabbits. Of course the tradesmen need to figure out how to build one first.

"Mrs. December, 1636" by Chet Gottfried brings back Brillo the troublemaking ram. Pieter Paul Rubens want to do a portrait, but Flo wants to keep her clothes.

"Nothing's Ever Simple" by Virginia DeMarce is a tale of genealogy. Roberta Sutter wants to know about her family history. There is an ancestor alive who can help her expand her tree, but he doesn’t want to cooperate.

"Supply and Demand" by Rick Boatwright, "Plugging Along" by Kerryn Offord, "Sunday Driver" by Laura Runkle, "Turn, Turn, Turn" by Virginia DeMarce, and "The Spark of Inspiration" by Gorg Huff and Paula Goodlett make up a mosaic tale. These five stories revolve around invention and the development of necessary products for engines and airplanes, like spark plugs.

This is another great collection for fans of the Ring of Fire series. There is a little something for everyone, history, mystery and adventure.

The nice thing about the Gazette stories is that they can be enjoyed by fans after only reading the first two Ring of Fire novels. The amount of material related to Grantville is growing quickly. The new Gazette publishing schedule ensures that readers will have plenty of adventures to enjoy. The source of these stories can be found at

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