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Interzone Issue #238 Jan/Feb 2012
Edited by Andy Cox
Cover Artist: Ben Baldwin
Review by Sam Tomaino
TTA Press Magazine  ISBN/ITEM#: 0264-3596
Date: 22 February 2012

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The Jan/Feb 2012 issue of Interzone, #238 is here, with stories Ray Cluley, Tyler Keevil, Carole Johnstone, and E.J. Swift along with the usual articles and features.

The Jan/Feb 2012 issue of Interzone is another great issue, with one Hugo-worthy story.

The fiction begins with "Fata Morgana" by Ray Cluley. Set in some flooded future world, our story features an unnamed narrator who is one of the lower classes. He makes a living working for his uncle at some job involving pipes and such. He also carves things out of driftwood. For a reason not clearly explained, the upper classes live on the lower levels which flood and are in danger from sharks. An upper class family actually moves in with our hero and his uncle during such a time. Of course, they have a young daughter who our hero had encountered in a bad run-in with the upper class. They, of course, bond. Our hero also talks about a city built on sand, not water, in which life is better. This was pretty good but the social structure could have been better explained.

Next up is "Fearful Symmetry" by Tyler Keevil. In another future, in which Earth is pretty much one world-state dominated by America. Nicole works for some conservation bureaucracy and has been sent to Siberia to check out the report of a tiger-like wild animal that has torn a man to shreds. Her superiors do not want the creature killed in case it is an endangered species or something new that is viable. With two local men, Vargas and Sam, Nicole goes in search of the creature that has killed another man. This one had very well-drawn characters and a great sense of place. It also had a good beastie. This was a good enough novelette to make my Hugo Short List for next year.

In "God of the Gaps" by Carole Johnstone, we seem to be on a field trip with Daisy and Brian with Daisy a bit older and in a supervisory capacity. They are at some kind of fun house-type ride with holograms called Alien Attack. After one adventure, Daisy and Brian wind up in some sort of UFO museum and are taken on a tour by a very strange guide. Most of what he shows them are cheesy replicas but there is one real "specimen" in a jar. This all leads to more strange events. Not a bad story but a little implausible.

The fiction concludes with "The Complex" by E.J. Swift. Yun has been a convict for 40 years in a prison on a colony world. When she was 15, she accidentally killed a man in a robbery. The convicts are helping to build the world but the colony does not want them. She is due to be sent back to Earth but chances are her sister will be dead by then. This was a pretty grim story but quite a haunting one.

Interzone starts 2012 on a high note. Subscribe.

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