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Numbers Book 3: Infinity by Rachel Ward
Review by Joseph B. Hoyos
The Chicken House Hardcover  ISBN/ITEM#: 9780545350921
Date: 01 May 2012 List Price $17.99 Amazon US / Amazon UK

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Adam Dawson can look into your eyes and see the exact date of your death. On New Year's Eve, his warning of an impending earthquake saved the lives of millions of Londoners. Now, it is two years later and most of England's population still live like nomads in squalid, deplorable conditions.

Saul, an evil agent of the government, is desperately searching for Adam and his girlfriend Sarah, and their two-year-old daughter Mia. Mia, who also sees numbers, has the power to extend her life by switching numbers with someone else. Saul, who has already lived 250 years, has the same power. However, the date of his death is fast approaching; he will kill anyone in order to find Mia and switch numbers with her, thereby transferring her power to him and ensuring him of immortality.

Rachel Ward's Infinity is the most terrifying and the most shocking of the Numbers trilogy (proceeding Numbers and The Chaos. It provides a great denouement to a wonderfully creepy series.

Set in February 2029, England has crumbled into chaotic conditions much like those in the futuristic Mad Max films, starring Aussie hunk Mel Gibson. People are dying of starvation and disease. Adam and his family face another cold winter with only a tent, some grungy supplies, and the clothes on their backs. Sarah, who hates her nomadic life, yearns for them to settle down and grow roots. Adam, on the other hand, wants them to keep moving, especially when he learns that a motorcycle gang, led by Saul, is looking for them.

The novel's nightmarish events escalate when Adam, Sarah, and Mia are abducted and imprisoned inside an underground, maximum security bunker. Within this labyrinth of holding cells and labs, evil Dr. Newsome subjects them to cruel, barbaric experiments--the type one would find in a World War II Nazi concentration camp. One must keep in mind that Adam, Sarah, and Mia are children. None of them are of legal age.

Adam and Sarah are kept apart. Constantly under surveillance and not knowing who to trust, they must find a secret means for communicating with one another if they ever hope to escape alive. Saul, a cruel, sadistic man, constantly threatens them with death if they donít perform to his satisfaction.

With its disaster-laden, end-of-the-world setting, cruel experiments, non-stop violence, and good versus evil characters, I found Infinity nearly impossible to put down. I was reading it at Panera Bread and the tension it created in me was so palpable that it could be seen in my eyes. A restaurant worker stopped by my table to ask me what book I was concentrating so hard on reading. I told her it was Rachel Ward's latest science fiction thriller Infinity. She told me she was a fan of Danielle Steel and we talked about my favorite Danielle Steel novel, No Greater Love, which is based on the sinking of the Titanic. I love disaster novels and films. Hence one of several reasons for my infatuation with the Numbers trilogy.

I hope that fans will agree with me that Infinity is the best in the series. I highly recommend it, along with the other two novels, to readers who are fascinated by the paranormal. Each novel should be read in its proper order because they build upon each other. Having achieved international fame, the first novel in the series, Numbers, has been optioned by a British indie film company, Warp Films! I hope it follows the same path as other popular teen novels such as Stephenie Meyer's Twilight and Suzanne Collins' The Hunger Games.

Another horror series that has been garnering a lot of press is Alexander Gordon Smith's Escape from Furnace (Lockdown, Solitary, Death Sentence, Fugitives and Execution.). It has a Resident Evil type plot involving a highly mutative formula known as nectar, which turns young men into monsters. Whomever they bite will also turn into monsters. A virtual plague threatens an entire city and all of humanity if the protagonist Alex Sawyer, an escapee from Furnace Penitentiary, doesn't stop its deadly spread.

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