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Jupiter XL: Mneme – April 2013
Edited by Ian Redman
Cover Artist: David Congers
Review by Sam Tomaino
Jupiter eZine  ISBN/ITEM#: 1740-2069
Date: 28 May 2013

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For Jupiter XL we have landed on Mneme with stories by Alfred Searl, Stanley Wilkin, Lou van Zyl, Michael Sutherland, Rod Slatter and Dean Giles.

With Jupiter XL, we are exploring Mneme (a name that should be easy to remember), the April 2013 issue and it’s yet another of their fine issues.

The first story in this issue is "The Dreamer and the Dream" by Alfred Searls – Captain Leo Doyle is in command of HMS Valiant which has successfully destroyed an Akula class Russian Frigate before it could attack a Mars-bound convoy. But the Akula's remaining torpedoes have damaged the Valiant and Leo must incur great physical injury to save his ship. He survives but can no longer dream. Thirty years later his story concludes in a beautiful, dreamlike way.

"The Perfect Meal" by Stanley Wilkin – Our unnamed narrator is part of a team of Rangers fighting an endless battle against beasts indigenous to the colony planet on which they live. The beasts are especially motivated as they find humans very tasty. Our narrator's wife, Stella, had been one of their victims/dinners years ago. As the story continues, things get grimmer and grimmer. Poignant but depressing story.

"Ennui 101" by Lou van Zyl – Barry is attending a conference and misses getting in to the latest session. He has nothing to do and is totally bored. He studies the floor plan of the building provided by the conference, comparing it to what he sees around him. He finds a room on the plan that should not be there and decides to investigate. Bad idea in this wry little tale.

"An Endless Harvest" by Michael Sutherland - Franklyn is a scientist who has come into possession of a device that can transport him back in time. He has been traveling four billion years into the past to retrieve samples of ancient life which could cure man's ultimate disease. All he has accomplished so far is a cure for gingivitis that killed the patient. Now, he has noticed a couple of anomalies, things that should not exist. I won't spoil what happens because it is just too good. Great story!

"Celestial" by Rod Slatter. In a future in which Earth's magnetic field has reversed and the Van Allen Belts have collapsed, space travel has become too expensive but exploring under the Earth, in a domain called the Underworld, is profitable. Andrew Trent has come down there from the Overworld to rescue his girlfriend, Miranda Luchenko, from kidnappers. Mugged as soon as he arrives, he hires Cat, who, even though she is addicted to a game called Celestial, knows her way around Underworld. Together, they search for Miranda. You might figure out something of where this is going, but the rest of it makes for a good, solid story.

The issue concludes with "Mad World" by Dean Giles. On a planet with three suns, humans must evacuate when all of them are in the sky because it induces madness. Adam has come up with an idea that he thinks may help he and his wife conceive another child after their firstborn, Paul, died in infancy. Will it work? Very interesting scenario.

The next moon should be Aoede. Come along for the trip and subscribe to Jupiter!

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