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Galaxy's Edge Magazine: Issue 9, July 2014 by Michael Swanwick
Review by Sam Tomaino
Galaxy's Edge Magazine  ISBN/ITEM#: 9781612422121
Date: 01 July 2014 List Price $6.99 Amazon US / Amazon UK

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The July 2014 issue of Galaxy's Edge (#9) has stories by Gardner Dozois, Andrea G. Stewart, Robert Sheckley, Laurie Tom, Lou J. Berger, Michael Swanwick, Lisa Tang Liu and Ken Liu, and Kay Kenyon, an interview with Mercedes Lackey and Larry Dixon, and other features.

The July 2014 issue of Galaxy's Edge (#9) is another good one. I will review the ones new to this issue.

The fiction in the issue starts with "Totaled by Kary English -+- Maggie Hauri is in a bad automobile accident. Her boys are fine, but she is "totaled". A new kind of medical insurance insures money for her boys but the lab she worked in now owns her tissues, or more properly, her brain. It sits in a jar in her old lab and she manages to communicate with her former partner, Randy. Together, they make something wonderful. Good story.

"Honey, Plums and Cinammon" by Andrea G. Stewart -+- Ilayah was given a Talent by the god Belast, she lost her right eye. Her Talent is that she can smell love. She can tell if one person loves another. When she was ten, that Talent got two illicit lovers killed so she hasn't used it since. Now, her mother is ill and she need money. With her shape-shifting friend, Niyat, she goes to the palace of the Raj. He is afraid of assassins and she can sniff them out. There is a bit of a surprise at the end. The story was just okay.

"The Wings, the Lungs, The Engine the Heart" by Laurie Tom -+- Germany during World War I. A doctor named Hermann Steinfeld has invented a "heart-box", an artificial heart that, if hooked up to a man, can take the place of his damaged one. Dr. Karl Huber is tasked with trying this out on a very special patient, a great pilot whose body was recovered after he had been shot down, Rittmeister Manfred von Richtoffen. The procedure works and von Richtoffen is revived and, with the heart-box installed in his airplane, takes to the skies to shoot down more Allied aircraft. Huber gets to know der Rote Kampfflieger and so do we. In September, 1918, with Germany losing the war, the Baron takes to the skies one last time. Great story!

"Matial" by Lou J. Berger -+- Matial must sacrifice a young virgin on the Day of Planting so that the sun will rise tomorrow. He makes the mistake of talking to her first. Nicely done little one-pager.

"Hark! Listen to the Animals" by Lisa Tang Liu and Ken Liu -+- In this e-mail epistolary tale, Maggie and Jennifer, two old college friends who have not been close for twenty years, bond over their discovery that animals (and insects, etc) have all become intelligent and are going to wage war against humanity. This apocalypse is actually told with a bit of humor, but ultimately, where can it go?

Galaxy's Edge has a lot more than these stories -- some good reprinted stories, an interview, columns, book reviews and a serialization of a classic. I recommend that you pick it up.

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