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Jupiter XLV: Helike July 2014
Edited by Ian Redman
Cover Artist: David Conyers
Review by Sam Tomaino
Jupiter Magazine / eZine  ISBN/ITEM#: 1740-2069
Date: 29 December 2014

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Jupiter XLV has a moon base on Helike with stories by Richard Ulricrh, M.J. Edwards, Alfred Searls, and Greg McColm..

With Jupiter XLV, we are on Helike for some excellent stories.

"The Prodigal Father" by Richard Ulrich -+- Captain Peter Marcella returns to the town of Venezia after years of gun-running and other activities that have put a price on his head. He compounds his problems by killing a man. The story ends with the revelation of the reason for his return in this touching, bittersweet tale.

"Children of Utopia" by M.J. Edwards -+- Three hundred years ago, Earth had been abandoned when a deadly plague, that killed humans and cats, killed many. Now, three people from Europa Station, an artificial environment where humanity has lived since, have arrived on a South Pacific island to see if Earth is habitable. Captain Phil Riley and the young planetologist, Russell Keyes, are all for returning to Earth. Doctor Mary Lucas is utterly opposed, convinced that the plague is still in existence and that humanity's only chance is to terraform Jupiter, something that has failed in three tries. They are not long on the surface when they encounter people, speaking Ancient Earth English and living a primitive existence. What to do now? Good solid story, although it is convenient that they found the one island in thousands that these people are on.

"Too Late the Martyr" by Alfred Searls -+- In a future in which personal freedom is a thing of the past and an organization known as the Department of Social Stability dominates all life. Lead Investigator Julia Morant, of that organization, is called in to investigate the death of Gillian Wise, found dead in her fashionable London apartment. She finds out that Wise had been investigating Mayday, a dissident organization that the DSS had never been able to shut down. A significant clue is a book called The Theory and Practice of Oligarchical Collectivism that has been shelved upside down in the apartment. Some other subtle clues pop up and I like the way they are not spelled out in detail. The solution should not come as a surprise but what Julia does about it is. Very unsettling.

"The Winter of Our Revenge" by Greg McColm -+- A team that specializes in humanitarian aid, a race that calls itself the People but have names like Number Two and Number Five have been dispatched to a world where things have gone badly. Humans from Earth settled the world and killed all of its native inhabitants. But some "pelts and parts" had survived and they had been used to clone an army by a warlord named Aku Mareem. The warlord had eventually failed but the People survived and have searched for their home world. They wanted revenge on the humans that had slaughtered them. But they find something unexpected, human children who are innocent of any wrongdoing. A beautifully told, poignant story.

Well, that's it for Helike! On to Carpo! Sign on to future voyages by subscribing to Jupiter!

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