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Doctor Who: Season 8 (Blu-ray) by Directed by Various Directors
Review by Charles Mohapel
BBC Home Entertainment Blu-ray Discs  ISBN/ITEM#: B00IT3KQWM
Date: 01 March 2015

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Knowing that Peter Capaldi was taking over the role of Doctor Who as the Twelfth Doctor and replacing the beloved Matt Smith, I wondered what he would be like in the role. While I don't remember his previous appearances as Caecilius in the Doctor Who episode "Pompeii" (2008) or as John Frobisher in the five-part Torchwood mini-series "Children of Earth" (2009), I did have a chance to see him as the nefarious Cardinal Richelieu in Season 1 of BBC's The Musketeers (2014). And many of the early publicity stills I saw of him showed either a dour expression or pose where he is wearing a long black coat with red lining reminiscent of that worn by Jon Pertwee, the Third Doctor, but here again, Capaldi's expression is severe. Prior to his debut in "Deep Breath", I was looking forward to seeing how his Doctor would differ from that of Matt Smith.

Directed by: Various Directors

Cast (Main Characters):
Peter Capaldi ... The Doctor
Jenna Coleman ... Clara Oswald

The information on each of the episodes is a complete synopsis of the plot/action. If you haven't yet seen the episodes you may want to watch them first before reading these overviews. If you just want a reminder about what episodes are included in this season -- well, then. read on.

Disc 01:
Episode 1: "Deep Breath" is Peter Capaldi's debut episode and begins with what looks like a gigantic Tyrannosaurus rex stomping through Victorian London, pausing long enough to cough up a very familiar looking blue police box -- the Type 40 TARDIS of the Doctor. In the crowd are three familiar faces belonging to characters we have met before, the Paternoster Gang composed of the Silurian Madame Vastra, her human maid / wife Jenny, and their Sontaran butler, Strax. The TARDIS door opens and out comes the Doctor, still looking traumatized from his recent regeneration and a concerned-looking Clara Oswald who is having difficulty adapting to the new much older Doctor. Surprisingly, or not, depending on your viewpoint, the Doctor speaks dinosaur and hears her pleas for help before she spontaneously combusts. When the Doctor, Clara, and the Paternoster Gang investigate, they discover that this is far from the first recent incident of spontaneous combustion and observe a man acting strangely. Following up on newspaper messages to both of them that lure them to a restaurant filled with humanoid robots, the Doctor and Clara discover this strange man is actually a long-lived cyborg who is trying to make himself human by replacing his mechanical parts with biological ones taken from the previous victims of spontaneous combustion, including the dinosaur. Coincidentally enough, the cyborg and the robots come from the SS Marie Antoinette, the sister spaceship to the SS Madame de Pompadour seen in "The Girl in the Fireplace" (Season 2, Episode 4). The episode ends with Missy, a mysterious woman who claims the Doctor is her boyfriend and as with all previous regenerations of the Doctor, it is marked with moments of frenzy, whimsy, and mental confusion. Being a fan of the Paternoster Gang, I quite enjoyed Peter Capaldi's debut episode. (79:53)

Episode 2: "Into the Dalek" begins with a space battle and the Doctor saves rebel fighter pilot Journey Blue just before her space fighter explodes under heavy fire from a Dalek ship. Returning her to the shielded rebel command ship Aristotle, they are met by Journey's uncle, Colonel Morgan Blue, who thanks the Doctor for saving his niece, but declares that he must be killed for fear he is a duplicate and a spy. However, Journey declares that, as he is a doctor and can help their patient, which is revealed to be a battle-damaged Dalek they found floating in space and appeared to have turned good. Walking through the Aristotle's sickbay, the Doctor remarks upon a molecular nanoscanner about which he says "Do you use it to shrink the surgeons so they can climb inside the patients?" immediately reminded me of Fantastic Voyage (1966). At the same time, Danny Pink, a veteran of the war in Afghanistan suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) meets Clara for the first time and feeling a chemistry between them, she invites him out for a drink. Returning to her office, she comes face to face with the Doctor and she returns to the Aristotle with him. Colonel Blue miniaturizes the Doctor, Clara, Journey and two other rebel soldiers, Ross and Gretchen, and they all enter the damaged Dalek, nicknamed Rusty. Inside the Dalek, Ross accidentally triggers antibodies which incinerate him and the survivors are forced to take shelter in Rusty's waste center. Reaching the Dalek's power center, the Doctor discovers a large crack, which he concludes is the cause of Rusty's malfunction. Using his sonic screwdriver to seal the crack, the Doctor fixes Rusty in the process. Unfortunately, this causes Rusty to return to the normal Dalek thinking pattern and losing the good within it. The Dalek breaks its chains, begins exterminating the rebels aboard the Aristotle, and contacts the main Dalek ship, which releases more Daleks aiming to destroy the Aristotle. Inside Rusty, Clara slaps the Doctor's face and convinces the Doctor to try to reawaken the Dalek's good side. Rusty assumes the Doctor's own deeply-rooted hatred of the Dalek race as his own, and he exterminates his fellow Daleks as they attempt to destroy the Aristotle, then sends a signal to the Dalek mothership, causing it to believe the Aristotle has self-destructed, and vows to continue with his mission to destroy the Daleks. The Doctor returns Clara to her office, moments after she left, where she bumps into Danny again. Another good episode. (48:58)

Special Features
'Doctor Who: Earth Conquest - The World Tour' - Beginning in Cardiff, Wales where Doctor Who was revived, the World Tour continued on to Kingston, Manchester, and London, before heading overseas to Seoul in South Korea, Sydney and Melbourne in Australia, Connecticut and New York City in the United States, Mexico City, and finishing up in Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. This awesome featurette stars Peter Capaldi (The Doctor), Jenna Coleman (Clara Oswald), Steven Moffat (Lead Writer & Executive Producer), Matthew Doman (Cyberman Operator), Jon Davey (Dalek Operator), Antony Wainer (Doctor Who Appreciation Society), Waris Hussein (1st Director, Doctor Who), Frazer Hines (Jamie McCrimmon), Jamie McCrimmon (Polly), Rob Lloyd (Comedian), Alice X. Zhang (Digital Artist), Otto Dieffenbach (Remote Control TARDIS - 4 foot), and Alisa Stern (Animator). My favorite part was the fan created musical by the Hollywood Show featuring the song-and-dance number 'Time Warp' from The Rocky Horror Picture Show (1975). I enjoyed this more than some of the episodes of Series 8. (48:41)

'Inside the TARDIS' with Michael Pickwoad (Production Designer) was so-so. (1:53)

'Doctor Who Exclusive' was interesting.

    1) 'Casting Peter' with Steven Moffat and Jenna Coleman. (2:32)
    2) 'Writing the New Series' with Steven Moffat. (2:13)
    3) 'What is Doctor Who?' with Steven Moffat, Peter Capaldi, and Jenna Coleman. (2:27)
    4) 'Why Watch Series 8?' with Jenna Coleman and Peter Capaldi. (2:05)
BBC America's 'Doctor Who Live Pre-Show' with host Chris Hardwick, actor Wil Wheaton (Star Trek: The Next Generation, Eureka, The Big Bang Theory) and Peter Capaldi. They did a good job of setting the table for the debut of Peter Capaldi as the Twelfth Doctor. (11:02)

BBC America's 'Doctor Who After-Show Live' with host Chris Hardwick, actor Wil Wheaton, and actress Natalie Morales, actor Mark Gattis (Lazarus), celebrity chef Alton Brown, and actor Dan Starkey (Strax) shared a rollicking good time with us. (43:23)

'London Post-Premiere' ("Deep Breath") Q&A with Peter Capaldi, Jenna Coleman, and Steven Moffat (host) was entertaining and gave us some new insights. (29:45)

Commentary on "Into the Dalek" with co-writer Phil Ford and Director Ben Wheatley failed to give me any really interesting insights into either this episode or any of the actors, nor did the voices of Ford and Wheatley add to the excitement or my enjoyment of this episode. Fortunately for me, the episode won me over on its own merits. (48:58)

Disc 02:
Episode 3: "Robot of Sherwood" begins with Clara Oswald insisting that the Doctor take her to meet Robin Hood and the Doctor claiming that Robin Hood is only a legend, but when the TARDIS lands in medieval England, they are met by a man who claims he is Robin Hood. In a role reversal of Robin meeting Little John, the Doctor and Robin battle to a watery draw, after which they go to meet Robin's fellow outlaws. When Robin, his men, as well as the Doctor and Clara attend an archery contest the prize of a golden arrow held by the Sheriff of Nottingham, Robin, disguised as Tom the Tinker, faces off against the Sheriff in the final round and bests the Sheriff by splitting the Sheriff's arrow with his own shot. Appearing suddenly, the Doctor splits Robin's arrow with his own, leading to the two of them trying to outdo each other, until the Sheriff orders the competition to end, and sends his knights, which are actually disguised robots, to capture them. Wanting to discover more about the Sheriff's plans, the Doctor lets the robots capture the three of them. Clara tricks the Sheriff into revealing that he witnessed a spaceship crash and has been trying to repair it by collecting all the gold in Nottingham so that he can use it to travel to London and take over the Kingdom. After the Doctor and Robin escape, so does Clara, but the Doctor is recaptured. Clara, Robin, and his men rescue the Doctor, destroying most of the robots, and when the Sheriff appears and challenges Robin to a sword duel, Robin uses the move the Doctor used on him to knock the Sheriff into one of the gold vats and killing him. Controlled by the remaining robots, the spaceship takes off, but without sufficient gold it will explode catastrophically and the Doctor, Clara, and Robin work in unison to fire the golden arrow from the archery contest into the ship which then destroys itself harmlessly. The Doctor and Robin reach an understanding based on mutual respect and as the TARDIS departs, we see the Doctor's final gift to Robin - he has found Maid Marian and returned her to Robin. This was probably my favorite episode of the season. (48:25)

Episode 4: "Listen" begins with Clara Oswald and fellow Coal Hill teacher Danny Pink on their first date, but it turns out to be a disaster when they both unintentionally offend the other person with their lack of understanding. Upon returning home, she discovers the Doctor waiting for her, needing her help for a change. Entering the TARDIS, he questions whether every living being has a constant companion, citing the example of the dream that many children have in which a hand grabs them from under the bed at night. Using the TARDIS' telepathic link to try and lock onto the event, her mind strays to Danny, and they end up in a children's home in Gloucester in the mid 1990s, where Clara is stunned to meet a little boy named Rupert Pink - it's Danny before he changed his name. When Clara and Rupert crawl underneath his bed, something sits on the bed above them and on emerging, they discover a strange figure huddled underneath Rupert's blankets, and when the Doctor suddenly appears, he demands that they turn away from it and promise that they will not look at it. When they look away, it disappears. When Clara is drawn back into the TARDIS by a figure in a spacesuit, it turns out to be a man with a strong resemblance to Danny named 'Orson Pink', a descendant of a time traveler, and possibly Danny and Clara's great-grandson. The Doctor takes Clara and Orson back to Orson's spaceship, but when the Doctor is rendered unconscious, Orson has to rescue him. Exiting the TARDIS, Clara finds herself in an old barn, where a child is in bed and crying under the covers. Clara approaches him, but has to hide under the bed when two people enter in order to try to coax the child to leave the room. Overhearing this, she realises that the child is the Doctor as a child, and his guardians are trying to force him to be a soldier as they don't believe him to have the potential to be a true Time Lord. As they leave, Clara accidentally grabs the Doctor's leg when he tries to get out of bed, and she realizes that she is the monster under the Doctor's bed. After returning Clara to Earth and Orson to his original time period, the Doctor decides there is no creature under the bed, and Rupert Pink's 'monster' was simply another child from the children's home scaring him. Clara goes to Danny's home, where they apologize for the unintentionally hurtful things they said to each other, then kiss and make up. No matter how many times I watched this episode, I just didn't care for it. (50:04)

Episode 5: "Time Heist" begins with the Doctor trying to convince Clara to come sightseeing with him as she prepares for a date with Danny Pink, when the TARDIS phone rings and despite Clara's protests, the Doctor answers. Instantly, they find themselves in a room with two strangers: Psi, a hacker with an augmented brain, and Saibra, a shapeshifting humanoid. Listening to recordings of their own voices, they learn that each of them agreed to wipe their own memories. Discovering a briefcase left by a shadowy person named "The Architect", it contains tools and plans to rob the impregnable vaults of the Bank of Karabraxos. Taking the tools provided, they flee the room which is inside the bank itself just as guards arrive. Working their way back onto the main floor of the bank, they witness another bank customer being accused of "guilty thoughts" by the bank's Head of Security, Ms. Delphox. She brings in an alien creature named The Teller who scans the customer's brains, confirms his guilt, and uses its psychic abilities to destroy the customer's brain. The Doctor, Clara, Psi, and Saibra reluctantly continue to follow this plan and find more briefcases containing useful items closer to the main vaults, one of which contains six mysterious devices the Doctor claims he doesn't recognize. Challenged on this by Saibra, he admits that they appear to be disintegrators. Forced to pass through the area where the Teller is kept in hibernation, the Doctor realizes that because the Teller can sense guilt, they all had to undergo the memory wipe to minimize the chances of their being detected, but the Teller picks up on Clara's brainwaves and stirs. The Doctor helps Clara break away from the Teller's scan, but when Saibra is caught by the scan instead, the Doctor gives her one of the disintegrators and assures her it's painless and she sacrifices her life. Continuing on, the Doctor, Clara, and Saibra discover the Teller pursuing them. Psi opens the vault, but when the Teller corners Clara, Psi acts as a distraction to save her and uses his disintegrator to commit suicide rather than die by the Teller's scan. Unwilling to give up, the Doctor and Clara push on, reaching the main vault where one final lock remains in place, but the Doctor cannot circumvent it. Coincidentally, a solar storm begins causing this problematic final lock to be released. The Doctor finally understands this is a time travel heist and that they were sent back in time to the precise moment when the storm struck, since this was their best opportunity to enter the main vault. Once inside, they discover the two safety deposit boxes indicated by the Architect, the first of which contains a device capable of restoring Psi's lost memories, and the second contains a serum capable of stabilizing Saibra's DNA, thereby allowing her to touch people without shifting into their form. The Doctor concludes that the item he is meant to find is in the personal vault of Director Karabraxos, but before they can break in, he and Clara are captured and taken to Ms. Delphox's office. She examines the items they removed from the vault of Director Karabraxos before being summoned away and after she leaves the room, the two guards shock the Doctor and Clara by revealing themselves to be Psi and Saibra. As it turns out, the disintegrators were actually teleporters, and Psi and Saibra reveal that there is a ship in orbit ready to take them offworld. Psi informs the Doctor that the TARDIS is also there, waiting for him, whereupon the quartet head off to the vault of Director Karabraxos. Breaking in, they are are shocked to discover Madame Karabraxos already there, and what's more, she looks exactly like Ms. Delphox. As it turns out, Ms. Delphox is one of several clones of Madame Karabraxos specially created in order to help her by handling administrative matters. Madame Karabraxos cooly orders the Teller dispatched to the vault, as well as the destruction of the Delphox clone who failed in her duties. When the Doctor makes an offhand remark about Madame Karabraxos not liking her own clone, he finally comes to understand thanks to his prior conversation with Saibra, exactly who The Architect is. Madame Karabraxos packs her most valuable and portable belongings in a case and as she leaves in order to escape the intensifying solar storm, the Doctor gives her his phone number, telling her to call him when she is very old and filled with regret. She leaves, the Teller arrives and the Doctor surrenders to the his scan, hoping it will remove the earlier memory block he had encountered. As the Teller scans him, the Doctor finally remembers the events from before: an elderly, dying Madame Karabraxos called him and told him of her one big regret. In a flashback, the Doctor is shown setting up the heist as he is the Architect. The Teller understands that the Doctor is actually there to help and releases him from the scan before using its unique abilities to open another vault door. Inside is the Teller's mate, kept prisoner to force the Teller to use its abilities on behalf of the Bank of Karabraxos. The Doctor rescues them, taking the two aliens to a planet with no thought pollution where they can live out their lives in peace, after which he takes Psi, Saibra, and Clara to get dinner before returning everyone to their homes. This was another episode I really enjoyed and I felt that Peter Capaldi's Doctor was becoming more comfortable with his new body and personality. (47:29)

Episode 6: "The Caretaker" - Poor Clara Oswald is struggling to maintain two separate lives, one as the Doctor's current companion and the other as a school teacher at Coal Hill School, while also trying to have an adult relationship with her fellow teacher Danny Pink. While preparing for his next outing, the Doctor informs Clara that she can't join him since he will be going under "deep cover" and the very next morning in the school staffroom, the head teacher introduces a temporary caretaker: the Doctor, using his regular alias as John Smith. She learns his actual purpose is due to the presence of a murderous alien robot called the Skovox Blitzer which possesses enough firepower to destroy Earth and is located near the school. Clara tells the Doctor to leave it alone, but he explains that if he doesn't do something about it, someone will attack it, and it will begin to destroy Earth. He intends to lure it into the school at night when it is empty and use a time displacement vortex to displace it a billion years into the future where it can't harm anyone. Planting devices around the school to generate the vortex, the Doctor also demonstrates an invisibility watch, which he will plans to use to avoid detection by the Skovox Blitzer. While at the school, the Doctor encounters Danny Pink and upon learning that he is a former soldier who served in Afghanistan, the Doctor assumes he is a Physical Education teacher, claiming he just can't believe Danny is actually a Math teacher. One of Clara and Danny's students, the troublemaking Courtney Woods, also becomes skeptical of the Doctor when she sees the TARDIS hidden inside his cupboard. Working late one day, Danny discovers one of the Doctor's time vortex devices and he inadvertently changes the settings by removing one of them. The Doctor lures the Skovox Blitzer into the school one evening when it is deserted, but due to the changed settings, he is only able to displace the robot 73 hours forward. Danny is dazed and alarmed after finally learning of Clara's secret double life and he assumes that she is an alien and the Doctor is her father. After explaining the truth to Danny, an argument arises between him and the Doctor out of mutual contempt before Clara blurts out that she loves Danny. Unfortunately for them, the Skovox Blitzer re-materializes earlier than the Doctor estimated, and with Clara acting as a decoy, the Skovox Blitzer is drawn to the Doctor. He stalls the Skovox Blitzer by using a device to imitate its commander, but then accidentally triggers a self-destruct protocol. Luckily with the last minute intervention of Danny, they are able to order the Skovox Blitzer to stand down. Shortly thereafter, the Doctor sends the Skovox Blitzer drifting safely off into space. Later on, during a heart-to-heart talk, Danny explains to Clara that he is impressed that the Doctor can push her into acting without fear, but he also tells her to let him know if the Doctor pushes her too far, so that he can help her. If she doesn't, then their relationship is over. Meanwhile a police officer, killed by the Skovox Blitzer at the beginning of the show, wakes up in the Promised Land. The interviewer tells the officer that he is dead and where they are, stating that Missy is too busy to talk to him. This was another excellent episode because not only did Peter Capaldi's Doctor continue to grow, but so did that of Samuel Anderson's Danny Pink. (47:25)

Special Features
'The Ultimate Time Lord' with host Peter Davison (the Fifth Doctor), Jenna Coleman, David Tennant (the Tenth Doctor), Steven Moffat (Show Runner), Peter Capaldi, Dr. Mike Aiken (Psychology, King's College, London), Andy Pryor (Casting Director), Howard Burden (Costume Designer), Nicholas Briggs (Voice of the Daleks), Derek Ritchie (Script Editor), Murray Gold (Composer), Colin Baker (the Sixth Doctor), Paul McGann (the Eighth Doctor), and Sylvester McCoy (the Seventh Doctor). This was an entertaining and informative feature and it certainly didn't seem to last as long as the timer indicated that it had. (45:01)

Commentary on "Robot of Sherwood" with Director Paul Murphy was one of the rare solo commentaries that I can honestly say that I enjoyed. (48:25)

Commentary on "The Caretaker" with Director Paul Murphy, Kate Walshe (Prosthetics Effects Producer / Identified by as Prosthetics Designer: Millennium FX), and Peter Hawkins (Animatronics Engineer and one of the crew who built the Skovox Blitzer / Identified by as Animatronic Designer: Millennium FX). This was an enjoyable commentary filled with behind-the-scenes gems, but not plagued with overly technical minutiae. (47:25)

Disc 03:
Episode 7: "Kill the Moon" - Following the events of "The Caretaker", Clara warns The Doctor that her student, Courtney Woods, is still interested in his TARDIS and is trying to clean up the mess she made inside it previously, but as they enter, the Doctor stops Courtney from cleaning and offers to take her and Clara on a trip with him. They arrive in the Year 2049 on a Space Shuttle filled with nuclear devices set on a crash course with the Moon. Surviving the crash landing, the Doctor is curious about the higher-than-expected gravity they are experiencing, and they meet Captain Lundvik and two other astronauts. Dismissing the Doctor's attempt to call their presence a school trip, Lundvik explains they are on a suicide mission to blow up the Moon; she explains that years earlier, there was a sudden mass high tide, wiping out a significant percentage of humanity and wiping out many of Earth's satellites. Humanity chose to abandon scientific advancement for the sake of the survival of the human race, a decision Captain Lundvik deeply regretted as she was poised to help lead a major space program prior to the disaster. A Mexican lunar colony reported changes in the Moon before Earth lost contact with them, leading scientists to suspect that the problem originated there. On Earth, authorities surmised that by destroying the Moon, they would be able to save Humanity from further harm. Setting out for the Mexican lunar colony, the group is shocked to find it covered in spiderwebs. Captain Lundvik sends one of her crew members back to prime the nuclear devices as they explore the colony, though he is attacked on the way back when he investigates an opening on the surface. Inside the colony, they find the Mexican colonists cocooned in more spider webs. The Doctor reviews the scientific readings the colonists had taken, which show seismic activity on the surface, as well as an increase of the Moon's mass by over 1 billion tons, which explains the subsequent sudden tidal shift on Earth. When a spider-like creature attacks them, killing Captain Lundvik's other astronaut, Courtney manages to kill the creature by using the disinfecting fluid she had brought to use in the TARDIS earlier. The Doctor realizes these creatures act like germs, and after returning Courtney to the safety of the TARDIS, he leads the group back to investigate one of the cracks on the lunar surface, where they find thousands more spider-like creatures inside the crack, and the Doctor discovers amniotic fluid nearby. To everyone's surprise, the Doctor tells them he will be back and dives directly into the crack. Clara and Captain Lundvik then witness the Shuttle fall into another crack on the lunar surface, and return to the Mexican colony to wait, with Captain Lundvik preparing to set the timer on the nuclear detonators despite Clara's assurances that the Doctor will return. He returns shortly and brings the TARDIS to the colony, explaining that the Moon is really a 100-million-year-old egg, the creature inside is ready to hatch, and the spider-like creatures are the equivalent of microbes on the surface of the giant egg. Captain Lundvik immediately states that they should still destroy the Moon and kill the creature in order to prevent any possible harm to humanity the creature may cause, but Clara refuses to accept this solution and turns to the Doctor for advice. The Doctor harshly reminds them he cannot be involved and promptly leaves in the TARDIS, abandoning Clara, Captain Lundvik, and Courtney on the Moon and forcing them to reach a decision within 90 minutes, the approximate length of time left before the giant egg hatches. They attempt to come to a decision but none of them can make the choice about saving Humanity at the cost of sacrificing the life of the unborn creature about to hatch from the egg. As the spider creatures swarm the lunar surface, Captain Lundvik makes contact with Earth, while Clara uses a simultaneous television broadcast to plead with Humanity to help them make their choice, either by turning off their lights signaling that they should destroy the Moon or keeping them on to let them know they should the creature live. Captain Lundvik initiates the countdown on the nuclear devices while they wait for Earth's response which they will be able to see from the Moon. Even though the lights on Earth go out, Clara intervenes and stops the countdown. At the very last moment, the Doctor returns, knowing they have decided to allow the creature to live, and rescues them from the Moon as it starts to crumble. Back on Earth, the four watch as the dragon-like creature in the center of the Moon hatches and flies away, the shell of the Moon disintegrating harmlessly. At Clara's insistence, the Doctor reveals that because of what happened with the Moon, Humanity's interest would be rekindled in space travel, helping them spread across the Universe, and he then assures Captain Lundvik that she will now have a real space program to lead. They then witness a new Moon appear in Earth's orbit -- a freshly-laid egg by the creature. After they return Captain Lundvik and Courtney to their proper time and place, Clara accosts the Doctor about forcing her to make that choice, telling him that if he makes himself a friend of Earth, it is his decision too. She ultimately tells him that she does not want to see him again. After she leaves the TARDIS back at Coal Hill, she is comforted by Danny Pink and he explains to him that she is through with the Doctor but Danny notes that she isn't really ready to move on yet. When asked how he became so wise, we learn that he left the British Army under circumstances that he refers to as a "really bad day" and later that evening, Clara returns to her flat and looks out onto the new Moon. This was another excellent episode and it was interesting seeing Peter Capaldi really getting settled into the role. (47:08)

Episode 8: "Mummy on the Orient Express" takes place several weeks after "Kill the Moon" and Clara has relented slightly, permitting the Doctor to take her on one last hurrah. The Doctor takes her by TARDIS to a space-bound recreation of the famed Orient Express train, filled with passengers dressed up in period costumes. While taking in the spectacular view of space, Clara confesses that she doesn't actually hate the Doctor, but can't continue with him as before. They learn that Mrs. Pitt, an elderly woman, had recently died on the Orient Express while claiming that she was being attacked by a mummy that no one else could see. Retiring to separate cabins for the evening, Clara calls Danny for advice on how to properly end her relationship with the Doctor. She later encounters Maisie, Mrs. Pitt's granddaughter, who is distraught over her grandmother's death and is frustrated at not being permitted to see her grandmother's body. The two of them get trapped in the luggage car with a mummy's sarcophagus, and they bond while waiting for help. Meanwhile the Doctor, claiming to be a mystery shopper, investigates Mrs. Pitt's death with the aid of Perkins, the train's engineer. Perkins is also curious about her death, as well as the nature of the train itself. The Doctor then speaks to Professor Moorhouse regarding the myth of the Foretold, a supernatural being who claims its victim 66 seconds after the lights flicker and the presence of the Foretold is further confirmed when the train's chef dies in a manner similar to that of Mrs. Pitt. The Doctor discovers Clara's situation, but when he tries to release her and Maisie, the lights flicker and the sarcophagus opens, but before he can act, Captain Quell and his men arrest him for falsifying his credentials, despite his warning that someone is about to die. When the 66 seconds expire, they discover that one of the Captain's men has died and the Captain realizing the Doctor was correct, releases him. The Doctor begins to ask what is really happening on the train, realizing that most of the passengers are scientific experts and demands to know why. The train suddenly stops in space and the period decor of the original Orient Express, as well as several of the passengers are revealed to be holograms when they vanish, revealing the remaining passengers to be in a laboratory. Gus, the computerized train operator tells them they must study the force behind the killings so that it can be reverse engineered as a weapon. Professor Moorhouse proves to be the next victim, and he fearfully gives a visual description of the Foretold before he dies. When the Doctor contacts Clara, she tells him that she has discovered that the sarcophagus is meant as a containment unit for the Foretold and that she has discovered records revealing previous attempts to discover the nature of the Foretold. Many previous ships and crews have been lost in the search for the Foretold and in some cases, the force behind Gus purposely killed them when they failed to produce any useful data on the Foretold. Gus warns the Doctor to end the phone call and return to work, and when he does not comply with the order, Gus decompresses the kitchen car, killing the kitchen staff. Then Gus threatens to kill more passengers and crew if the researchers continue their disobedience. The Doctor and Perkins discover that the past victims were all suffering from various medical conditions, and the Foretold is targeting the weakest. Captain Quell reveals he suffers from wartime Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and soon sees the Foretold, providing more information to the others before he dies: its mummy-like appearance, its ability to teleport, and how it appears out of phase with its surroundings. The Doctor and Perkins hypothesize that the Foretold drains the victim's energy through phase shifting, a process that takes 66 seconds to complete and Perkins identifies the next likely victim: Maisie, due to her trauma over losing her grandmother. The Doctor tells Clara to bring Maisie to the lab after obtaining Gus' permission to unlock the storage door. On the way there, Clara discovers that the TARDIS is surrounded by a force field and she mentions this to the Doctor, telling him that that Gus must know about him, the TARDIS, and his Time Lord nature in order to enable it to thwart their means of escape. The Doctor is forced to admit that Gus had been trying to bring him here to help for some time now and Clara accuses him of deliberately bringing her into yet another dangerous situation. At this moment, Maisie sees the Foretold and the Doctor absorbs some of her memories in order to trick the mummy into believing that he is the intended victim. Within those 66 seconds, the Doctor determines that the Foretold is actually a former soldier left over from a war that took place thousands of centuries ago, having been modified with phase-shifting camouflage to serve as an assassin. The Doctor offers their surrender to the Foretold, which halts its attack and becomes visible to everyone, salutes the Doctor, then disintegrates into dust leaving only its phase-shifting device behind. Gus congratulates the passengers on their success, then evacuates all the air aboard the train since their services are no longer necessary. As Clara and the others pass out from lack of air, the Doctor takes the phase-shifting device and rewires it into a short-range teleporter. When Clara regains consciousness on a beach, the Doctor tells her he saved the passengers by teleporting them all into the TARDIS and then dropping them off on a nearby civilized planet. His unsuccessful attempt to hack Gus to find out who was responsible for their plight caused the computer to destroy the train. Clara is pleased that the Doctor saved others this time, believing that his heartlessness was a pretense. The Doctor admits that he was unsure that he could save Maisie, because he could not save Moorhouse or Quell. He explains that he would have used the data from her death, and any others, to defeat Gus, gently explaining to Clara that sometimes doing the right thing means facing and making hard choices. Back on board the TARDIS, the Doctor offers Perkins a job maintaining the time machine, having come to respect the engineer and expecting that Clara will be leaving, but Perkins politely declines the Doctor's offer. Clara takes a call from Danny Pink, who expects that she'll finally be ending her trips with the Doctor, but she has now reconsidered her earlier decision and wants to continue traveling with the Doctor. I loved this crossover of 'The Mummy' meets 'Murder on the Orient Express'. (48:41)

Episode 9: "Flatline" - Upon returning with Clara to London, the Doctor discovers that something is draining energy from the TARDIS and they end up in Bristol instead. Finding that the TARDIS' exterior dimensions have shrunk as a result of the energy drain, the Doctor sends Clara out to learn more while he tries to stop the drainage. Clara befriends Rigsy, a teenage graffiti artist now performing community service with a small cleanup crew. Rigsy explains that several people have gone missing recently, their disappearances memorialized by a mural painted by an unknown person in a pedestrian tunnel. Clara returns to find that the TARDIS has shrunk even farther, with the Doctor unable to physically get out. He passes her his sonic screwdriver, psychic paper, and a earpiece in order to let him communicate with her, and asks her to carry the TARDIS with her as she rejoins Rigsy, taking on the role of "Doctor Oswald" and adopting several of the Doctor's quirky mannerisms. Visiting the flat of the latest disappeared person, they find nothing unusual, save for a strange mural of a desert on one wall. With help of Police Constable Forrest, they enter the flat of the first disappeared person, and the Doctor instructs them to tear out a wall believing the source of his trouble is located within. In the next room, Police Constable Forrest is suddenly absorbed into the floor, and by the time Clara and Rigsy arrive to help her, she is gone. The Doctor is drawn to another wall mural, and realizes that is shaped like a human nervous system, suspecting that was the fate of Police Constable Forrest; he concludes the desert mural in the other flat was a close-up of the skin of the last victim. He concludes that they are being attacked by creatures who live in two dimensions, which he later names the Boneless, and trying to experiment in understanding the third dimension. The Boneless trap Clara and Rigsy in the room by flattening the door handle to two dimensions, but they escape through a window by using a hanging chair and during their escape, Danny Pink calls Clara since she is late for their meeting in London. The Doctor overhears the call and knows that Clara has lied, both to Danny about discontinuing her travels with the Doctor, and to him in affirming Danny's acceptance of her traveling with the Doctor. Clara and Rigsy race to stop the community workers from painting over the murals in the tunnel, which the Doctor has concluded are disguises for the Boneless. After one worker is absorbed by the Boneless, Clara directs the rest to a nearby train maintenance yard, and follows the Doctor's instructions to try to communicate with the Boneless using mathematics. When a second worker is taken by the Boneless, the remaining workers flee into a disused tunnel, only to find that the Boneless have blocked their escape route by flattening the door to two dimensions. As they watch, the Boneless begin to project themselves into three-dimensional versions of their past victims and give chase. The Doctor provides Clara with a device to unflatten the door, which allows them to escape, but this also allows the Boneless to drain more energy from the TARDIS and shrink it further. The device tumbles out of Clara's handbag and falls onto an active train track and when the Doctor activates the TARDIS's Siege mode to protect it from harm from an oncoming train, it leaves the TARDIS powerless to revert or for the Doctor to communicate with Clara. She is able to stop an out-of-service train and they use it to attempt to ram the oncoming Boneless and give themselves time, but the Boneless simply transform it to a two-dimensional image. As they flee, Clara finds the TARDIS, which now resembles a Gallifreyian cube, and takes it with her. In a disused office, Clara comes up with a plan, and has Rigsy paint a realistic-looking door on the back of a large poster which they then hang over an open doorway in a tunnel. When the Boneless encounter the fake door, they try to unflatten it with their energy, but instead this funnels power back to the TARDIS which is located behind the poster and the Doctor uses the energy to restore the TARDIS to normal. Realizing that the Boneless have no interest in peace, the Doctor uses his sonic screwdriver to stop them, and sending them back to their dimension with a warning to the survivors to never return. The Doctor returns Rigsy and the surviving work crew to the surface safely. Clara rejects a call from Danny, which catches the Doctor's attention and he notes that she enjoyed 'playing the Doctor' for a day. The episode concludes with Missy, seated in a darkened room and watching Clara's adventure on a tablet computer. Missy says of Clara, that she has "chosen well". I really did not like this episode at all - if you'll pardon the pun, it really did leave me flat. (45:18)

Episode 10: "In the Forest of the Night" begins with Clara and Danny Pink chaperoning a number of Coal Hill students on an overnight visit to the Natural History Museum in London. When they wake up the next day, they discover that London, as well as the rest of the planet, has suddenly been covered by dense forests in only a matter of hours. The Doctor learns of this strange news when Maebh, one of Clara's students, discovers his TARDIS parked in the forest-covered Trafalgar Square and witnesses the change. When the Doctor phones Clara to confirm their situation, this causes a jealous Danny to react resentfully upon finding out Clara still secretly keeps in touch with the Doctor despite saying that she was through with him. Clara and Danny lead their group of children to Trafalgar Square to meet up with the Doctor and as they discuss the trees, he suspects that the only way the trees could have grown so big so fast was due to some external influence. Everyone boards the TARDIS and as the Doctor works the controls, Danny discovers Maebh's notebooks, accidentally left aboard by Clara while on her last trip in the TARDIS and finds the notebooks filled with pictures of an angry Sun striking down trees. Clara explains that Maebh's sister Annabel disappeared a year earlier leaving Maebh traumatized, and she has been on special medication that quiets the voices in her head. The Doctor suddenly realizes that Maebh is central to the appearance of the forest and that this condition allows her to tune in to some other communication frequency, but when they see Maebh isn't with the rest of the children, the Doctor and Clara race out to find her. They discover that Maebh has been dropping personal items along the path that allow her to be tracked. Continuing on, they encounter a government service team trying to burn a path through the forest but the trees are able to control the nearby oxygen in order to prevent them from being burnt away and as they continue along, the Doctor explains to Clara that Maebh's drawings show a giant solar flare, similar to the one that destroyed the Bank of Karabraxos in 'Time Heist'. He confirms that this is occurring as they speak and is due to strike the Earth that day, but he is curious as to how Maebh knows this. As the Doctor and Clara continue to follow Maebh, they hear wild animal calls, no doubt escapees from the London Zoo when its cages were torn open by the trees' wild growth. They rescue Maebh from several wolves who are chasing her, only to realize too late that the wolves are themselves were being chased by a tiger and Danny and the students arrive in time to help 'scare off' the tiger. As they regroup, Maebh waves her hands crazily and runs off again, and the other students say this is a nervous tic that she has had since her sister disappeared a year ago. When they finally catch up to her, Maebh explains that she thinks she created the new forest from a dream she had after her sister's disappearance. The Doctor is able to interpret her ranting and gestures, and by adjusting the local gravity near her with his sonic screwdriver, he reveals a number of glowing bug-like creatures that circle around Maebh. They speak through her, explaining they have survived throughout time, and were 'summoned' to Maebh, cryptically describing how they created the forest as they had done many times before in the North and the South. When these beings express pain due to the higher gravity, the Doctor lets them go, then considers this information and concludes that the Earth is doomed by the coming solar flare. Clara suggests they save the children using the TARDIS, but when they get there, Clara insists the Doctor leave alone, refusing to abandon Danny and unwilling to be the last human left alive, and that for all the times the Doctor has saved the Earth, now it's time for Earth to let the Doctor escape. Full of regrets, the Doctor takes off in the TARDIS and monitors the solar flare, but when inspiration hits him, he quickly returns to Earth and catches up with Clara and the others. Finally understanding the cryptic message from the tree beings, the Doctor determines that they were responsible for protecting the Earth from disaster during the Tunguska Event in 1908 and the CuruÁŠ River impact in Brazil in 1930 by rapidly growing trees across the planet in order to buffer the effects of these impacts that would have otherwise have extinguished all life on Earth. The sudden appearance of the forest at this time is to prevent grievous damage to Earth from the forthcoming major solar flare. Danny reveals that they saw TV news that the British government plans to use defoliating agents on the trees so they can be burnt, thereby neutralizing their ability to negate the damage from the solar flare. The Doctor uses the TARDIS to hack into the world's cellular network so that Maebh can reads a message prepared by her and the other children warning Earth's population not to harm the trees and she also asks for her sister Annabel to return to their family. When the Doctor offers them the opportunity to safely witness the solar flare's impact from the TARDIS, Danny says he'll take the children back home. Clara joins him and Danny reveals he has figured out that Clara lied to him about traveling with the Doctor, but he is willing to accept her apology and continue their relationship despite this. The Doctor and Clara watch the flare harmlessly strike the Earth and simultaneously Missy is watching on her tablet, calling the result a 'surprise'. Afterward, in Clara's flat, she and the Doctor watch as the temporary new trees disperse, and the Doctor explains to her that Humanity will forget about this, just as they did after the previous events, but their lingering memory would become part of Mankind's fairy tales. Best of all, Maebh whose mother had finally found her, returns home and as the new bushes disperse, they find Annabel waiting for them, and the whole family has a tearful reunion. Overall, not one of my favorite episodes, but I confess to being happy when Maebh's missing sister Annabel returned to the family. (47:20)

Special Features
'The Ultimate Companion' with host Peter Davison (the Fifth Doctor), Jenna Coleman, Noel Clarke ('Mickey Smith'), John Barrowman (Captain Jack Harkness), Steven Moffat, David Tennant (the Tenth Doctor), Peter Capaldi (the Twelfth Doctor), Sarah Sutton (Nyssa), Janet Fielding (Tegan Jovanka), Nicola Bryant (Peri Brown), Andy Pryor (Casting Director), and Murray Gold (Composer). While Peter Davison comes across more like a fanboy than an actor who played the Fifth Doctor, he made for a wonderfully disarming host and this was another wonderful feature. (47:32)

Commentary on "Kill the Moon" with Scott Bates (1st Assistant Director) and Paul Wilmhurst (Director) was just okay and I would have been just as happy if they had chosen another episode for a commentary instead. (47:08)

Disc 04:
Promo - "The Game" on DVD ((1:02)
Promo - "The Inspectors - Collect Them All" (DCI Banks, Scott & Bailey, Death in Paradise, Inspector Lynley, Inspector Resnick) (1:46)

Episode 11: "Dark Water" begins with Clara talking on her cell phone to Danny Pink, she is ready to admit she has been traveling with the Doctor and that she sincerely loves Danny, when the line suddenly goes silent. A stranger picks up Danny's cell phone and sadly informs Clara that Danny was hit by a passing car and has died. Struggling with his death for days, Clara is unwilling to release her emotions and she ultimately schemes to force the Doctor to change the past. She slyly suggests that they visit an active volcano, all the while secretly collects all seven TARDIS keys and once the TARDIS arrives, she slaps a sleep-inducing patch on the Doctor's neck. Once the Doctor regains consciousness at the volcano, he discovers that he is locked out of the TARDIS and watches helplessly as Clara throws the keys one by one into the lava, which is the only sure way to destroy them. She tells him that she won't stop unless the Doctor agrees to save Danny, despite his claim that it would create a time paradox. The Doctor refuses and Clara destroys all of the keys, tearfully saying she would do it again, but the Doctor eventually reveals that he had actually tricked her. He is immune to the patch and had used it on her to learn why she was so upset and to see how far she was willing to go. Despite her betrayal of him, he offers as a friend to see if they can locate Danny in the Afterlife and rescue him. The Doctor has Clara link with the telepathic interface of the TARDIS to focus on Danny's location and they arrive at a strange mausoleum which holds several water-filled tanks holding human skeletons. Upon arriving, they are greeted by Missy, a strange woman who says she is an android receptionist for the 3W facility. Missy behaves in a very forward manner with the Doctor, even going so far as to kiss him passionately as a gesture of welcome, which makes both him and Clara uncomfortable. Missy then introduces them to Dr. Chang, one of the scientists working in the facility. Posing as a government official, the Doctor inquires about the facility and a cooperative Dr. Chang reveals that the skeletons don't drift apart because they are submerged in a strange substance called 'Dark Water', which only permits organic material to be seen, and that the bodies are encased in supportive exoskeletons. He goes on to explain how the 3W facility was founded based on the discovery of voices of the recently deceased within white noise broadcast signals. The facility's name, 3W, is short for the "3 words" that were heard repeatedly in the broadcasts: "Don't cremate me", but the Doctor remains dubious of the intentions of the owners of the 3W facility. Simultaneously, Danny has regained consciousness in a spartan office and been greeted by Seb, who reveals they are in the Nethersphere, a giant city enclosed within a sphere. Seb explains that Danny has died and helps him to adjust to this revelation, also revealing that Danny is still tied to the state of his body which is probably being kept in a refrigerated morgue, since he constantly feels cold. As part of his orientation, a meeting is arranged between Danny and a young civilian boy that he had accidentally killed while he was a British soldier serving in Afghanistan, the guilt of which has plagued Danny for years. A tearful Danny tries to offer his apologies, but the boy refuses and runs off. As Seb and Danny talk, Seb receives a notice that Clara, aided by by Dr. Chang from the 3W facility, has been trying to contact Danny. The Doctor leaves with Dr. Chang to investigate the facility further while Clara takes the call, asking questions in an effort to confirm that she really is speaking to Danny, but he can't provide conclusive information. Clara says that she will do anything to be with him once she is convinced of his identity, but Danny, not wanting her to die in order to join him in the Afterlife, tricks her into ending the call. This final act renders him emotionally distraught and Seb offers him the option of deleting all of his emotions. Meanwhile, Missy instructs the skeletons to rise and begin draining the tanks, and as the Doctor and Dr. Chang enter, the latter reveals that Missy is actually the facility's supervisor, not its android receptionist. Sorely disappointed with Chang, Missy casually kills him with a handheld device and as the tanks continue to drain, the skeletons are revealed to be Cybermen. Missy shows the Doctor a spherical device on the ceiling called the Nethersphere, a Gallifreyan Matrix Data Slice in which the consciousnesses of all the deceased have been stored and then prepared before being inserted into new Cybermen bodies after their emotions have been deleted. Shocked, the Doctor realizes that Missy is actually a Time Lady with two hearts, which he had first noticed from their earlier close contact. As the tanks finish draining and open, the Doctor runs out of the 3W facility and finds that it is inside St Paul's Cathedral in the middle of contemporary London. He tries to warn civilians to run away, but Missy calmly calls out that his warnings are the ravings of a lunatic. The Doctor insists on knowing who Missy is and she reveals that "Missy" is short for "Mistress" since in her current body, she can't really call herself "the Master". The episode ends with the new Cybermen marching on London. The Doctor is shocked by Missy's disclosure of her identity, Clara is trapped in Dr. Chang's lab with another Cyberman, and Danny is about to activate the deletion of his emotions when he sees the young boy that he had accidentally killed reflected in his afterlife iPad. I considered this excellent as the penultimate episode of Peter Capaldi's first season as the Twelfth Doctor. (48:28)

Episode 12: "Death in Heaven" - Continuing where "Dark Water" left off, Clara Oswald is trapped with a Cyberman in the headquarters of 3W in St Paul's Cathedral, but as it tries to kill her, she manages to stop its attack by stating she is really the Doctor. Outside, the Doctor is reeling from the revelation that Missy, the woman controlling the Cybermen, is actually a female incarnation of the Master, his greatest Gallifreyan enemy. When UNIT, led by Kate Lethbridge-Stewart, surround the Doctor, Missy, and her group of Cybermen, they fly off using built-in leg jets and scatter across the British Isles. Missy reveals that 91 Cybermen, one for every major population area in the United Kingdom, have been released from St Paul's to explode over graveyards in each populated area, releasing 'Cyberpollen' that will resurrect the dead as Cybermen. As similar events occur all around the world, UNIT renders both Missy and the Doctor unconscious and takes them into custody. At the same time in the Nethersphere, Danny Pink has chosen not to "delete" his emotions and seeing the Nethersphere environment going dark, he asks Seb what is happening. Seb reveals that the "cloud" that is the Nethersphere is dispersing, and the souls being held in storage are being released back to their bodies via the rainclouds. When Clara fails to convince the Cybermen that she is the Doctor, she is saved by Danny, who is now a Cyberman but has somehow managed to retain his personality. Aboard a UNIT aircraft, Kate Lethbridge-Stewart reveals to the Doctor that, as per United Nations emergency protocols, he has been designated as "President of Earth" with full control of the planet's armies. Cyberpollen is reviving all the dead as Cybermen, but the Doctor is unable to get any further information from Missy about her future plans involving the Cybermen. He tells Kate there is nothing they can do for Earth now. At the same time, Clara wakes up in a graveyard where Danny reveals himself to her and asks her to activate his cyber-body's emotion inhibitor, since he can't stand the physical and emotional pain he is now suffering. When Missy escapes her captors effortlessly and kills UNIT scientist Osgood, the Doctor confronts her as a horde of flying Cybermen attack the transport plane. Missy then blasts open one of the plane's cargo doors, sending Kate and the Doctor plummeting to their deaths while she teleports to safety, but the Doctor narrowly escapes by summoning the TARDIS to catch him and break his fall, and he joins Clara at the graveyard. Danny tells the Doctor that a second more powerful rainfall is coming, one which will convert living humans into Cybermen. Missy teleports to join them and gives the reluctant Doctor control of the Cyberarmy,but he passes the control bracelet to Danny, who has maintained his personality because of his love for Clara. Danny leads the Cyberarmy into the sky, where they all explode and incinerate all the Cyberpollen clouds across the world, thereby preventing the second rainfall and saving Humanity. A furious Clara prepares to kill Missy with her own weapon, but the Doctor insists on committing the deed himself to keep Clara's hands clean. Before he can fire, a solitary Cyberman vaporizes Missy and gestures towards the unconscious, but still living body of Kate Lethbridge-Stewart. The Doctor realizes that this Cyberman is her father, the late Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart, somehow also with his humanity intact and the Doctor salutes his old friend (something Kate remarked earlier that her father always wanted from the Doctor), and Lethbridge-Stewart fires his leg jets and flies away. I loved this season finale, though I have my doubts that we have seen the last of the Master / Missy. (59:12)

Special Features
Behind The Scenes (Doctor Who Extra) - Even the episodes I really didn't care for at all had behind-the-scenes content that was informative and / or entertaining. This is one of the featurettes that make purchasing the Blu-ray discs well worth the extra money.

  • Episode 1: "Deep Breath" - with Peter Capaldi, Steven Moffat, Jenna Coleman, Neve McIntosh (Madame Vastra), Dan Starkey (Strax), Valentina Visintin (Prosthetic Make-Up Artist: Millennium FX), and Howard Burden (Costume Designer). (11:32) Excellent
  • Episode 2: 'Into the Dalek' - with Phil Ford (writer), Nicholas Briggs (Dalek Voice), Steven Moffat, Peter Capaldi, Iwan Roberts (Location Manager), Laura Dos Santos (Gretchen), Zawe Ashton (Journey Blue), Jenna Coleman, and Samuel Anderson (Danny Pink). (11:36) Very Good
  • Episode 3: 'Robot of Sherwood' - with Mark Gatiss (Writer), Peter Capaldi, Tom Riley (Robin Hood), Jenna Coleman, Ben Miller (Sheriff of Nottingham), and Danny Hargreaves (Special Effects Supervisor: Real SFX). (13:15) Excellent
  • Episode 4: 'Listen' - with Steven Moffat, Douglas Mackinnon (Director), Harry Barnes (Sound Effects Editor), Peter Capaldi, Jenna Coleman, Samuel Anderson (Orson Pink), and Remi Gooding (Rupert Pink). (11:26) Okay
  • Episode 5: 'Time Heist' - with Steven Moffat, Peter Capaldi, Keeley Hawes (Ms. Delphox / Madame Karabraxos), Jenna Coleman, Jonathan Bailey (Psi), Pippa Bennett-Warner (Saibra), Douglas Mackinnon (Director), and Alec Fitzpatrick (Memory Worm Wrangler - Not listed on (11:20) Excellent
  • Episode 6: 'The Caretaker' - with Ellis George (Courtney Woods), Peter Hawkins (Animatronic Engineer: Millennium FX), Jimmy Vee (Skovox Blitzer), Peter Capaldi, Jenna Coleman, Samuel Anderson, Steven Moffat, and Danny Hargreaves (Special Effects Supervisor: Real SFX). (11:00) Excellent
  • Episode 7: 'Kill the Moon' - with Hermione Norris (Captain Lundvik), Ellis George (Courtney Woods), Peter Capaldi, Jenna Coleman, Peter Bennett (Producer), Steven Moffat, and Tony Osoba (Duke). (10:37) Excellent
  • Episode 8: 'Mummy on the Orient Express' - with Steven Moffat, Peter Capaldi, Frank Skinner (Perkins), Daisy Beaumont (Maisie), Jamie Mathieson (Writer), Dave Bonneywell (Creature Supervisor - Not listed on, and Foxes (Jazz Singer). (10:55) Excellent
  • Episode 9: 'Flatline' - with Peter Capaldi, Jamie Mathieson (Writer), Jenna Coleman, Joivan Wade (Rigsy), and Steven Moffat. (11:15) Okay
  • Episode 10: 'In the Forest of the Night' - with Peter Capaldi, Steven Moffat, Abigail Eames (Maebh), Samuel Anderson, Iwan Roberts (Location Manager), and Michael Pickwoad (Production Designer) (10:50) Okay
  • Episode 11: 'Dark Water' - with Chris Addison (Seb), Samuel Anderson, Michelle Gomez (Missy), Steven Moffat, Danny Hargreaves (Special Effects Supervisor: Real SFX), and Peter Capaldi. (11:27) Excellent
  • Episode 12: 'Death in Heaven' - with Steven Moffat, Michelle Gomez (Missy), Howard Burden (Costume Designer). Ingrid Oliver (Osgood), Jemma Redgrave (Kate Lethbridge-Stewart), Danny Hargreaves (Special Effects Supervisor: Real SFX), Peter Capaldi, and Samuel Anderson (14:50) Brilliant Concluding Episode to Series Eight

Foxes "Don't Stop Me Now" Music Video (3:28) - Not being British, I was completely unfamiliar with Louisa Rose Allen, better known by her stage name Foxes, an English singer and songwriter according to Wikipedia. Brilliant Conclusion to this 4-Blu-ray Disc Set.

Truth be told, I had serious reservations about Peter Capaldi when I saw the first publicity photos, each one more dour than the previous, I was concerned about how this Doctor would compare to the much younger Matt Smith who he was replacing. Then again I had similar concerns about Smith when I saw his publicity photos. I'm happy to say that Capaldi's Twelfth Doctor is an interesting character in his own right and I'm looking forward to Series Nine.

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