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Abyss & Apex Issue 54: 2nd Quarter 2015
Edited by Wendy S. Delmater
Review by Sam Tomaino
Abyss & Apex Zine  
Date: 26 April 2015

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Abyss & Apex #54 is here with stories by Jennifer Hykes, Michael Donoghue, Emi Makanry, and Cecilia Doninic, with Flash Fiction from Elizabeth Shack and Brian Dolton.

The newest issue of online magazine Abyss And Apex is #54 and it's a another great one.

The fiction begins with "The Truth About Unicorns" by Jennifer Hykes. -+- Our narrator's daughter wants a unicorn for her fifth birthday. He knows he can't give her one but cannot talk her out of it. What will he do? What makes this story special is the reason that he can't give her one. It's not what you think. Perfect!

"Stuck in the Past" by Michael Donoghue -+- Our narrator gets a visit from his future self, telling him not to place a certain ad. He does anyway and that sets into motion a disastrous series of events. Pretty good.

"The Moth Princess" by Emi Makanry -+- Princess Elsune is of two heritages, human and moth (the moths are human sized). She is attracted to the moths but is dismayed by their short life span. She wants to become a moth and this concerns all round her, human or not. Nice little fairy story.

"The Clockwork Boy" by Cecilia Dominic -+- Leah Worthington, 15-years-old and very precocious, finds the body of a stained glass cleaner in a church. It seemed he had fallen. She finds some tweezer on his hand and doesn't tell the constable about them. She is accompanied by an automaton version the handsome Lord Essingham that her father built. She meets up with the real Lord Essingham, the priest of the church and an Italian consul in a delightful steampunk Nancy Drew-like adventure.

The issue also has two flash fiction stories.

"Sticking Together" by Elizabeth Shack -+- Jake's a miner on Ceres and is doing a good job keeping up with the physically superior Sarks. When he finds out how things really are, he takes action. One that will surprise you. The story has a nice twist.

"Space Dad!" by Brian Dolton -+- An epistolary tale consisting of messages sent by "Donnie" to his father traveling in deep space. Donnie starts as a child and ages into adulthood, telling his dad (and us) what is happening on Earth. Nicely done.

The fifty-fourth issue of Abyss and Apex is exceptionally good. They fund themselves with PayPal donations and subscriptions. Check them out.

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