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Analog Science Fiction and Fact –June 2015 – Vol. CXXXV No. 6 (Whole Number 1000)
Edited by Trevor Quachri
Cover Artist: Vincent DiFate
Review by Sam Tomaino
Analog Magazine  ISBN/ITEM#: 1059-2113
Date: 28 April 2015

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The June 2015 of Analog is the 1000th issue and features the stories by Richard A. Lovett, Sean McMullen, Gwendolyn Clare, Ted Reynolds & William F. Wu, Brenta Blevins, Ron Collins, C.C. Finlay, Seth Dickinson and Jay Werkhiser, a fact article by Michael Carroll, a poem by Mark Hassler, three articles on the 1000th issue, plus the regular features.

The June 2015 issue of Analog is here with its 1000th issue!

The fiction begins with "The Wormhole War" by Richard A. Lovett. -+- Zeke is in charge when an attempt to establish a wormhole link to an Earthlike planet light years away fails, causing the wormhole to explode. A second attempt fails five light years closer. What is happening? Zeke, talking to a guy in a bar, wonders if adjacent wormholes could be used for time travel and another explosion occurs. They realize that their wormholes are interfering with an alien culture's wormholes. The aliens are getting closer to Earth and there is actually a war on, started inadvertently. What to do? Really hard SF with some interesting philosophical discussion and a bit of human interest thrown in.

"Very Long Conversations" by Gwendolyn Clare -+- Becca is one of the humans exploring an alien world. She and the other humans are assisted by Shurza, a member of the Albedan race which Becca had made close contact with before, even becoming a parent to an Aldeban child. They think the native intelligent species are extinct but when stick figure representations of a human and Aldeban appear, they have to re-evaluate that assumption. Good conclusion to this tale.

"The Kroc War" by Ted Reynolds & William F. Wu -+- The stories of participants in a war between the people of Earth and Kroceri, neither of which come out very good. Not very original.

"Strategies for Optimizing Your Mobile Advertising" by Brenta Blevins -+- In the future, the perils of personal advertising and ignoring your mother.

"The Odds" by Ron Collins -+- The chances of galactic genocide are pondered. Not much here.

"The Empathy Vaccine" by C.C. Finlay -+- Our narrator is Kyle Hastings who has asked Dr. Cantwell to give him what is called the Empathy Vaccine which will clear away any empathy he has for human beings and make him ruthless. Is it a spoiler to say that he gets a surprise. This is not the kind of story that should be told in the First Person.

"Three Bodies at Mitanni" by Seth Dickinson -+- Three humans have been sent out into space to investigate what happened to seed ships sent out 1000 years in the past and see if whatever developed might be a threat to the rest of humanity. They had come close to wiping out the previous world but did not. Now they have come to Mitanni and found what they call a "Duong-Watts malignant" inhabited by people with no consciousness of themselves who only work for the society as a whole. They conclude that they would eventually overrun the galaxy. I just don't see it. Cannot agree with the rationale for killing billions.

"Ships in the Night" by Jay Werkhiser -+- An amusing take on the tale told in a bar. Fun.

"The Audience" by Sean McMullen -+- A journey to a distant planet results in disaster. Intelligent species are there and they are much too curious about Earth. They can teleport the crew right out of the ship, but kill them in the process. Our narrator must find a way to deceive the creature about the real location of Earth. He seeks to, at least, buy Earth some time. Good solid story, in the Analog tradition.

There are some support articles for the 1000th issue and how unique an event like that is. Congrats to Analog Science Fiction and Fact. Let's see 1000 more!

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