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Interzone #258 –May-Jun 2015
Edited by Andy Cox
Cover Artist: Martin Hanford
Review by Sam Tomaino
TTA Press Magazine / eMag  ISBN/ITEM#: 0264-3596
Date: 27 May 2015

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The May/Jum 2015 issue of Interzone, #258 is here, with stories by T.R. Napper, Julie C. Day, Bonnie Jo Stufflebeam, Christien Gholson, and Malcolm Devlin, along with the usual articles and features.

The May/Jun 2015 issue of Interzone, #258 has arrived and it's got its usual collection of unique stories.

The fiction begins with "A Shout is a Prayer / For the Waiting Centuries" by T.R. Napper -+- The tale of two families: One on a near future Vietnam invaded by the Chinese in which Phuong's husband tries a desperate move to get the two of them and their daughter out of the country and the other some years later, in Australia, where George Duulngari, a former fighter who has quit the ring tries to support his family in a highly stratified society of super-rich and poor. These two stories come together at the end. Nice sense of setting in this very grim tale.

"The Re'Em Song" by Julie C. Day -+- Sunnifa and Orri work at harvesting the bones of the re'em, unicorns. Sunnifa had left Orri for six seasons to make a go of it in the city but that did not work out. She finds out what is really important. Okay story.

"Doors" by Bonnie Jo Stufflebeam -+- Nikki Lyle is a young woman taking care of her Down's Syndrome brother, Zack, after the death of their mother. Their father had walked out years before. Money is tight but she is able to take them to the country fair. For just a dollar, they can get into a circular purple building that looks like a ride they had ridden on when children. But this is called the Super Spectacular Space Bender and is supposed to be the "hub of the multiverse". The circular room consists of windowed doors. Each shows a different life for Nikki. She can choose from three of them or another option. She makes the only choice she can. Another very good story from this new writer.

"Angel Fire" by Christien Gholson -+- Our narrator spends the whole story talking about how much life sucks. He is contemptuous of the people he meets who are looking for angels. He meets the kind of angel he deserves. Good ending.

"Her First Harvest" by Malcolm Devlin -+- On a planet where growing crops is not feasible, the populace grow different kinds of mushrooms on their bodies. Nina is a young girl lately moved from the mountains to the more sophisticated city. She is disappointed by her paltry first crop of mushrooms but is attending her first harvest ball with her aunt and cousin, The dancing at the ball helps the mushrooms get ready for harvest and Nina finds more happiness than she anticipated. Like an 18th Century romance with this added twist. Another good story.

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