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Interzone #259 – Jul/Aug 2015
Edited by Andy Cox
Cover Artist: Green Tea by Martin Hanford
Review by Sam Tomaino
TTA Press Magazine / eMag  ISBN/ITEM#: 02643596201508
Date: 27 July 2015

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The Jul/Aug 2015 issue of Interzone, #259 is here, with stories by E. Catherine Tobler, Chris Butler, Sara Saab, Richard W. Strachan, Rich Larson, and the James White Award Winner, Mark Leonard, along with the usual articles and features.

The Jul/Aug 2015 issue of Interzone, #259 has arrived and it's great as usual.

The fiction begins with "Silencer - Head Like a Hole Remix" by E. Catherine Tobler -+- Glasser and our narrator are caught in an endless cycle of school shootings. Short. Horrific. To the point.

"The Deep of Winter" by Chris Butler -+- Two stories. One that of Sebastián, part of the elite Winter Guard, looking for missing people in the underground old city. The other is a scientist named Aluna, who wants to experiment on the people of an alternate dimension to see the effect of causing their physiology to change. They would emit "spores" that reveal their emotions. What would this do to a culture. We know that the "spore people" are Sebastián and his world. The two come together, but only one of them is the better for it. Good story!

"Rush Down, Roar Gently" by Sara Saab -+- Beirut some thirty years in the future. It has rained for 102 days. Aya and her friend, Zeina, had once tried to save the city, but had failed. Zeina was going to leave to go to Paris and Aya had stolen her passport to stop her. Now, she wants to return it, so she goes on a raft voyage down flooded streets. Very effective use of setting and the hopelessness of the situation really comes through. Another good story.

"After His Kind" by Richard W. Strachan -+- Our central character is the only survivor of the crash of a spaceship. Now, he has many children and has inculcated in them a view of him as a god. How this all happened makes for a great story.

"Edited" by Rich Larson -+- Our narrator's friend, Wyatt, is rich and his parents have paid to have him edited: "Chemo plug for anti-anxiety. Some body language modulation. Bigger memory retention, better spatial reasoning. And I don't feel things as hard." Also something important to our narrator. Well written, bittersweet tale.

The fiction concludes with "Midnight Funk Association" by Mack Leonard, this year's James White Award Winner -+- Bunchess Taylor heads up the Midnight Funk Association, a key part of the techno sound of Detroit. He has hired someone only called "the white boy" to create new sounds. The white boy, using some advanced equipment finds that there is something interfering with their music. He traces this background noise to a sinister corporation. The white boy goes to them and they agree to stop it. Then, he disappears. God story with a good lead character. Hope to see more of him in the future.

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