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Apex Magazine Issue 74, July 2015
Edited by Jason Sizemore & Sigrid Ellis
Cover Artist: Carly Sorge
Review by Sam Tomaino
Apex Magazine eZine  ISBN/ITEM#: 2157-1406
Date: 28 July 2015

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Number 74 of Apex Magazine has new stories by Rich Larson, A.A. Balakovits, Shira Lipkin, and adrienne maree brown, a poem by Roger-Bonaire-Agard, and other features.

Here we have the 74th issue of Apex Magazine, with 3 new stories, a 2015 reprint, and other features.

The new fiction begins with "Going Endo" by Rich Larson -+- Our narrator works on maintaining the exos used in combat. Exos are machines kind of like an Iron Man suit, but sentient. They are piloted human endos who get inside the exo and links up. One such exo-endo pair is Puck and Cena. When Puck is badly damaged, our narrator, who is virtually in love with Puck, bonds with Cena. Then things get seriously kinky. Imaginative and bizarre!

"All Who Tremble" by A.A. Balakovits -+- A terribly strange family lives in a house that people stay away from. A whirring comes out of the basement that can be felt by all who pass by. The family consists of a mother, her daughter, her son, and a hideous old grandfather whom even the family fears. Only the daughter ventures out and she spreads her legs for the men of the town, one of whom she especially likes. When the grandfather is truly monstrous, the daughter finally takes action. Very unsettling story.

"Never Chose This Way" by Shira Lipkin -+- Our narrator is in some sort of facility for troubled girls who some consider monsters. She and the other girls each imagine themselves as different kinds of monsters. She finally finds a way to deal with life. OK.

"The River" by adrienne maree brown is actually a reprint originally published in Octavia's Brood: Science Fiction Stories from Social Justice Movements (AK Press, 2015) but since it's a 2015 publication, I will review it. Our narrator has lived in Detroit all her life and loves the city. She runs a boat service on the river and has lately felt that there was something strange in the water. She is watching a party given by the Mayor to people she considers carpetbaggers who do not care about Detroit. She witnesses something truly incredible. Well-written

Apex Magazine works in a unique way. If you are a subscriber, you get your issue when its published. Otherwise, you wait a month. They are worth supporting, so check them out at their website (see link at the top of this review).

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