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Clarkesworld 106 July 2015
Edited by Neil Clarke
Cover Artist: Megafauna Europa  by Julie Dillon
Review by Sam Tomaino
Clarkesworld eZine / Podcas  ISBN/ITEM#: 1937-7843
Date: 28 July 2015

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Clarkesworld #106 is here with stories by Sam J. Miller, Kay Chronister, Natalia Theodoridou, Pan Haitian, Yoon Ha Lee, Keith Brooke, and Adam Roberts, along with many other features.

The 106th issue of Clarkesworld is here, with five new stories, two reprints and other features.

The first story is "When Your Child Strays From God" by Sam J. Miller -+- Bethe Wilde is a pastor's wife and is worried about her son, Timmy. She takes a dangerous drug he had taken that can link them psychically. Her first guesses about him are wrong but she eventually finds out what has happened. The story gets quite serious at that point. Well written. Drug hallucinations are interesting.

The second story is "Further North" by Kay Chronister -+- Hafsa and Aliya, two sisters from Turkey, are living in Alaska. They went there when they thought that Aliya had been the first human infected with the hook, a paralytic disease that only has affected sheep, goats, and cattle. Hafsa makes money drawing on the blood of giant hookworms, the source of the disease. In that cold weather, the hookworms are dormant and their blood can be harvested/ Aliya wants to be cured and consults a doctor, who tells her what really caused her paralysis. Much of the rest of the story involves that, so I won't spoil it. It does make for a very poignant tale.

The third story is "Android Whores Can't Cry" by Natalia Theodoridou -+- Our narrator is a reporter named Aliki Karyotakis. In the company of an old friend, Richard "Dick" Phillips, she is introduced to an android whore named Brigitte, Dick's property. This is in the middle of Massacre Market which contains photographs of the people that the regime has killed. We learn more about that, about Dick, about androids and then we learn something surprising. Effective tale.

The fourth story is "The Hunger Tower" by Pan Haitian, translated by Nick Stember -+- A ship crashes on a planet with three suns, killing half the passengers. The survivors have no hope of immediate rescue. Consulting a map, they discover the only place likely to have human life is "the monastery of an infamous ascetic and a reclusive sect". They decide to hike there. After ten days, they finally catch sight of the monastery's lone tower. But they had lost 14 people, almost half their company to a beast that is following them. They run, not wanting to be a straggler and picked off next. They get to the monastery but it is abandoned. Two more are taken in the night. They are out of food and can find none in the monastery. More die and the rest, except for a young priest, start eating the only food available. The ending has a great little twist. Another great story from China. I am looking forward to more.

The fifth story is "Snakes" by Yoon Ha Lee -+- A soldier called Rhiis-1 has put her mind into her ship so that she can bring the body of her soldier-sister Rhiis-2 to a place where she can be revived. Things work out differently than planned. This one was just okay.

There are also two reprinted stories, "The Accord" by Keith Brooke and "Hair" by Adam Roberts. I do not review reprinted stories but I hope you enjoy them.

The stories in Clarkesworld are always available, you can check them out at their website (see link at the top of this review).

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