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See the Elephant #1
Edited by Melanie Lamaga
Cover Artist: Valikos
Review by Sam Tomaino
See the Elephant  
Date: 30 August 2015

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Issue 1 of See the Elephant #1 has stories by Michael Wehunt, Barry King, Nisi Shawl, Edward Ahern, Elizabeth Hand, Andrews S. Fuller, Zoe Fowler, Eileen Gunn and J. August____ .

Here is See the Elephant #1, a new magazine dedicated to "metaphysical fiction" and my reviews of the six new stories in it. Some of these stories are hard to describe but they are all worth reading.

The new stories begin with "True Life 50 Miles" by Michael Wehunt -+- Two people, identified initially only as Mommy and Daddy, are driving down the road with their twin children in the back seat drawing. We know they have left Florida and are now near Omaha. When they stop at a hotel, we know something is seriously wrong and it appears to have something to do with what the twins, now asleep, have been drawing. I won't spoil anything more but say this had a really good buildup and became increasingly nightmarish. A good start to this firs issue.

"The Conversion" by Barry King -+- A man called The Missionary came to town with one of his eyes covered with an eye-patch but when he reveals how strange his eye is, odd things happen, including some deaths. On the whole, though, it's a business. Written with a very rich text and a bit like R.A. Lafferty.

"Listen to the Deaf Man Sing" by Edward Ahern -+- Stephen gives incredible performances of something like chanting. Most people are deeply moved by them but a few commit suicide. The government shuts him down until they find way to make uses of this. Another good tale.

"Another Country Doctor" by Andrews S. Fuller -+- The Sherbornes built the town of Promise, but after a meteor landed nearby, things began happening to their new-born children. One was born with nine tentacles and no mouth and soon died. The other, Jonathan, was normal for 6 years but then began mutating into something else. His doctor could do nothing for him and the townspeople blamed him for the failure of crops. A doctor from outside the community is able to revert him to normal. But things are not over yet. Another great story with exceedingly strange goings-in.

"Butterflies" by Zoe Fowler -+- A woman makes an unusual deal with the Devil and seems to come out ahead. A very different story.

"They End up in Space" by J. August____ -+- Primo Hallifax. Eileen Trubow, Pancreas "Pancake" Jones have a strange night out in a wild story. The author feels that he should have a different last name for every story because he is a different person. Just a little pretentious.

There are also three reprinted stories which I do not review: "At the Huts of Ajala" by Nisi Shawl, "Errantry" by Elizabeth Hand, and "Up the Fire Road" by Eileen Gunn.

See the Elephant is something out of the ordinary. If you want something like that, give it a look (see link at top of this review).

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