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Analog Science Fiction and Fact - November 2015 - Vol. CXXXV No. 11
Edited by Trevor Quachri
Cover Artist: Tomislav Tikulin
Review by Sam Tomaino
Analog Magazine  ISBN/ITEM#: 1059-2113
Date: 26 September 2015

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The November 2015 of Analog features stories by Frank Wu, Timons Esaias, Shane Halbach, Ken Brady, and Adam-Troy Castro, the conclusion of a serial by Stanley Schmidt, a fact article by Richard A Lovett, a poem by Joe Haldeman, plus the regular features.

The November 2015 issue of Analog is here and it's another good one.

The short fiction begins with "Season of the Ants in a Timeless Land" by Frank Wu. -+- Ants are marching across Australia and nothing can stop them. A team of scientists including an American and an Aborigine try everything to no avail. What are the ants up to. They have suddenly become super-intelligent but how is not explained. All this leads up to a very surprising ending which you won't see coming.

"Exit Interview" by Timons Esaias -+- Ogal has been in prison for making war on Civilization and being involved in actions that took thousands of lives. Now he is told that he is being released from prison. But what does that mean? Chilling.

"Baby Steps" by Lettie Prell -+- Jayden, a technician, helps with the download of Angela's mind into virtual reality. All goes well. Or does it. Good little story.

"The Story of Daro and the Arbolita" by Shane Halbach -+- Daro is driving a "suspensor tug" towing a flatbed through a narrow road on the planet Tillal when he sees one of the native arbolita lying on the road in front of him. To save her life, he lets loose the flatbed which destroys several of the sacred margalo trees. He finds himself on trial for his life and must tell a good story to get out of it. Nicely done.

"Building, Antenna, Span, and Earth" by Ken Brady -+- Blake jumps from a structure called the Varzon Spire. The building's SPS (Safety Protocol System) stops him using nanobots. He has a conversation with the SPS (calling itself Var) that he is not suicidal. He has a parachute and does BASE jumping, the acronym of the title of the story. He talks more with Var and convinces it to let him jump. But what is his reason for doing this. Nice sting at the end.

The short fiction concludes with "Evangelist" by Adam-Troy Castro. -+- Tom has lost everything, his wife, his career, his friends, his money. He goes to a facility run by an alien race called the Jzek. They feed him and offer him the opportunity to become one of their religion. The way this could be accomplished is quite unusual. He is a man who could never believe in God. The aliens can fix this. Will he accept it? The ending is just perfect.

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